rekindle feelings with an ex Nothing is more valuable than feelings. They are precious and you have to know how to make them evolve throughout your relationship. At the beginning of your love story, you have to work on giving them life so that you can reel in the person that you want. Once you’re in a relationship, you have to know how to carefully preserve them. In order to do this you have to ceaselessly maintain them by using diverse actions that will ensure that your mutual attraction never dwindles. If things end in a breakup, you’ll have to set into motion actions that will revive them and result in the return of your ex’s attraction and desire for you.

I prefer to be honest with you my friends, rekindling the flame isn’t a piece of cake and if you’re lucky enough to still be in a relationship you shouldn’t waste any time before taking action. If you’ve already separated, don’t worry, it’s still possible to rekindle feelings with an ex but this will require a considerable amount of effort. In love, nothing is simple or easy, you’re going to have to brace yourself but know this: if you succeed in getting back together, you’re going to have a solid relationship.

The importance of feelings in a relationship

This probably isn’t news to you but sentiments hold the upmost importance in a relationship. It’s tricky to say that feelings are the most important thing in a relationship, because as we explain in our eBook “70 Pro Tips To Get Back With Your Ex,” there is an element that is even more important than sentiments and it is crucial to never neglect it.

Throughout your relationship, you’ll have highs and lows and what you feel for your significant other will evolve. The risk is that either you or your partner will one day tell the other that your feelings have disappeared, and this is pretty much the cement in a relationship. It’s imperative that you revive your ex’s feelings for you so that you can preserve what you’ve built together.

The complexity of sentiments

If there is one element that is hard to define in a relationship, it’s emotions. How can you know if your significant other feels the same thing that you feel? How do you know is these feelings are sincere? These are some of the hardest questions to answer because each person perceives love in a different way.

One thing is sure; it’s very hard to revive an ex’s feelings for you because you have to act in a very specific way, never lose your way, and make the right choices.

If you had been together for a few months, you’re going to need time… a lot of time before your ex’s feelings for you disappear completely. When nothing is working anymore in your relationship and your other half tells you that they don’t feel the same way about you anymore, in truth, it means that over time they’ve become less attracted to you. But the day that you hear these words come out of their mouth, it doesn’t mean that they don’t feel any attraction for you anymore. It’s just that the negative took precedent over the positive. This is the main reason why I say that it’s totally possible to revive your ex’s feelings for you, but don’t wait too long before you take action. A breakup has immediate consequences but it doesn’t have to have long-term effects.

The longer you wait before taking action in order to reestablish your ex’s sentiments for you, the more likely they will be to disappear. Throughout my experience as a coach, I’ve noticed that people that take action right after the breakup have a 30% higher rate of success than people that take action two weeks to one month after the separation took place. There is a reason behind this. If you want to revive your ex’s feelings for you, you have to act before they disappear completely. You have to act as early as possible and show the person you love that they do in fact still feel something strong for you, but you had just lost a little influence on their judgment and on your future together.

To get back together with your ex thanks to emotions, you have to be able to show yourself in the best light and there are two ways to go about doing this.

How to rekindle feelings with an ex?

When you want to revive your ex’s feelings for you, just like in all human relationships, communication is key.

The right words for making things better

When you want to rekindle feelings with an ex, dialogue will play an essential role. When I say “words,” I mean communication both oral and written, The most important thing is to be able to properly communicate your message in a clear and impactful way. You might feel more comfortable writing than speaking, or vice versa.

In order to get closer to your goal and enhance your chances of stealing your ex’s heart again, you will seamlessly combine writing and speaking. Start with a handwritten letter as soon as you can (remember, don’t waste time!) and a few days after you can get in touch either on the telephone or face to face. The key here is to have an attitude that is both laid back and detached.

Actions to revive your ex’s feelings for you

When it comes to the things you need to do in order to revive your ex’s feelings for you, it has nothing to do with lavish gifts or threats because these things damage your chances of success. When you want your ex to fall for you again, the best thing to do is to work on a change in your attitude so that you can bring back the affinity that used to exist between you.

Being lighthearted is one of the best ways to rekindle the flame in a relationship and it will help both you and your ex feel better. You have to focus on recreating a connection and showing the person you love that you’re still on the same page.

Best wishes,

Your coach when looking to rekindle feelings with an ex