process of getting back togetherThere a question that I often see men and women worrying about when they come to me for help, and it’s the length of time that it will take to get their ex back. Whether their attempt isn’t going as well as they had hoped or if affinity between the two partners has been properly reestablished, people often ask me how long it’s going to take before they can truly feel like they’re in a relationship again.

This is an issue that concerns pretty much every person I work with. Everyone wants to be happily back in their relationship as soon as possible, and this is perfectly normal. Nevertheless, when a person asks this question, they tend to put a little too much pressure on themselves and end up making mistakes. In fact, rushing things is often what leads to problems in one’s attempt at getting back together. It’s important to not go too fast and to not focus on how long it’s going to take. Focus on efficiency. A breakup never happens without reason, and it leaves a mark. Sometimes you need some time before you two can get back on the same page.

I am fully aware of the fact that this can conjure up a sense of frustration and you end up getting irritated by the fact that you can’t be 100% present in your attempt at getting back together. Nevertheless it’s important to not focus on your ex all the time because you might end up being faced with another disappointment. After almost 10 years, we’ve seen far too many people try to rush things and to not respect the process of getting back together. You’re lucky to have found this article, because I’m going to share my tips with you on how to avoid making this mistake!

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Why is it important to not rush after a breakup?

One of the first reflexes a person has when they’re going through a breakup is simple; to want to go too fast and to go overboard. They spend a fortune on gifts, they spend the entire day sending texts saying, “I love you,” they don’t take the time to rebuild themselves, they put all their focus on the person they want and become completely emotionally dependent. Of course this solution seems logical. You want to share your feelings, you want to show your ex how much you care, and you think that everything will be fixed like this. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case at all.

The first step towards getting back together after a breakup doesn’t consist of declaring your undying love to your ex but rather focusing on a psychological aspect. In other words, focus on yourself, figure out the reasons behind your breakup, figure out what changes need to be made, how to show your ex that you’ve grown and improved, and that you can provide solutions that will make things right (and better than before!)

To make sure you do this right, you have to take the time to think and to not move forward blindly. I know that your world feels like it’s been turned upside down, that your morale isn’t at its best but you have to make this effort if you want things to change. Don’t let the breakup control your life.

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The process of getting back together depends on you and on your relationship

“How long is the process of getting back together? 2 weeks? 3 months…?!” There are so many answers to this question and it’s impossible to answer even if I’m an experienced coach specialized in breakups. I’ve been accompanying men and women since 2007, helping them get back together with their ex. Sometimes it takes a few days, and other times it takes a few weeks or a few months. Each situation is unique, and it’s important to understand that this isn’t a race against time.

You’re the one that has to determine the right rhythm for your process of getting back together. It goes without saying that the process of getting your ex back depends on your actions and your motivation. If you’re employing radio silence will remaining on your couch waiting for your ex to return, or if you’re trying to talk to their family and friends so that they talk about you to your ex… Well, your process is going to take a longer amount of time because you’re not using the right methods.

This is exactly why, and after months of work with Alex, we’ve created the ultimate product that will help you use the right methods without wasting any time. In one month or less you’ll be able to get back together with the person you love and build a solid relationship. Go ahead and click here to discover this exceptional eBook! It can be challenging to change everything over the span of 3 or 4 days, but within 4 intense weeks you’ll be able to change your ex’s mind in terms of the breakup. By reviving their feelings for you in the best way possible, you’re going to maximize your chances of being happy together again.

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How do I know if we can consider ourselves a couple again?

You kiss, you start sleeping together again but you still aren’t 100% sure if your process of getting back together has come to a close. In other words, you’re not sure if you’re together again or not. It’s true that this is a delicate subject. As I mentioned above, some people will tend to rush things but others won’t want to go fast and they will take a step back. You’re not in a relationship again immediately after your first kiss or after the first time you sleep together again. The first thing to do is to settle your differences with your ex because this is what ended your relationship in the first place. It’s crucial that you resolve these things so that you don’t have to go through this painful separation again.

Rebuilding your relationship will come naturally. As you spend time with your families, by fixing these issues, by spending special moments together, and by settling back into your routine a little bit. These are the elements that will allow you to start over together and to rebuild a happy and fulfilling relationship with the person you love.

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