How can I make my ex love me againWhen you lose the love of your life, it’s not uncommon to have one goal in mind: to get them back! This is what has brought you to this article; you’ve gone through a breakup but your feelings for your ex are still present, regardless of whether you want to move on from this relationship or not.

However your ex might not be on the same page, and might not have the same ideas in mind as you. This situation is a hard pill to swallow, and it’s normal that you’re having such a hard time accepting it as you are still in love with your ex-partner.

You’ve had some doubts, you’re not sure if trying to get your ex back is a good idea, and you’re wondering if there’s any hope left. Deep down however there is still a little fire that’s burning and making you want to have this person back in your arms…

That said, you don’t want to seem desperate, you want your ex to want to be in a relationship with you as well, and you don’t want to be seen as the ‘needy ex.’

In this article we will explore the following question: How can I make my ex love me again? Is it a good idea and is it possible to rekindle the flame with someone that you passionately loved? When in love, we tend to make some false moves and imagine things that aren’t quite based in reality.

A lot of women end up feeling too much in a rush and consequently make mistakes. To avoid falling to some of the most common traps associated with the process of getting back together with your ex, and to learn how to make your ex fall madly back in love with you, keep reading!

Why do you want to make your ex love you again?

People often say that wanting to get your ex back is a mistake, that you broke up for a reason, and that there is no sense in trying to patch things up. I’m sure you can see why I don’t agree with these types of statements …especially when I see the hundreds of people that succeed in getting back together each year after following our guidelines.

That said, something very important to keep in mind is that breakups don’t happen without reason and there are explanations for what happened. The man that you want back didn’t just randomly decide to leave one day for no reason, after you had spent months or years together.

When you want your ex back, it’s often because you realize your mistakes, and the things you could have done differently. You don’t want to have regrets and you want to do whatever it takes to rebuild a solid relationship and to be able to build a future with the man you still love.

So of course, one of the main reasons behind why you would want to get your ex partner back is Love. You want these deep feelings to be requited, and not only do you want to get back together, you want to make him fall madly back in love with you even if you’ve already broken up. This is more than just an attempt at getting back together; you have to be very motivated and very determined.

How can I make my ex love me again after a breakup

If you want this man to starting having strong feelings for you again, you’ll have to adopt the mindset of a skilled seductress, kind of like how you did when you first met.

Nevertheless you have an advantage: you two already know each other very well. So you know what he likes, but he hates, and you can therefore adapt your actions based on his tastes and character. Don’t forget to keep things fresh and don’t just do the same thing all the time.

It’s important to show your ex a new image of yourself because routine is one of the main reasons why love dwindles and leads to separations. So don’t focus on what you did in the past because this is an error that blocks a lot of women from successfully getting back together with the person they love.

By breathing new air into your relationship you will succeed, and perhaps you already know that it’s very important to be patient as well. A man doesn’t fall back in love after 3 days, and especially not after a breakup.

He might be weary and he may have lost a lot of his confidence in the situation and is therefore reluctant to engage. When you are asking yourself How can I make my ex love me again there is one crucial element that you should not neglect: time.

Rekindle the flame in 2 steps

An attempt at getting back together should never be solely based on how your ex feels. This might sound a bit straightforward but you must be aware of this in order to fully understand what I’m trying to say here. If the man you want back doesn’t love you anymore, what are you going to do? Ask yourself this question because it’s really important!

You’re not just going to give up on everything because you can’t live your life in regret. So, your first goal shouldn’t be to make him fall in love…

Don’t rush things. Focus on recreating complicity between you, work on creating special moments that you can share, and these things will start to make feelings bloom. To be successful in this endeavor, you have to take things step by step.

When an ex returns, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s crazy about you! Don’t view the situation like this because you might end up being hurt and disappointed. Love comes with time so you must be patient even if I know how hard that can be.

Don’t base your actions on what he is thinking, because believe me, that’s not how an attempt at getting back together is successful. His opinion can change, and will change! In truth, a lot of people start with a man that just doesn’t want to hear of being together anymore.

My role is to turn things back around and I can help you do so with the techniques I write about in my eBook.

Don’t put too much pressure on a man to make his feelings for you come back. The same goes for when you’re in a relationship; if you breathe down his neck and put too much pressure on him, you could make matters worse and make him take an even further step back.

Your coach when you want to know how to make your ex love you again.