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should I forget about my exShould you forget about your ex, or try everything in your power to get the one you love to come back? This is the biggest question that you are faced with following a breakup, and it’s never easy to say which way to go because each story is unique.

If you’re wondering “should I forget about my ex, it’s because you’re being flooded not only with doubt, but by fear of failing after you’ve already lost your relationship once before. These feelings are rooted in a variety of things: either it can be a misunderstanding of all the techniques that are available to you; because of family members that get involved in your efforts to get back together with your ex; or simply because you just don’t know how to proceed.

The first step is to figure out what you want.

You’re thinking I want to get back with my ex? You don’t know how you should go about it? You’re afraid of screwing things up? Then follow my advice!

My friends are telling me to forget about my ex!

As I explain in an article about the influence of family members when trying to get back together with an ex, loved ones are often biased because they would prefer that you move on. They’re saying that your ex is an ex for a reason, and that you should move on so that you may find a new and more fulfilling relationship. What they often forget is that they’ve been in your position before. When they were in love they also tried to get back with someone they loved.

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Everyone at one point or another has tried to get back together with an ex. For some people it worked out great and for others it was a complete failure. In fact this might be the reason why your friends are telling you to “give up on your ex.” Maybe they were so hurt when their story didn’t work out that they want to protect you from going through the same pain.

However in these moments right after a separation you have to ask yourself pertinent questions and really figure out what exactly you want. Your decision is the most important. Of course you can always consult with your family and friends but you should never go against your own judgment. It’s perfectly normal to ask yourself questions, to have doubts… Who wouldn’t in such a situation? Knowing what exactly you want will help you to get rid of your biggest uncertainties.

Is getting back together with my ex hopeless?

Saying “I’ve decided that I want my ex back” is already the first step because you’re able to articulate what you’re feeling. Of course just saying these words won’t be enough to make your ex come back to you tomorrow. You will have to set forth efforts to bring about a real evolution because your breakup didn’t happen by accident. It’s proof that something wasn’t working between you, so now you have to grow and lean how to fix what was wrong either within yourself or within your relationship.

My ex is flirting with my friend what should I do?

When you ask should I forget about my ex or not? you don’t quite know where you stand, but it’s because you’re thinking about your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend’s point of view. You’re thinking that nothing can change their mind regarding the relationship. But in truth this isn’t really the case. There was once attraction between you but now it’s disappeared. The good news is that you can make your ex come back by showing them that you’ve changed and improved. This will take time, but if you read the testimonials about getting back together with an ex on our site, you’ll see that the results can be very satisfactory. So if you’re thinking that you have no chance you’re wrong!

Often times those that think that getting back together with their ex is hopeless are the ones that have put forth efforts, but without properly using the techniques that we recommend. If Radio Silence is a term that they are unfamiliar with, it’s not that surprising that they’re having difficulty. Moreover if a person is trying to shower their ex with gifts, blowing up their phone… or worse still, suffocating them by constantly being present, or even threatening their ex, of course it’s not going to work! There are certain rules to respect and if you misuse or ignore them you’ll hit a nice big roadblock.

Getting back together after a break up is still possible!

I don’t really like to make comparisons to unrelated themes but just to make my point a little clearer think about it this way: If you’ve got a recipe for something delicious and you don’t use the right ingredients, of course the result isn’t going to be what you were expecting. It could very well turn out to be awful! So if you’re trying to bring about a bit of a renaissance in your love life it’s the same idea. If you don’t use the right ingredients… I think you see my point! So now you’re aware, and you won’t make any mistakes especially if you continue reading here!

It makes sense that until you fully understand what went wrong, what you really want, and what you need to do, that your ex won’t be willing to give you the second chance that you feel you deserve. This is exactly why it’s so important to understand the breakup and only after having done so will you be able to start asking, “What can truly help me to get back with the person I love?” Doubts have no place in your objective to get your ex-partner back, and rebuilding yourself is paramount. This is where your friends and family come in…

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