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I don’t want to think about my ex anymoreI know that most of the men and women that are on my site are looking for ways to get their ex back. There are about a hundred articles on the subject that can help you and I’ve even organized dozens of free monthly conferences (to reserve your spot online as well as receive a complimentary gift, sign up for my newsletter without further ado!)

I know that a breakup can often leave a mark and conjure up a feeling of rejection that doesn’t really match the spirit of getting back together. You want to forget the person that you had been with for years. You want to stop hurting because of the breakup and you don’t want to think about your ex all the time anymore. So, you decide to turn the page once and for all.

It isn’t always easy to let go of the years you had spent together and to forget about everything you had felt. You can feel like you’re being pulled back and forth between love and bitterness towards your ex-partner. There might also be a “technical difficulty…” Your ex doesn’t want to leave you alone and sometimes, even if they’re the one that decided to separate, they can remain present and hold you back from moving on. Sometimes they still want to spend time with you and this blocks you from rebuilding yourself as this tends to conjure up doubts. This situation is becoming more and more unbearable.

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What do you do when “I don’t want to think about my ex anymore?” how can you move on without suffering too much? Is it really possible to forget your ex? Discover the answers to your questions in this article that’s going to help you to move on for good.

I don’t want to think about my ex anymore and don’t even know why?

One might wonder what changes between you and all the other people that want to be in their ex’s arms again. It’s not about feelings; I know that most of you are still in love with your ex and this decision was a hard one to make. It’s often linked to a problem of the past, or the fact that your ex-partner has been toying with you. Whether it was physical abuse or mental abuse, you’ve decided to put an end to this situation that was bringing you nothing but pain.

Forgetting about an ex isn’t an easy decision to make because you know it’s going to hurt, but once you put things into perspective, when you review the situation, you realize that this is the best solution. Sometimes you make this decision even if your partner wasn’t doing anything that awful to you. You might just feel that you can’t stay in contact if you’re not in a relationship. Either you’re together, or you’re out of each other’s lives for good.

I want to start over with my ex and live happily ever after

One example of a situation that could lead to this decision is when a person lives far either for work or for school and can’t do long distance. You decide to cut ties so that you can stop suffering, be with someone new in a healthy relationship, and to make sure you don’t become tempted to return to your ex.

How can I forget my ex as quickly as possible?

It’s never easy to want to forget the person you had loved, because those feelings can still be present. This is why you’re going to have to make some radical decisions if you don’t want to live in regret and to move on. With impactful actions you’ll be able to move forward. This of course will take some time and you’re not going to be able to turn the page for good within just a few days.

The first thing to do when you no longer want to be in touch with your ex is to get rid of all the things that might make you crack. Social media and phones can be traps so you have to take some measures! It might seem tough and selfish, but it’s the solution. When you’re thinking, “I don’t want to think about my ex anymore,” it means that you’re no longer interested, so your actions are going to have to reflect that.

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Your actions must reflect your words and what you’re thinking. If they don’t, you won’t be able to move forward and you won’t feel any changes or improvements. Photos, your ex’s things… You have to return these things to them so that you can stop seeing things that remind you of them all the time; they conjure up emotions and heartache.

Is it a good idea to forget about my ex?

In love, it’s very important to take your time with big decisions, and to never rush into something without properly thinking it through. I’m telling you this because it’s important that you don’t have regrets and so that you don’t have to come back to this site later on to learn how you can get them back. This happens pretty often and it makes things very complicated. People sometimes make decisions too fast and end up having to change their tactics (which isn’t a piece of cake, by the way.) It’s hard because it can give rise to some serious emotional dependence which in turn makes it easy to make big mistakes as your emotions are in control.

Whether you want to get back together with your ex or forget about them, it’s imperative that you take the time to really think your decision through and to not be blinded by your emotions. For example, if you want to say goodbye to your entire relationship after a simple fight, I don’t recommend doing so. In fact you might end up wanting to go back to them the moment you find out they’re seeing someone new.

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If you give it a few days, you’ll be able to figure out the best possible decision you could make, and you’ll be able to start working on it. If you end up feeling like you don’t want to hear another word about your ex ever again, I will help you rebuild yourself and bounce back.

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