make my ex come crawling backIn certain situations, when you’ve tried everything and nothing worked the way you had expected, you’re going to have to stop using the classic techniques hoping to get back together. You’ll have to use tailored methods that are going to give you a better result. Before you choose any of these tools, remember that each story is different!

With the help of my expertise to analyze the way your broke up, you’ll be able to properly adapt these tips and guidelines. You should know that for example radio silence is a great technique, but that there are situations in which it wouldn’t work and could even decrease your chances of success. This is why when you find yourself in a situation in which the most common methods aren’t proving to be useful, you have to reconsider your stance if you are thinking “I want to make my ex come crawling back!”

Emotional shock that enables you to get back together with an ex

Using proper methods to get back with an ex is usually always positive for your personal development. You should know that when you’re in the process of getting back together with an ex, even the most insignificant action can however pose some risks. It’s never simple to set into motion the techniques required to rekindle the love that you both once felt for one another, even if these techniques have already worked for thousands of people.

This is why it’s imperative that you make the right choices regarding your approach while keeping in mind that some actions could have a negative effect on your endeavor. The first step is to put an end to the mistakes that you may still be doing. I’ve discussed this reality at great length n my blog; by outlining the principal errors people make after a breakup. Of course the psychological effects of a separation can leave you feeling awful, but this doesn’t mean that you should release your anger by sobbing, through threats, or insults.

Then you need to ask yourself what exactly led to the breakup, and why you found yourself at the point of no return? This is the only way you’re going to be able to design an efficient game plan. It will highlight exactly what you need to put in place in order for you to feel confident about saying I will make my ex come crawling back. You’ll realize that the analysis phase is probably the most important and I suggest that you book a coaching session via phone to make sure that you avoid making common mistakes. Don’t forget that even the smallest mistake could cost you dearly and decrease your chances of success. The faster you can get a reaction from your ex, the better your chances will be. In some cases the more time you spend apart, the more time your ex will have to meet someone new…

If you feel that some of the classic techniques to convince an ex to get back together aren’t applicable in your case, it would be best to try something totally different that will make them want you back.

An electroshock can indeed make my ex come crawling back!

To create a change that will enable you to convince your ex to get back together you will need a thorough understanding of the subtleties of love. It would be best to use a method that’s very clear and not necessarily complicated because this is something you actually already have at your fingertips. It will also depend on your ex’s needs and desires. If your relationship didn’t last long enough for you to figure these things out, all you have to do is use your imagination and put yourself in their shoes. On the other hand if you were able to spend a good amount of time with your ex, you’re going to have a much easier time finding the right type of way to trigger a positive reaction from the person you want to be with.

In order to make it happen, you don’t really need a complicated strategy. Sometimes simplicity yields better results. Sometimes, just a smile can shift the dynamic in your favor. The process of getting back together is complex and simple at the same time. A little gesture isn’t going to be enough to make an ex fall in love but you have to know when and where to do certain things. Timing is just as important as the things you will do as you attempt to get back together with your ex.

Out of all the tools and techniques ex available to you to get a strong emotional reaction from your ex, there is one that is particularly effective and that might surprise you. Contrary to what people might think, it doesn’t involve using jealousy or giving them an ultimatum by threatening to never speak to them again. These methods are a double edged sword because at first you might get a reaction from your ex that might be trying to start something new with someone else, but then you risk getting a negative reaction because you’ve broken up and your ex might still feel resentment towards you. I’ve seen situations in which a person threatened to never again get in contact, and their ex-significant other was fine with it, and didn’t want to be in touch anymore anyway. This is why threats are never a good idea.

On the other hand, I’m going to give you a technique that will really help you to create a dramatic shift. You’re going to have to implement something I call inversed dependence. You want your ex back and it’s because you know that they are the love of your life. They don’t share the same feeling because they have many negative things on their mind. Your goal now should be to create a positive atmosphere and to create a form of emotional dependence within your ex. It’s a simple method but setting it in motion is more complicated than you may think so you’ll have to carefully choose your steps. If I guide you, the results could very well be spectacular.

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