My ex blocked me on social media

One of the questions that keeps coming up when I coach people via phone is centered on social media. Facebook in particular seems to be a problem for a lot of you because in a way you are forced to re-live the breakup a second time.

Adrian my ex blocked me on social media, what should I do or how should I react? As a coach and relationship expert who specializes in helping people get back with their ex, I hear this question at least once every other day. People have a tendency of being very unsettled when an ex tries to distance themselves on social media; you too may have no idea what to do or how to react.

After all we are never taught while growing up how to cope with rejection in love, or how to heal from a broken heart. This is why I have made it my mission to help those that need support after a breakup and to provide individuals with tools and techniques to get back with the one they love.

In this article I would like to address this issue centered around social media and give you my expert feedback in order for you to know exactly what to do or how you should act if your ex is looking to distance themselves from you and your previous relationship on Facebook, Instagram or any other social media platforms!

Your ex is blocking you because he is seeking space

Social media has taken a life of its own and many people experience a relationship with their significant other just as much via certain online platforms as they do in the real world. You profess your love to the one you deeply care for through status updates, through pictures to immortalize certain moments or showcase what your relationship is all about to your friends.

After a breakup your ex is trying to prove to you and to others that you are no longer together. In order to do that he will go out of his way to make sure that he disassociates himself from you and your previous relationship as a way to get over a painful breakup.

Get back together after a divorce

It simply is a way for him or her to declare their independence to you and reiterate that they are now single for real. Perhaps in a way he is also trying to convince himself that he has moved on.

If your ex decides not to speak to you anymore following a breakup, or not to answer your calls or messages, or to stop sharing what he is doing with you, why should you be surprised! It’s normal in a way because you are now broken up.

You no longer share that same intimacy and you are honestly better off not having access to his social media page or activity anyways; trust me it can be a blessing whether you are trying to move on or even if you want to get back together!

My ex changed their profile picture AND blocked me on Facebook!

They say that a picture says a thousand words, so what about removing a picture! Why did he do it and does it mean that my ex has moved on?

I fully understand the significance or power that a profile picture can have, and I also get why you would be even more hurt once your ex decides to change their profile picture from your couple to just themselves.

Again it forces you to relive and acknowledge a present without them; your fears insecurities kick in another notch and you also project your ex on their own or even worse with someone else.

But understand this for what it really is: Your mind playing tricks on you, your fears paralyzing you to the point that you are simply imagining the worse possible outcome imaginable based on how you feel this specific minute.

i want to forget my ex

Take a second to gain a bit of perspective and realize that your ex just changed a photo, and blocked you because you were just too needy. This is not an end in itself. This situation is fluid and will evolve based on your actions, how you react to this adversity and how you choose to bounce back.

He or she could very well unblock you as quickly as they blocked you! So take a deep breath, don’t panic and let’s work together on turning this thing around shall we?

He blocked me because he doesn’t love me anymore?

I felt that it was very important to clarify this point; the act of blocking you doesn’t mean that your ex no longer has feelings, it simply means that he or she needs space!

Despite what people may think you don’t just stop loving someone, you can get frustrated or annoyed, be dissatisfied with how things evolve but it doesn’t me that you stop caring for them.

How to overcome a broken heart

As an expert who helps exes reconnect and figure out how to be in healthy and balanced relationships, what scares me most is not an ex’s anger or frustration because we can quickly shit those negatives emotions with targeted actions and techniques.

What I worry about is indifference, when once can no longer draw any reaction at all from an ex all together.

I talk about this concept and many more in my self help programs to win back the heart of the one you love.

Don’t panic when thinking he blocked me, your ex may be frustrated now and may tell you mean things like that he doesn’t love you anymore; but I know that most times how he feels will quickly evolve in your favor if you do the rights things!

What should you do when your ex blocks you on everything!

I have come across some extreme situations when an ex decides to completely cut all possible communication platforms; so what should you do when your ex blocks on you on everything? What does it mean and how should you react?

