The best ex quotes delivered for you!

Best ex quotesLove is one of the most wonderful feelings a person can experience even if sometimes it can be extremely painful. Throughout all of history, thousands of well-known (and not so well known) authors have written poems about just this subject alone. Of course breakups aren’t disregarded and are in fact a subject explored in a wide range of poignant texts.

When a person wants to turn the page and move on from a painful relationship, turning to inspirational phrases can really help to bounce back and patch up the heart. There is a plethora of citations about exes, and there are great ones as well as not so great ones. It goes without saying that within this article, we will only focus on the best ex quotes; the most beautiful and touching ones!

A nice quote about exes can motivate you as you’re working on getting your ex back and can even be used in a letter that you can write to them. Even if you shouldn’t go overboard with quotes, this little phrase can help you to communicate a message to your ex. It can be that you want to make up for a mistake, that you want to be together again now that you have made some personal improvements… And on top of motivating you to get your ex back, these phrases within books or poems can also help you to better understand things and to analyze what had gone wrong. It’s also a wonderful way to realize that you’re not alone and that other people have gone through what you’re experiencing as well. It’s proof that you can move forward no matter how much you’re hurting right now. I invite you to find inspiration in the touching quotes that I’ve included in this article.

The 3 most beautiful quotes about ex-girlfriends

As we begin with quotes about ex-girlfriends, I wanted to share with you one sentence that a man I was coaching had shared with me that I found to be very noteworthy. After he had done a considerable amount of work on himself, he decided to renounce trying to get back together with his ex because he had understood that it was in fact his emotional dependence that made him want to still be with her. In truth, the girl wasn’t right for him and she didn’t realize how much he had actually done for her. He ended up moving up and he one day he said this to me:

“One of the most incredible moments in a person’s life is when someone appreciates all of you, when your ex girlfriend didn’t even see half of what you were doing for her.”

As we continue with the same theme of touching phrases about ex-girlfriends, let me share 2 more with you:

“If a certain song reminds you of your ex-wife, set it as your alarm in the morning and you’ll end up hating it!”

“‘It hurts,’ said the Heart, ‘You’ll forget it,’ said Time, ‘But I’ll always return,’ said Memory.”

The first quote expresses that the best way to forget about your ex is to associate them with negative thoughts.

The second one explains how we never truly forget an ex, especially when the breakup was difficult. In my opinion, this isn’t a huge deal; the most important thing is to ensure that you’re not stuck in some form of emotional dependence.

The 3 most beautiful quotes about ex-boyfriends

To begin this section on quotes about ex-boyfriends, I wanted to start with a little citation that I found to be wonderful because each time I think about it, it makes me laugh. It’s a perfect mix of humor and teasing without forgetting to include a little punch to the ego! You can of course use it as well but be careful when sharing it if you’re still bitter. Ideally it should be shared with a sense of detachment so that it can have the best impact!

“After our breakup I never thought I’d be able to smile again… Until I saw the girl you replaced me with!”

Here are 2 more quotes about exes:

“Men are always between an ex and the future one because they’re not interested in the present.” (Frédéric Beigbeder)

“I will invite all of my exes to my wedding and raise a toast to thank them for leaving me and giving me the opportunity to find someone better!”

The first one means that men don’t really know what they want because they aren’t always aware of how lucky they are.

The second, more tongue in cheek one, takes the dramatic element out of the breakup and reminds you that you can always find someone who will be good to you.

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