Stopping no contactUnfortunately you’ve gone through a breakup a few days or weeks ago and you’re looking for the best way to make your ex want you back.

Things have been hard recently and you’re having a tough time overcoming your heartache. Worse still, pessimism is taking over and you don’t know how to reverse the situation…until you discover the technique of Radio Silence to make your ex come back.

This little tool can radically change the course of events! Even so, a question often arises: how long should you use radio silence?

You don’t know when you should be stopping no contact or Radio Silence as we like to call it (RS)? You’d like to know everything about this method that is tried and true? Do you still have questions or are you wondering how to implement this tool?

Discover the best moment to stop RS and to start using direct actions to get a reaction from your ex.

Why cut all contact?

If you’ve decided to use RS for getting back together with an ex, it’s because you know that it’s one of the very best techniques for succeeding in this endeavor. You were right to start using this method because you’re avoiding making mistakes like badgering, or insulting (For our free guide on No Contact click here)

After a breakup, many men and women have a lot of trouble making the right decisions regarding how to proceed, and they end up making many mistakes.

The result is that it makes getting back together with their ex absolutely impossible, but thanks to radio silence you will avoid falling into this trap. Instead, you’ll be getting closer and closer to being back in the arms of the person you love.

RS is a perfect way to start the process of getting back together as it’s an opportunity to focus on yourself instead of on your ex-partner. Unlike the people that will end up harassing their ex, you will set yourself apart by showing yourself in a great light. A period of zero contact will boost your chances of success exponentially.

The space you’re going to put between you will bear fruit; so don’t be afraid to put it in place. Despite the power of this technique, a lot of people refuse to use it because they’re afraid that their ex will forget about them during the time they’re not speaking. But don’t worry; I will explain to you why you should trust this method.

When should you be stopping no contact?

One of the things that pull the breaks on RS is the fact that people don’t know when or how to stop.

The average duration of RS is 3 to 6 weeks but keep in mind that this doesn’t apply to all situations. One week could be just as efficient as six weeks depending on the circumstances. Each aspect of your story plays a role in the length of the 0 contact period.

If the breakup came about as a result of a simple fight, the length of RS will be different than if the reason was infidelity. You will also have to adapt your actions to your ex-partner’s character and avoid using techniques just because some forum says they’re good. It’s important to not just follow the advice of anyone that claims to be a coach.

Getting back together with your ex in one week isn’t a realistic expectation; especially if your goal is a solid, lasting relationship.

You consequently have to stop RS when you feel the time is right! Remember what I told you: This space is used to give yourself the time to rebuild yourself and to rebuild your self-confidence. Once this is all set, you can stop RS and approach your ex once again.

Why should you wait before getting back in touch?

Simply because your ex doesn’t want somebody desperate by their side and you have to take the time to heal from this turn of events that has probably turned your life upside down.

Getting back together with an ex isn’t always a piece of cake. There are obstacles and you can sometimes feel like giving up. Radio silence serves as a way to ensure that these moments are far and few in between because you will have taken the time and opportunity to thicken your skin and come back on top.

There’s another element that I haven’t talked about yet. RS’s purpose isn’t only to help you to bounce back and to rebuild yourself, to get your ex out of your head and to stop spending all your time staring at your phone waiting for a message.

Thanks to RS, you’re going to be able to design a truly efficient plan of action to get back together with the person you love. Once you’ve defined what actions need to take place, you can put an end to your radio silence.

Take a sheet of paper and write down the things you are willing to do for the person who has your heart based on the elements that you can find in my book or in my audio seminars.

It is my belief that in order to be a happy couple, both people have to be happy with themselves first. If the heartache and depression persist, and somehow you manage to piece your relationship together, it’s important that you note that the foundation will not be solid and that it will be very likely that you breakup again.

You can stop RS once you’re genuinely feeling better. Your ex wants to see a sincere smile!

How to stop no contact

There are no miracle methods for stopping radio silence. I’ll outline two ways to get back in contact that you’re probably already familiar with. It’s important to not change things; keep things pure and simple and things will go smoothly.

The handwritten letter

There are striking actions that can lead to a revival of your ex’s feelings that result in reestablishing healthy contact. The handwritten letter that I highly recommend is a one of them. With words you can clearly express what you’re feeling, and what you’ve realized wasn’t working in your relationship.

Don’t confuse this with a mushy love letter or a long apology. You have to be sincere and explain the reason behind the distance you decided to put between you and show what you’ve come to understand. When the person you still love reads this letter, they’ll be surprised like never before.

Face to face

When stopping no contact, you can also be more radical and meet up face to face. Even though I always stress the importance of taking things step by step and the hand-written letter can be highly effective, you may skip ahead here.

You know your ex’s routines, maybe you’re seeing them because you have children or a family event… Take advantage of these situations to reestablish communication and to start re-seducing. When you’re face to face with your ex-other half, emotions are even stronger because you can communicate your feelings with your eyes and body language.

Best wishes,

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