Based on my experience this usually means that you’ve made HUGE mistakes. You really hurt your ex or that you were extremely needy and even perhaps that you harassed him or her!

If you are blocked everywhere I would highly recommend that you read our eBook 70 Pro Tips To Get Back With Your Ex, because you’ll need extra support! It is a book that my partner Alex and I have written following more than 10 000 hours of one on one coaching sessions helping people rekindle.

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This eBook that is downloadable right away is a compilation of our best and most powerful techniques. It will definitely help stir you in the right direction if you’ve been blocked everywhere you turn!

Recognize that every situation is unique and either way you will need to look in the mirror and be honest with yourself to figure out what led you to get blocked on everything!

I’ve heard some people tell me my ex blocked my number because I cheated, and some others say my ex blocked me from his phone after I called 17 times last night.

ignoring an ex to get them back

Ultimately when someone who at one point was in love decides to go to extreme ends like these to ensure that you cannot reach them, it usually means that he or she is badly hurt.

Remember that you are not the only suffering after all!

You’ve caused your ex great pain too and it is best to lay low for a while and to let time heal some of the wounds for both parties.

No matter what taking a step back can’t hurt at this point because you clearly went too far in one way or another!

How to make your ex unblock you quickly?

Despite everything that I have told you here on winning back the one you love by controlling your emotions, going through a process of personal development and evolving in a positive manner; I want to also give you tips to help you figure out how to make your ex unblock you quickly!

First of all you have to understand that your ex will probably still be checking your profile or social activity, even if they blocked you! So don’t block them back out of anger because you can leverage your social media account to make your ex unblock you quicker.

The idea is to showcase your change and all the fun things that you are doing; don’t go over the top either, but showing him or her that you are not going to wait for them forever or that you won’t let yourself feel be depressed can be an amazing way to trigger a positive reaction.

Do hesitate to do things that you always dreamed of doing; again stretch your comfort zone and be social. Then make sure you relay this on your social platforms while branding yourself in exactly the way that you are trying to evolve into!

I want to be with my ex again

Don’t hesitate to change your look or hairstyle and buy a few new pieces that make you feel good and look good too.

Lastly, change your profile photo to a high quality high resolution image of you smiling, being happy or doing something that shows that you are now at peace with yourself and simply happy. If possible go do a photo shoot with a friend who has a good camera or with a professional photographer!

Even if you decided to block him out of spite he will see your profile picture sooner or later and at least see the new and improved you.

If you are able to stop chasing your ex and really start to implement my advice you will be unblocked way sooner than you think!

Your ex will be curious; at the very least, they will be intrigued and want to know how you were able to bounce back so quickly…and they will unblock you to find out!

What if she blocked me because she is dating someone else?

I have encountered some cases where an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend was blocked because their partner had a new relationship.

Most people find this excruciating and they are very surprised when I tell them that being blocked is actually a positive sign!

How can that be?

Spying on your ex

Simple really; if your ex took the time to block you on social media, it’s probably because their new boyfriend or girlfriend requested it, or made a comment because they were bothered by the fact that you are still somewhat connected or perhaps in touch.

Capitalize on this fear, and become a real threat or an issue for their new relationship! How? By doing exactly what I’ve been preaching throughout this entire article!

Be happy, do cool things, become that person that your ex always wanted to be with…and let the world know. Your ex’s rebound will become insecure and push them right back into your arms.

I’ve seen this happen time and time again; I’ve just recently helped a man named Darrin get back with his ex girlfriend by using this very technique – and it has worked for countless others!

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So even if your ex blocked you because they are dating someone else, don’t sweat it. Just focus on you and your own personal growth and good things will soon happen!

My ex blocked me on social media and I don’t care!

My goal is for you to reach a state where you can say my ex blocked me on social media and I don’t care!

Stop thinking about your ex

Once you are able to say those words and mean them you will be one step closer to getting back together. It may sound counter-intuitive at first but when you take the time to dig a little deeper and really analyze the process that would lead you to utter those very words it will all make sense.

