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Will he take me back? The n°1 question after a breakup!

Before I share my advice with you, I just wanted to let you know that this article is geared towards my female readers as I used “he” in the title instead of “my ex.” You should know however that the guidelines that you will learn can be used by anyone who has gone...

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How do I get my husband to love me like he once did?

Marriage doesn’t always look the way it does in fairy-tales. You’re more than aware of this because for a little while now, you and your husband have been going through a rough patch in which tensions are rising. You’re having trouble overcoming certain issues and...

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How to make my ex fall in love with me again?

A breakup can cause you serious heartache when you’re still genuinely in love with the person that, up until a few days ago, was sharing your life with you. Their absence, these changes, no longer sharing sweet words before going to bed or when waking up... All of...

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How to stop being sad about a breakup and move forward!

Not everyone is lucky enough to be on good terms with their ex, without having to deal with insults, violence, and vengeance. In reality, no longer being together doesn’t automatically mean that you’re going to be happy again immediately; a breakup can leave a mark,...

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How do I get the girl I love back into my life for good?

“Adrian, I want to get back together with the girl I love, how do I do this?” This is a question that I hear hundreds of time a month from men that want to be back in the arms of the woman for whom their hearts beat. A breakup is always really hard on a man. You don’t...

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How To Stop Being Emotionally Dependent?

There is often a period after a breakup in which a person makes faux-pas that vary in size based on how depressed they are when they begin missing their ex. Even if you’re the one that decided to separate, it’s not an easy thing to cope with because it changes your...

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