With Someone Else

Discover the way to win back the heart of the one you love when they’re dating or in a committed relationship with someone else.



Learn how you can get back together permanently even if your ex is with someone else!

Going through a breakup is hard enough, but when our ex starts to see someone else or is in a committed relationship, the pain goes from hard to torture. Don’t worry, though, because we’ve got your back.

Throughout the years, we’re come to understand the true cause of why people have such a hard time dealing with the reality that the person they love is in another relationship. Together, we’ve developed techniques to help individuals quickly turn things around and master the art of re-seduction, EVEN IF your ex is seeing someone else.

We understand that you need detailed support and guidance on how to maximize your chances of success. It is actually quite normal for exes to leap into new relationships after a breakup. Rest assured, this does not mean that you’ve lost them for good, your window of opportunity to win them back is often open for a much longer time period than you realize.

In this amazing Audio Seminar, you will find the resources you need to self-coach, and essentially speed up the breakup recovery process. You’ll learn how many have used these techniques to win back the hearts of their significant others

What you’ll find in this Audio Seminar?

Part 1: How to regain control and know exactly what to do
Part 2: Techniques to evolve quickly
Part 3: How to set the proper foundations to win back the heart of your significant other
Part 4: How to write a perfect letter
Part 5: How to make an ex doubt their decision
Part 6: A few things to consider to get back together permanently

You’ll find answers to ALL of the following questions in this Seminar:

  • Why the new boyfriend/girlfriend isn’t really a problem for you
  • What is the best strategy to adopt for you
  • How to heal and find your mojo again
  • What are the 3 most important rules to follow?
  • What to do and when?
  • Why you must really change?
  • What does your ex really want to see from you?
  • What are the 10 best actions to trigger a reaction from an ex?
  • How to inspire an ex?
  • How to rebuild self-confidence?
  • How to think like your ex?
  • What you need to do immediately?
  • What goals you should set for yourself?
  • What are some of the common mistakes to avoid?
  • How to prove that you’ve changed, and how to showcase your evolution?
  • How to write a handwritten letter to an ex?
  • How to approach a date with an ex?
  • Why it could be a good idea to sleep with your ex?
  • How to deal with conflict with an ex?
  • How to become a threat to their new relationship?