Your ex blocked you because he needs space. As we’ve seen previously, if your ex feels this way it’s probably because you have made tons of mistakes and put him on a pedestal.

Odds are that you are constantly in demand of his time, attention or love; you need him more than he needs you. As long as you are in this dynamic, how can you realistically expect to seduce your ex? How can you expect him or her to want to get back together if you are no longer a challenge?

Relationships are about finding the right balance of power between two people in order for everyone to feel valued and inspired by their partner. After a breakup that balance of power usually shifts completely in favor of the one who decides to ends things.

The one being broken up can sometimes beg, plea or chase the ex to no avail only tilting the balance of power even more and thus pushing the man or woman they love even further and further away.

If you don’t have help, guidance or support this dynamic can become unbearable. It’s normal for you to be offended or betrayed if your ex keeps rejecting you or expressing his need for space after a breakup.

But you need to be strong and find a way to control your fears and negative emotions in order to give him what he wants! Stop reaching out to him and focus on the things that you can control; you, your actions and your attitude.

My ex is not talking to me anymore

Again you need to find the strength to take the first step in order to be active and to go back to doing things that make you happy and seek to live with purpose. Finding a cause or a reason to wake up in the morning other than your ex should be your focus.

Once you are able to do so, you will be in a more positive mindset. You will soon realize that you are more secure or at peace. Before know it your ex will come running back to you, begging for another chance!

You truly have the power to make that happen, but you must find the inner strength to control your emotions and to always keep reminding yourself that it starts and ends with you and what you do; Not what your ex may or may be posting or doing on social media.

How to prove that you’ve changed if you are no longer talking to your ex

Another question that constantly comes up is the notion of proving that you have changed to an ex if you are no longer seeing each other or if he has blocked you on social media. People ask me all the time “but Adrian how can I prove that I’ve changed if we are no longer speaking to each other?”

make my ex fall in love with me again

It’s a good question. But the truth is that if you are asking yourself this question you haven’t changed yet! If you had truly evolved that question would never have crossed your mind because you would be living that change every day. You would know in your heart that you are no longer the same person and your attitude would also reflect that change.

Even if you haven’t spoken to your ex in weeks you can still prove your change to him or her. For example if you were super needy and in need of their constant attention your ex has probably developed a certain sense of security from the comfort of knowing that you are chasing him or her around.

That kind of attention can become addictive on a subconscious level!

By not reaching out, and through inaction towards your ex, you are in fact doing a strong action; by not looking to contact him or her and instead focusing on you, you are proving to your ex that you have evolved and that you are no longer in a state of emotional dependency.

You can now control your emotions and you will now place yourself in position to become attractive again to your ex; to become a challenge!

So if your ex has blocked you on Facebook don’t panic, it’s quite normal or common actually!
Take a step back and focus on you to once again become that man or woman that inspired and seduced him at the beginning of your relationship.

If you are looking for more tools and tips to be in the best possible position to make your ex really want to be with you, than don’t hesitate to reach out to me so that we can work together!

Use social media to get back with your ex

Like so many others before you, I will take the time to listen to your story, to answer all of your questions, to provide you with feedback on why the relationship truly fell apart; but most importantly I will give you a game plan tailored to your specific needs and what you are going through right now!

If you are serious about doing everything possible to get back together or if you just want to discover powerful tools and techniques that you can implement right away with your ex than don’t wait any longer and book coaching session today so that we can work together!

I also encourage my readers to share their story in the comments section of all my articles. Feel free to tell me what you are having a hard time with, or to ask me a question in regards to something that you’ve read here.

It is my commitment to my readers to always answer every single comment that I receive no matter how long it takes. It is both my passion and hobby to invest myself in the lives of individuals who are looking for answers and to fight for love!

That is why I wholeheartedly wish you all the very best in your quest to be with the one you love. I hope that you will find the motivation to take the necessary steps to become who you want to be.

In turn you will become better partners and experience healthy fulfilling relationships with the person that you love so dearly.

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