getting back together with an ex

My book and my advice have helped over 10,000 people (I stopped counting a few months back) to master the techniques of getting back together with the person they love after they’ve broken up. I can assure you that I’m very proud and happy to know that I’ve been able to positively change the lives of thousands of people.
I like to tell myself that in a few years, the kids of these reconstructed couples will be able to say that thanks to this book, they’re here today and their parents are still so in love.

Incidentally I was invited to two marriages recently, so when you succeed in getting back together with your significant other, please don’t hesitate to leave me a little note. I’d be so happy to know that I’ve been able to help you get through a difficult period, and if I can partake in your festivities, I’d be thrilled! (Especially if it’s all you can eat, champagne and petits fours!)

Ok in all seriousness, I’ll let you discover my new piece, or should I say “pieces” as there is a version for women and a version for men. These works are titled “70 Pro Tips To Get Back With An Ex.”

Psychology for getting back together with an ex: Indispensable tools!

In addition to launching my eBook, I’ve launched a website so that I can provide you with even more advice on a daily basis, and so that I can respond to your needs with the professionalism that you deserve. The success of my site was a pleasant surprise. Today, in France alone more than 500,000 people visit it on a monthly basis, and I receive dozens of messages every day. It’s proof that love is on the forefront of the minds of men and women.

My ex doesn’t text me first what should I do?

In order to thank you, I thought it was time to work on my book. It took a little more time than expected because I don’t have a minute to myself with back to back coachings everyday, but I can tell you that since its publication, it’s been my most well received work as of yet!!! I’ve never had so much positive feedback, and dozens of people have already been able to benefit from it.

Today, I’d like for the biggest amount of people to be able to benefit from indispensable tools so that they may learn psychological laws regarding getting back together with an ex, particularly the adaptations that you will find in my new book, “70 Pro Tips To Get Back With an Ex”

Rekindle lost love with new techniques!

I continuously look to work on my eBook little by little and I’ve just added an important chapter containing special pieces like, “How to get back together with an ex after passionate love at first sight.” I talk about short relationships in particular, and discuss the best ways to restart a relationship that ended after brief amount of time.

An entire section is dedicated to getting back in a relationship that lasted under a year. In these types of situations, the techniques are different. The reason is simple; you can’t approach a person that you’ve known for just a few weeks in the same way that you’d approach someone you’ve known for 20 years. The tools are therefore different.
If you’re finding yourself in this situation, don’t wait any longer and start learning from the section of this book that deals directly with these specific relationships.

Should I give my ex an ultimatum to make him come back?

A guide for getting back together with an ex with amazing bonuses!

I’ve given you a brief presentation of the book and the impressive results it had for people that tried its methods but I haven’t talked to you yet about the bonus… Careful, you might be shocked!

As you know, choosing the Alexandre CORMONT method means you’re choosing excellence in love coaching. It also means that you’re going to receive bonuses along with the book:

– 3 examples of handwritten letters to send to your ex as is, or to be adapted to your story !
– Practical documents to help you move towards what is essential!
– And I’ve added one more little surprise…

Is it possible to make your ex come back?

You’re perfectly right to ask this question because just wanting your ex back isn’t going to be enough to make it happen. You have to know what steps to take. I’ve got hundreds of examples to give you but it would be way too long to discuss here. So I’ve decided to present you with two testimonials from Martin* and Katherine.*
To do what Martin and Katherine did and get back together with an ex get my eBook by clicking here.

Painful breakup: How to react and what to do next!

“Alexandre, I was one of the first people to reserve a copy of your book and I was happy to receive it as soon as I ordered it. I was able to start using your techniques the same day and I wanted to thank you for booking an appointment with me the next day even though you were incredibly busy with back-to-back coaching sessions.

I have to thank you even more because your book and your advice helped me to get through to Mark* and we’ve gotten back together. I’ll need your help again to solidify my relationship and probably also in the future for advice moving forward. You’re a great coach and a wonderful person, so don’t change a thing. Katherine.”

“This book is awesome and it allows you to create a very efficient game plan and get a positive reaction from your ex, while helping you avoid messing up! The three letters are amazing, even if I personally prefer the first one 😉 Martin.”

*Names have been changed for confidentiality.

Best wishes,

Your coach and author of 70 Pro Tips To Get Back With An Ex

Alexandre CORMONT