flirt to get closer to my exThere are multiple ways to rebuild attraction between you and your ex. Some are subtler than others, but this doesn’t mean that they are any less effective. It’s not always helpful to be very direct, or even to come on like you did the first time, especially if you’ve been together for years. You can use a very specific yet powerful technique as well often referred to as flirtation.

Many men and women are too clingy or needy and because of this their attempts to flirt with an ex often end up being unsuccessful. But this will not be the case for you. You are on the number one site for advice on getting back with your ex, and I will deliver the most efficient counsel on how to succeed.

I don’t want you to become a seducer. I want to provide you with the right answer to the question that you’ve been asking yourself: “how to flirt to get closer to my ex”? I want you to figure out how to flirt in a way that rebuilds affinity and urges your ex to envision a bright future with you. By combining the right words and actions, you will be able to maximize your chances of success!

Techniques to know if you are wondering how to flirt to get closer to my ex!

You must already know that there is no specific type of dates to flirt with your ex. There is no need to reserve a table at the chicest restaurant for a candle-lit dinner in order to seduce them. Even in the most “banal” or simple settings you can find ways to put your appeal into play. However, you will have to think it through because oftentimes people find themselves painted into a corner, having prepared nothing in advance.

You will therefore need skills and techniques that correspond to specific moments that you encounter each time you see the person that you’d like to get back with. In order to help you personally, you can always leave a comment for me, and I will give you a personalized response that correlates with your specific situation.

In order to be more concrete, I’ll take a specific example. If your ex is a rock fan, and you reserve two tickets for the opera, he will think, “She still doesn’t get me. What am I doing here?” I’m sure you see my point.

Every relationship is different and everyone is unique so your exes won’t all have the same reactions; there are skills that prove useful in the vast majority of cases. You don’t want to directly tell your ex that you want them back; you want to subtly communicate the idea. If you’ve already come to this point, you’ve understood something very important, and you’ve made a great leap forward.

Ladies, if you’re wondering, “how you can get closer to your ex,” know that you can be tactile, but be careful to not go too far. If you’re joking around together, you can place your hand on his, or on his shoulder for a moment. If you’ve just gotten a new dress, send him a photo of you in it and ask what he thinks. (Show off in the photo 😉 !)

Gents, when flirting with your ex it’s important to not make her think of you as a man that simply wants sex, so it’s best to avoid the topic all together. In your case, avoid being tactile! Now I don’t mean that you should be constantly withdrawing. Quite the opposite, you want to rebuild affinity. This can be done by a simple wink, a little witty banter, or a little bit of teasing!

Errors to avoid when flirting with your ex

One of the main problems that men and women that want to get closer to their ex encounter is the friendzone. You’re trying to flirt, but in reality, little by little, you are becoming his or her friend. You’re trying so hard to make sure everything goes right, that you don’t want to make any real initiatives and end up spending very few moments together, talking all day via text message. Yet nothing happens, the situation is stagnating, and it’s becoming hard to set an efficient seduction plan back into motion.

Of course your actions must be progressive, and consequently you must go slow. While you’re in this stage, it’s important to understand that with time, emotions aren’t just going to return. This may not create the kind of love that you are looking for. This is why you must absolutely change your method if you want concrete changes to take place. The hardest thing to swallow is not knowing when you’re going to try to make a move; even though you know it’s not a good method, some people still wait forever just to see if their ex will act first. You leave it all to your partner, to decide how things between you will progress; and so you are now in a waiting period because you don’t know how what to do or how to take action!

But you will also have to know when to take a bit of distance sometimes. Not only to avoid being needy and creating a lackluster image of yourself, but mainly to allow your ex to miss you and to show them that your presence is needed. Currently your ex feels that they have you in their pocket; Your ex isn’t stupid and knows that you still have feelings, and that you’re trying to reinitiate something between you. Sometimes it’s by taking a step back that your ex will be taken off-guard, and start to feel your absence.

This is why flirtation is such a useful tool. It is a balance between distance and seduction. After not hearing from you for a few days, if you greet them with a sweet peck on the cheek and some tactility; your ex will undoubtedly feel a certain amount of doubt. And thus, you will have made leaps forward!

Flirting to get closer to your ex can ultimately lead you to getting back together when you respect certain rules that we present through different articles on our site. It is entails a different way of approaching the process of getting back together. This isn’t a forum, we are pros reaching out to you! I invite you to personalize all of these techniques and set into motion the right game plan for you by booking a consultation with one of our expert coaches. You may just need the right support to enable you to get back together faster; unfortunately you sometimes don’t have enough perspective to properly analyze what you are currently going through. This is where I step in. It’s the ideal solution to know how to get closer to your ex!

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