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How do I get my ex back when they are with someone else?

Is your ex with someone new? Would you like to get them out of this person’s arms and back into your own? How can you successfully get your ex back when they’re going out with someone else? I can’t stress enough that this is a unique type of situation so you have to...

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Getting your ex back at a distance is possible!

Your ex is gone, and regardless of which one of you made this decision, it’s still painful to be separated from the one you loved. So you’ve got one objective: to get back together with the person that brought balance and joy to your life. But it’s not so simple,...

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How can I get my ex back if I’m still in love?

I’m going to challenge one of the biggest ideas on the internet: Is there a miracle solution for getting your ex back? The answer is of course NO! In truth, there are many different ways that you can go about doing so. There is not one single method that’s perfect or...

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Does kissing an ex mean you’re back together?

Kissing an ex is the main goal for many people that are trying to rebuild their relationship. You take it as a sign that you are together again and that your love story hasn’t come to an end. It’s a crucial moment for those hoping to get back together so of course you...

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Changing the way you think after a breakup is possible!

Whether or not you were the person who decided to end the relationship, separating is a hard thing to go through and it creates some serious changes in your life. Overnight you went from being in a relationship to being single, you won’t be intimate anymore and you...

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How to plan to get my ex back

When you want the person you love back, feelings aren’t going to be enough. You can be the most enamored person on the planet but this doesn’t guarantee that you’re going to get them back in your arms. Unfortunately the love and determination that you have are going...

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When should I see my ex again?

After a painful breakup or during an attempt at getting back together, one question will always be on your mind: whether or not you should see your ex. After a certain amount of time of not seeing each other, of course you will start to miss them. You’re having...

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How to get your ex back after a short term relationship!

As you probably know (or as you’re finding out while reading the articles on this site!) I am a field coach. Thanks to my experience of hundreds of hours of counseling on matters of the heart, my conferences, and my books, I’ve been able to develop different tools and...

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Does my ex still love me?

I’m sure that it has happened to you at least once in your life, young or not so young... Feeling the rise in your heartbeat when you make eye contact, your hands beginning to tremble with excitement as the person approaches you, the surge of emotion... It’s one of...

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Begging an ex is never a good idea!

It’s perfectly understandable that a person would experience profound heartache after a breakup. No one can blame you for feeling so bad or for feeling lost and sad. You loved this person and you didn’t think that one day you would lose them, so now everything feels...

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