i want to forget my exWhen you truly love someone, you say that it’s going to last forever and you never think that it’s going to end up in a breakup, and you have the tendency to think that things will be the same within a few years.

Unfortunately in love, it’s not always like it seems in fairy tales, and even though some beautiful relationships last, others end in separation. It’s a hard thing to be faced with and it’s never easy to accept the breakup. Human beings aren’t meant to be alone, and the pain the accompanies seeing the person you love drift farther and farther away can result in serious depression.

Getting back together however isn’t always the best solution because despite your suffering, you know that you can’t change things. After heartbreak, after the profound sadness that follows the events you’ve gone through, you just want to rebuild yourself and move on.

This is probably why you’re saying, “I want to forget my ex.” In truth it’s easier said than done. Letting go of fulfilling and passionate years or months together isn’t a piece of cake.

Nevertheless, “impossible” is not in my vocabulary, and even if you feel completely down and out, you should know that it is completely possible to forget your ex within a few weeks. By giving yourself a little time, things will fall into place in the best way possible and you’ll be able to bring about change.

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Forgetting my ex is the best way to feel better!

The first question to ask yourself is this: Why should I forget my ex if I still have feelings for them?

After a painful breakup the consequences are always difficult and therefore hard to accept. Despite the fact that the circumstances weren’t perfect, (because crises and fights had to have been frequent enough to result in a breakup,) your ex was with you every day and you didn’t experience much solitude.

Maybe you had even built a family, so things are so different now. Some people tend to minimize the seriousness of the breakup but in order to surmount it in the fastest way possible and get over a breakup the right way, you must be aware of what this means.

Sometimes a breakup feels like liberation. After an overly complicated relationship, months of tensions, (I am referring to couples in going through a divorce that has become war,) breaking up for good definitely seems like the best option.

Nevertheless there are relationships that can leave traces. It’s hard to move on to something else after having experienced something intense in which you had fulfilling exchanges at its core.

Talking about your ex and the story you shared using the past tense appears like the perfect solution. You’ll be able to meet someone new and to stop thinking about the tough memories that have been haunting you. This will help you to bounce back and to move forward. It’s hard to turn the page and move forward if you’re always looking to your past.

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I want to forget my ex : where do I start?

If forgetting your ex is the best solution for moving on, you have to be aware of the techniques to use in order to reach your goal. Of course the desire and determination to succeed is necessary but they’re not going to be quite enough. This is precisely why the help and guidelines of an expert in matter of the heart would be indispensable.

Help for rebuilding yourself and forgetting your ex

The very first thing to do if you really want to get your ex out of your head and rebuild yourself is to chase them out of your thoughts little by little. Everything depends on you; you’re the one who will be able to change the course of action. As I said, a breakup can leave its mark and can lead to roadblocks that will affect the future of your love life. If you’re familiar with my philosophy, you know why self-confidence and rebuilding yourself are such important steps after a separation.

Being in this situation is nothing to be ashamed of so you should never feel like you’re powerless. Everyone ends up in these shoes at least once in their life. There have been many before you, and there will be many after you as well. Focus on only yourself for a moment…

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By using self-motivation techniques and exercises in self-confidence you’ll rediscover yourself and become a new version of yourself. No more sadness and negative thoughts! By becoming aware of your potential you’ll boost your morale and stop focusing on your ex partner.

Develop your own hobbies

When you’re in a relationship, your tend to spend less time with your friends and family, which is normal, even if some people take it too far and don’t see anyone else at all. Spending time with the person you love isn’t something to be ashamed of. You share passions, you discover new things and places together, you act as a couple and you now want to give this exchange another chance.

That said, after a breakup it’s imperative that you develop new habits. Just because you’re single doesn’t mean that you should stop living! It’s in fact even more of a reason to live to the fullest!

You therefore have to continue going out, and rebuild a group of friends in order to fight off solitude and to not sink into depression linked to love. Focus on your passions and spend time with your loved one; make up for lost time! Expanding your social circle by meeting new people is the best way to make sure that loneliness doesn’t control your life.

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To summarize, occupy your thoughts with new things as much as you can so that you can stamp out the negative ones.

Cutting ties with your ex so that you can forget about them for good

In order to stop thinking about your ex, it’s not going to be enough to just say, “I want to forget my ex.” You’ll need radical methods as well. It’s true that since the beginning of this article I’ve been focusing on the sentimental aspect, but you’ll have to do some more direct actions as well. You can’t just settle for nights out with your friends or a few yoga sessions.

For surmounting a breakup, this might be enough, but in terms of today’s subject, your goal is to no longer think about your ex at all and to turn the page for good, letting go of the relationship, the breakup, and subsequently your ex. It’s important to take certain measures and they have to be pretty sizeable.

So as soon as you finish reading, take your phone, delete their number, delete them off of Facebook and every other social network. You probably have photos of you together. You don’t necessarily have to destroy them if you don’t want to, but just put them somewhere where you won’t see them.

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If you want to remove someone from your life, you have to remove all the elements that trigger thoughts of them. Don’t be afraid to be direct and don’t let yourself have any regrets! Even if you look like the bad guy (or girl) by doing this, you’re really going to change things and give yourself the opportunity to really feel better.

Cutting ties with your ex requires certain sacrifices and impactful actions that aren’t always pleasant. But when you want to move on from something you have to muster up all your courage so that you can feel better over the long run. If you don’t do this, you’ll risk suffering for a long time or worse still, you’ll yearn for their return that will never happen if you don’t take the proper initiatives.

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