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I want to move on Tired of chasing your ex around? Are you finally ready to just let go but you can’t? Does it seem like you’ve tried everything but you just can’t seem to stop thinking about your ex? Don’t worry you are not alone! Thousands if not millions of people around the world feel the exact same way! I know how you feel because so many people reach out to us seeking guidance or support in order to get back with an ex or help to figure out if they should move on and how.

Being a relationship expert is my passion because I truly feel like I make a difference in people’s lives. Even those that don’t end up getting back with an ex always tell me that reaching out was one of the best decisions they ever made. I was coaching a woman named Sammy today and she told me the following: “Adrian I want to move on and I want you to tell me exactly what I need to do step by step.” I take great pride in listening to people’s true needs; to help them problem solve in order to eventually find the perfect solution to their problems or to suggest certain actions that they can implement right away to regain control and feel better about where they stand.

I’m scared to contact my ex, is that normal?

This article is dedicated to you Sammy! After a few weeks of working together I told her today that she indeed should move on because her ex’s intentions aren’t good. She is destined to suffer if she keeps pursuing him because she found out that he has been lying to her all along; He’s been dating someone else. He was just stringing her along to keep his options open. Sometimes it’s best to just cut your losses and move on in order to find the one!

Sammy asked me to help her and I will be there for her throughout this process to ensure that certain mechanisms are in place to ensure that she quickly finds the right guy for her. I wanted to share some of the advice that I gave her with you; so that you too can feel empowered and move in the right direction!

Have you tried everything to get your ex back ?

Before you decide to move on its my role as your love coach and relationship expert to ask you if you’ve tried everything to get your ex back; if you want to move on that’s one thing, but if you feel forced too because your ex is not responding the way you’d like maybe I can help shift things in your favor. If you still have feelings and would rather get back together than I would recommend that you try doing a radio silence. This unique technique that we’ve developed and mastered over the last 7 years could shift the balance of power in your favor and make your ex miss you!

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If you’ve already tried some version of the no contact rule and you were able to not be in demand for a relatively long period of time but still didn’t manage to trigger a reaction from your ex, I would suggest that you write a letter; the old fashioned way! There’s something magical about using a pen and paper to pass along a well-crafted message centered on key points that you will have thoroughly thought about and presented in the right way!

I also want to acknowledge that some breakups are unique and require special kinds of action or support. If you were in a long distance relationship for instance, if your ex left you for someone else and told you so, or if you feel like you are in a very unique type of situation than don’t hesitate to reach out to us! This is what we do, we are relationship experts who have developed an expertise for dealing with tough situations and turning them into something that will be more favorable; Putting you in prime position to make your ex miss you and reconsider their stance! So if there’s any doubt in your mind about what you want or that you’ve done everything possible than reach out and let our experts show you the way!

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Focus on your passions and childhood dreams if you really want to forget about your ex

For those of you that are dead set on moving on, the best possible thing that you can do at this point is to go back to pursuing your childhood dreams! As a child growing up the possibilities are endless and we don’t let our insecurities or the external world dictate what we should or shouldn’t dream about becoming. We are aligned to our essence and our spirit is free to chase what truly speaks to our core without the fear of being judged. If you are able to go back and think like that little kid inside of you; find those things that are dear to you and chase them, than you will instantly find some inner peace and put everything else in perspective.

If you are unable to think like the kid you were, than I suggest that you try to immerse yourself in your passions or hobbies. As long as they are constructive, they will help you move on and slowly forget about your ex. It doesn’t really matter what those hobbies are; it could be to dance, it could be an instrument, it could be some form of community service or a sport! The point is that you will be engaged in doing something that you really enjoy doing and for a few minutes or even a couple hours you will stop thinking about your ex! If you are able to be consistent about engaging in this activity, you will slowly let go of what’s holding you back over time and find sustainable peace of mind!

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For those of you looking to delve even deeper into the personal development outlook, I challenge you to try to define what your life project is going to be. A life project is your life’s calling, an unattainable goal that you set out to achieve in order to live out your life in a certain way. This results in living with purpose, having a reason to wake up every morning because you are constantly engaged in your element trying to achieve something that is greater than yourself!

I want to move on and find the one!

Moving is one thing, finding a life partner is another. I understand that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find the right life partner; I’m not talking about finding a boyfriend or girlfriend; or even about having a fling. This is directed to those of you that are looking for a soul mate. There’s absolutely nothing cliché about looking to find that one person that you were destined to share a life with. And you can!

In order to give yourself the best possible chances of finding that special someone, you need to start by constantly pushing your comfort zone in your everyday life. When you’re in a social setting, at work, at a family gathering, or basically anywhere; you need to get into the habit of continuously stretching your comfort zone. Staying accountable to this approach or way of life will drastically increase your chances of finding someone that reflects your true essence!

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Another great way to find the one is to keep pursuing your hobbies or passion. When you are engaging in certain activities that you love, where time stops and you’re just simply living in the present moment you become amazingly attractive to anyone who takes the time to notice! You will also be in an environment or around other people who share something in common with you. This type of filter will increase your chances of running into someone that you can relate to and truly connect with!

Finally I cannot stress enough the need for you to be in a positive mindset! Positive people attract positive things into their lives. If you don’t know how to be in a positive mindset you can start by smiling, a lot! As a matter of fact you can even force yourself to smile! It doesn’t matter if you’re by yourself in your car, in the shower or around other people. A smile attracts positivity or entices people to interact with you in a positive way. If you are faking it but are staying consistent about trying to smile, after a while you will notice a shift or a change. That smile will start to be genuine and you will have programmed your brain to be in a happy state!

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By being in a new positive mindset you will draw positive people to you and thus increase your chances of meeting the one!

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