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Does Silence Make A Man Miss You? Here’s The Answer…

There are a few questions that I am asked on a regular basis, and one of the ones I hear every week is, “Does silence make a man miss you?” People have heard of the No Contact Rule, and they want to know if cutting off communication with your ex really works. Well,...

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Signs Your Ex Still Cares And Might Want To Be With You!

When someone breaks up with you, the pain you feel can be unbearable. In many cases, people want their exes so badly that all they can think about it how things used to be and what they can do to get back together. When we want something so badly, it can be hard to...

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Dealing With A Breakup By Turning It Into An Opportunity

Dealing with a breakup is no walk in the park. As an expert in love and relationships, I work with people struggling with breakups on a daily basis and I know that it’s very hard. We tend to get frustrated and impatient, and we just want to get to the other side of...

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My Ex Wants Me To Wait For Them: What Do I Do?

Sometimes two people break up not because the love and attachment is no longer there, but because there are external circumstances that are making them feel that right now is not the ideal moment to be together. There are a couple different situations in which people...

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Can A Rebound Relationship Work Out In The End?

I was recently speaking to one of my clients who asked me a question that I often hear. Rachel is trying to get her ex back but he’s dating someone new. It’s common knowledge that most rebound relationships are very short lived, but what about the exceptions to the...

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Should You Leave Him Alone To Get Him Back?

I know that right about now all you want is to be back in your ex’s arms. It’s so hard to resist the urge to reach out to him and feel like you’re still close to him. When your heart is broken and you don’t agree with the breakup, it’s so hard to let go. The problem...

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My Ex Moved On… What Do I Do?!

Seeing your ex move on with another person can break your heart all over again. Maybe you still want to be together, or maybe you’ve already tried to turn the page, but it still hurts… a lot. Now you’re wondering if you’ve done something wrong in your attempt at...

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Should I Call My Ex If I Want Them Back?

When you’ve gone through a breakup with someone, chances are that they’re always on your mind. This is especially true if you want this person back. Right about now, you’re probably wondering what you can do to get this person back in your arms and undo the breakup....

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Does The Push Pull Technique Really Work On An Ex ?

When you want an ex back, there are certain techniques and actions to use that can get you closer to your goal much faster than you thought possible. One of these techniques is known as the push pull technique, AKA the “chase me and I’ll run” technique. Many people...

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How Come My Ex Is Sending Mixed Signals?

When you want an ex back, there is nothing more frustrating and getting mixed signals. You feel like your ex doesn’t know what they want and you don’t know how to adjust your plan of action. Their behavior keeps changing so how are you supposed to keep track? And why...

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