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My ex is being influenced by his friends, please help!

When you want your ex back, sometimes they aren’t as responsive as you would hope. The person you had shared your life with for months or for years now refuses to give you the time of day and doesn’t want to give you another chance. You feel like a stranger, but this...

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I’m scared to contact my ex, is that normal?

It’s not always easy to deal with the post-breakup situation and the relationship you have with your ex especially if your feelings for them are still present. A separation doesn’t mean that love just disappears overnight, and these are the precise feelings that have...

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My ex doesn’t text me first what should I do?

When you want your ex back, the methods to use will of course be rooted in communication. Direct (or even indirect) exchanges, and therefore speaking with the person you want to be with again is imperative. People often say to me, “Adrian, I want my ex to come to me...

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Can I be on good terms with my ex?

Some breakups can turn into war. There are people that can’t get along even after they’ve separated, and there can sometimes be even more tension than when they were still together. The breakup can conjure up issues and bitterness, and now that the gloves are off you...

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10 tips for not cracking while using radio silence

When you’re using a method as you’re trying to get your ex back, you might think that it’s going to work after just a few days, you want things to go fast, and you want a miracle to happen. This desire to go too fast can result in certain problems and can lead you to...

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Breakup coach explains how to get back together

There are sometimes unpleasant surprises in love. Everything had been going well in your relationship and there wasn’t anything dramatic going on. But one thing led to the next and your partner decided to separate. Even if the tension had been present for a while, the...

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I kissed my ex, now what should I do next?!

You’ve probably been waiting for this for days, weeks, or maybe even months as you’ve been working on trying to get back together! You’ve been wanting your efforts to pay off and in your opinion, the best way to know that your efforts have been working is if your ex...

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How to communicate with my ex after a breakup?

There are many very efficient, yet under used, techniques for getting back together with your ex. When most people prefer harassing their ex, showering them with gifts, or even trying in vain to use sex to spark something, you should try a different approach. You...

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Should I pick up my stuff from my ex ASAP?

How do you get your things from your ex’s place while making a good impression? How do you control your emotions and to not come undone? Should you go get your belongings or wait for your ex to get in touch first? It’s never easy knowing how to act with your ex after...

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