Getting your ex back through text messagesAfter a breakup, it can be hard to move on. In fact, simply breaking up will not make the feelings you have towards your partner go away. On the contrary, quite the opposite tends to happen; your attraction to your partner becomes stronger and stronger. Thus, winning back the one you love soon becomes your primary objective. In order reclaim your joie de vivre, you feel like you need their presence, and you’re wondering if your can text your ex back into your arms…

However, the mere desire to get back with them won’t be enough. You must use impactful methods and tools to be successful at reconciliation. Coming up with what to text your ex back is just one way to do it or one aspect of many techniques that can be available to you. There are other tools that are equally effective and which can complement methods that you may already be using.

You might like some better than others but the reality is that each method possesses its pros and cons. Are you having a hard time seeing the benefits that can come from sending a text message to your ex after a breakup? Would you like to know more about multiple techniques that could apply to you in order not to be stuck with just one?

The advice that I give you throughout this article will enable you to have a better understanding of specific techniques, but also allow you to discover other ideas that you may not know of or thought about yet. I will help you to determine whether or not this tool is going to be a good idea in your specific situation.

Here is your chance to be taken under the wing of the number one relationship reconciliation and love coach, who will help you obtain the best tools to get back with your ex and show you how to start with a clean slate. On your marks, get set… Go win back your better half!

Is texting your ex back into your arms even possible?

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, when someone asked me about how to get your ex back by text I was rather surprised. Can you imagine if a simple text message was all it took to restart your relationship? On top of that, there are certain things to look out for because using this type of communication can easily backfire. In truth, this unusual way to get back together with your ex could work, but only under specific circumstances that I will talk about a little later.

Getting back together with an ex isn’t that simple

Throughout my career as a coach on starting new relationships with an ex, I’ve been able to help thousands of people that have in turn helped me to understand the subtleties of love and the complexity of reestablishing a bond that has been broken.

A separation can be deeply traumatizing for the two partners. A person never leaves a breakup unscathed, which is why I don’t think it’s reasonable to limit your methods of getting back together to texts to get your ex back. Convincing someone to come back is never simple and it sometimes takes weeks or even months before you reach your goal.
The steps to success in getting back together are very clear, and just like a formula in math, you have to the steps to a T if you want a successful result. You may have already heard about the hand-written letter (I’ll expand on this later), radio silence, and reversed dependence, but trying to figure out how to text your ex to get them to come back is not always a useful technique.

Limiting your attempt at getting together to texts can even be dangerous and could result in a serious setback. It’s full of traps that you have to do your best to avoid.

Be careful of pitfalls while you want to text to get ex back

Using texts to get back together with your ex can lead you into pitfalls that can result in your being left for good. Sometimes it’s hard to know how to talk to an ex again, and what exactly needs to be said. Other times, a person was actually broken up with via text message and is wondering if it would be a useful method to try to get their ex back… In order to stay out of trouble and to ensure that your ex doesn’t block your number or block you on Facebook, here are 3 very important things to keep in mind when sending text messages to get your ex back.

Get your ex back text: be wary of misinterpretation

Not using the right word could prove to be dangerous in a short message. This can be misinterpreted especially if your ex resents you or if you were harassing them during the breakup. Each of your words have to be well thought out; just like as if you were writing a letter. Text messages aren’t always clear; whether you text ex back or they text you!

You should be aware that even a simple message such as, “How are you,” could be interpreted in many different ways. Your ex could think, “Oh that’s nice, he/she is checking in,” or your ex could take it the wrong way and think, “They just want me to say that things aren’t so great and that I miss them.”

Similarly, it’s not uncommon for a person to wonder what a text from an ex actually means. Is there a deeper meaning…? When it comes to serious matters, texts are often too short and impersonal to act is proper indicators of the entire situation. It’s also not unusual for someone to show a text from an ex to a friend to get their opinion, and as each person’s opinion and perception of things is very different, they might even say, “Don’t text ur ex back,” when in reality it might be a good call to actually open conversation. If you’re unsure of what to do, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

What to text your ex: Avoid a message that’s too long

Succeeding in getting back together with your ex via text message isn’t easy thanks to all the ways that your message can be misinterpreted, but there’s another thing that could limit your chances of success: The length of your message. A text message is usually supposed to be short, but when a person wants to get back together with their ex, their message can be very long… too long.

If you try to get back together with your ex via text message, try to keep it short and sweet (and concise!) The goal isn’t to annoy the person you want; you want to spark their interest!

Text your ex without getting into nostalgia or emotions

Another frequent error is wanting to talk constantly about the past in your messages. You have to stop focusing on your nostalgia and on what you’ve experienced together. You ex needs something else. It’s of course tempting to send a little message saying, “I miss you,” “I love you,” or “My feelings for you are still strong.” Truth be told, during this stage these types of things can damage your odds of success so refrain from sending them.

Text messages about a fight instead of about the post-breakup heartache

There is a situation in which you can use texts to improve the state of affairs. Please note however, that sending a text may be frowned upon because your ex could wonder if you truly understand the gravity of the situation.

On the other hand, during a fight (not a breakup) with your partner, you can ease the situation. You must be wondering why? It makes more sense to use texts to resolve conflict in a relationship or after a breakup for something insignificant than after a painful separation. Ex quotes are not the solution!

