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Team coaches have been acclaimed internationally for their work to date and featured on some of the most prominent media outlets such as Huffington Post, ELLE, RMC, TMC & Le Monde.

Our Coaches follow the unique philosophy developed and established by Alexandre Cormont. In 2007 we founded the premier Love Coaching service in France no less, the country with a reputation for its romance and love.

After establishing ourselves as the number 1 coaching agency in Europe, we decided to share our philosophy worldwide and enable millions of people to benefit from the expertise that we have garnered for close to a decade.

After 5 books, 20 audio seminars, hundreds of successful conferences and coached thousands upon thousands of individuals throughout the world, our team continues to teach our very distinct philosophy and methodology tailored made to each individual client.

Our foundation is based on real expertise, diplomas in the field of Humanities, personal development and human relations from prestigious educational institutions.

We are trained to coach individuals to reach their goals in part due to our experiences mentoring athletes and sports teams but also due to an extensive training in the study of the human brain and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) by our founder Alex Cormont.

Our methods have enabled thousands of men and women to bring back their ex into their lives by changing their bad habits and negative behaviors.

Since the creation of our coaching service, we have helped thousands of clients from all walks of life and throughout the world, including in places such as: the US, France, Australia, the UK, Ireland, Singapore, Canada, Israel, Switzerland, Belgium, China, Dubai, and many others.

Our expertise ranges from helping people find their soul mate, relationship counseling and happiness in love, but most importantly in helping individuals get back with their ex; an area in which we strongly believe to be the number 1 experts worldwide.

Our knowledge is on display through numerous articles, videos, books, and conferences put together by our team of experts that can be found on this very website.

Getting back with your ex can be a complicated task, and you should seek the help of experts in the field to provide you with the necessary guidance based on YOUR specific set of circumstances.

Shy away from the empty promises made by some across the internet and focus your energy on what is truly essential: understanding your ex’s desires in order to fulfill his or her needs and expectations.

Our tools will help you to regain control and organically enable your ex to come back to you. If you can provide him/her with everything that they ever wanted and expected, why would they not want to be with you?

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When I used to speak about my job as a love coach and relationship expert specialized in helping clients get back with their ex, people used to laugh. But then when they saw that my methods were successful, those same people all ended up coming back to me for help.

Who better than a French to speak to you about love?




People across the US, and all across the world have been craving for a service like the one that we provide. After a break up many do not know where to turn for proper support, because people around them don’t understand what they are really going through. I truly feel connected to our clients and know what a positive difference we make in their lives.

Helping others is my passion and I love what I do every single day.

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