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How To Stop Being Emotionally Dependent?

There is often a period after a breakup in which a person makes faux-pas that vary in size based on how depressed they are when they begin missing their ex. Even if you’re the one that decided to separate, it’s not an easy thing to cope with because it changes your...

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Vacationing with an ex, good or bad move?

During coaching sessions on the phone or face to face, certain questions keep coming up. Here’s one that I’m currently hearing all the time: “Should I go on vacation with my ex?” Vacationing with an ex can be relaxing and enable you to rekindle; so most of the time, I...

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How to rekindle feelings with an ex and get back together!

Nothing is more valuable than feelings. They are precious and you have to know how to make them evolve throughout your relationship. At the beginning of your love story, you have to work on giving them life so that you can reel in the person that you want. Once you’re...

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Are you looking for ways to get your ex back?

When a person goes through a painful breakup whether it was unexpected or not, they have two options. A. They turn the page and move on, or B. They start working on getting back together. I assume that the second option is what has brought you to this site. You miss...

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Do I have a shot at getting back together with my ex?

You’ve gone through a breakup and you’d like your ex back? You don’t know how to proceed and you’re wondering if you should turn the page and move on or if your love story with your ex still has a chance? Why does everyone think that it’s impossible to restart a solid...

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My ex is acting like an idiot but I still love them!

Are you feeling a mix of hate and love after the breakup? Do you want to get back together with your ex, but you’re furious with them for all the pain they’ve caused? How do you analyze your emotions in order to press ahead? After breakups, I often hear people say,...

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My ex needs space, what should I do?

Have you gone through a breakup and you’re having a hard time controlling your emotions? Your ex needs some air but you’re afraid of losing him or her for good? How do you boost your self-confidence and reestablish good affinity with your ex? Should you employ radio...

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How to write a reconciliation letter to an ex

A breakup often results in a lot of bitterness. Of course there are some relationships that don’t end “that badly;” there’s no sobbing, outbursts, or fights. You both had realized that it wasn’t really working so you decided to end the relationship without waging war...

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