The reason is simple; your ex wants more from you than a simple text message. They want to see a real reaction; that you’ll do what it takes to fix the problem instead of sending two or three silly words that will show up on their phone.

Text to get your ex back: a means to your distance

After a breakup, your ex will have one essential need: space. I know that I often repeat this fact, but I always receive numerous testimonies (feel free to leave your comment as well at the end of this article) in which my readers state that they realized that they were way too present with their ex, and that it was detrimental to their chances of getting back together.

It’s imperative that you give your ex room to breathe in order to not make things worse than they already are. This is why I think it’s important to stress that after a breakup, of course you must act – but don’t immediately go running back to your ex, literally. You must take the adequate amount of time needed for you following a break up, to ensure that you rebuild yourself on a personal level and to overcome your heartache. The first step to getting back with your ex begins with a good look in the mirror and an enormous effort on your part!

Once you’ve recovered a bit and are able to regain somewhat of a positive attitude, it’s time to think of how you can go the extra mile and consequently, how to act more efficiently. All the while, remember to keep some distance to not be overbearing to your ex. Especially within a few days of the breakup, you shouldn’t try to make any plans to get together with your ex or even have a long conversation with him or her.

It’s mainly for this reason that making up with your ex through text messages can sometimes be a perfect alternative between remoteness and forwardness. In doing so, you are respecting the distance they are seeking while getting back in touch with your ex. However, it usually isn’t enough just to rely on a text to get your ex back. More often than not, you must take the initiative to reach out but also put other plans into motion as well.

Text back your ex: It should be more of a complimentary technique

If you do it properly, using a text message to get your ex back could prove to be successful. Ideally, it should be used in addition to traditional methods of getting back together. A text at the right time could be a plus when you’re taking the necessary steps to once again win the heart of your ex, but just a text alone will be unlikely to do the trick.

Classic techniques: Reliable methods instead of an I want you back text

Between one technique for getting back together and another, it’s hard to know which one is the most efficient. Should you try radio silence or the hand-written letter? Did the rendezvous that you had with your ex positively conclude your attempt at getting back together, or was it your work on fixing the issues that needed to be addressed what made things right again? Only the help of an experienced professional will help you figure out the best thing to do as quickly as possible.

One thing is for sure; the “classic techniques” for getting back together with your ex will bear fruit sooner than later. Using complimentary actions alone (such as using texts messages to get your ex back) are less sure-fire. These actions need to be combined with something like a handwritten letter for example. This way you can insist on an important point or they can come after the crucial point in getting back together: when you meet up with you ex.

Using a text message to get your ex back won’t guarantee impressive results. You have to take a step back and analyze your specific situation so that you’ll know whether or not you’d succeed in getting back together by sending a text, whether you should forget about using your phone, or whether maybe even sending a Facebook message in the hopes of getting back together could work.

Would sending a text message be useful in your situation?

Every situation is unique so it is hard to make generalities, but I think it’s safe to say that it’s not unusual to be wondering if sending texts is something you should do. To help you gauge, here is an indicative list that will show you which actions are best in which situations.

Situations in which you can use a text message when you want to get back together with your ex

If you find yourself in one of these situations then a text message could prove to be useful in your attempt at getting back together with your ex:

– The reason behind the breakup wasn’t very serious
– You weren’t together for more than a few months
– You’d like to maintain a little contact with your ex
– Your ex is addicted to texts
– You want to remind them of something funny or surprising
– You want to gently get back in touch after radio silence
– You launched your relationship via text message

Situations in which a text message to get your ex back is inappropriate

On the other hand if you’re in one of the situations listen below, it wouldn’t be a good idea to try to get your ex back via text message.

– You’ve committed a serious mistake
– Your ex hasn’t replied to your last calls or messages
– Your ex feels harassed or badgered
– Your breakup was sudden and painful
– Your ex hates impersonal means of communication

Handwritten letter over text messages to your ex?

You don’t have to rely on texts to your ex to make them fall in love with you again.

There is another technique that combines the benefits of distance and something written word… A handwritten letter to your ex is a powerful way to bring back romantic memories or to make a face to face meeting happen to reignite the love that you once both had for one another.

You could very well end up stopping your no contact period or follow up a text message with a letter to your ex. You will still keep some distance, but the impact of such a letter is not the same as a text message…

Especially since nowadays nobody expects to receive a handwritten letter, especially from their ex following a breakup!

Furthermore, before having read this, would you have ever contemplated using my other time-tested strategy of sending a handwritten letter to your ex? Probably not, I would imagine! Unless you have read another one of my articles, in which I explain the thought process and the best ways to meet your goals through this process.

When I discuss this method with the men and women who call on me for relationship advice, most of them aren’t familiar with it or how to write in an efficient and fruitful manner.
However, if you really want to win back your ex’s heart, you will need to know more about the various options that are out there and especially how to carry them out in the right way.

So, is it possible to text your ex back into a relationship or not?

Listen, everything is possible! But if you want real results, there are better things that you can do. In order to get back together with your ex quickly, it’s best to use the tried and true methods that I have been recommending for years.

Getting back together with an ex via text messages is too uncertain and results are far from guaranteed. There are definitely other unconventional methods of getting back together with your significant other that work much better! The most important thing is to not go about reaching your goal without having properly planned it. This is why I highly recommend that you read our eBook that can be found here.

Your coach to help you text your ex back,

Alexandre CORMONT