Getting your ex back A separation is a very difficult period to get through especially when you don’t have the psychological weapons to help you. Just thinking about your ex overwhelms you with sadness and nostalgia, and it feels like you’ve lost all your happiness. This situation can’t go on and you have to take things into your own hands to put an end to it. If you can’t imagine your life without your ex, getting back together is the solution.

Nevertheless, getting your ex back under the right circumstances requires knowing the basic techniques for rebuilding a relationship. There are things that you shouldn’t do if you don’t want to foil your plans of seducing your ex. In this article you’ll discover the steps that you should follow in order to seduce your ex and move on from this breakup.

Understanding the breakup so you can move forward

The first step in getting your ex back is understanding the breakup. In other words, you have to know why your ex left you. Way too many people jump into trying to get back together without having understood what aspect of themselves they have to work on. Knowing the reasons behind the breakup is the basis of getting back together, and it’s the step that will guide you towards different actions that you’ll have to bring into play. Your “plan of action” will be more precise, and therefore more efficient.

How to convince my ex to get back together efficiently

On top of wanting to get your ex back, knowing the reasons behind the separation helps you to see things clearly. A great number of people that I am coaching have no idea why they broke up and all it does it amplify their sadness.

Understanding the breakup is essential for avoiding making the same mistakes as in the past as well as for comprehending what made your ex unhappy. This is the key for knowing how to make all the negativity disappear.
I have to make one thing clear… Understanding the breakup doesn’t mean taking responsibility for it. You have to remain objective, and if your ex-partner played a role in the reason why you separated you have to be honest with yourself about it. They aren’t perfect!

Using Radio Silence to make your ex come back

Hastiness is the most common mistake I see in people trying to get back together with their ex. You don’t like being single so you decide to stop wasting time and pick up the pace. By doing this you reduce your chances of getting back together with the person you love. This is precisely why radio silence is such a useful tool. “RS” evades all type of harassment and all types of haste because you’re no longer in touch with your ex. Trying to get your ex back by calling them all day every day is never a good solution.

My ex is my confidant, but I'm still in love with him!

Radio silence will ensure that you give your ex the space they wanted when they decided to breakup. But more importantly, you’re going to stand out as the person that surprises them by not acting the way they were expecting you to after the breakup. Even if it isn’t true, you’ll make them think that you’re not affected by the separation. “RS” is therefore a tool that allows you to tinker with your ex’s emotions so that you can create attraction between you.

The handwritten letter for getting your ex back

Next up, you’ll have to think about a more “concrete” step for getting your ex back once you’ve understood the reasons behind the breakup, working on yourself, and using effective Radio Silence that has made your ex ask themselves some questions. You’re going to get back in touch but in fact it’ll be more “indirect.” A handwritten letter is the perfect way to do this. If your ex partner resents you for not having been in contact all this time, just tell them that you were working on this letter. You didn’t want to go too fast and you needed time to do it right.

Seducing your ex and making up for your mistakes is sometimes complicated. Some people have trouble talking to their ex face to face or on the phone. This letter is therefore the best way to put review the relationship and your emotions without feeling pressure from your ex. In our eBook that you can find on the product page, you’ll understand how to write a striking letter with 3 examples of letters that you can send your ex.

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