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Angry Ex? Here’s What To Do…

One of most common questions I get in my coaching sessions and in the comments section beneath our videos is, “How come my ex is angry?” It can be because the person doesn’t understand what they did to deserve such a reaction from an ex, but it can also be because so...

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My Ex Doesn’t Want Me Back… What Do I Do?

Hearing that the person you love and want to be with does not want to be with you is like a dagger straight to the heart. You had shared so much and you still see your future with this person, but they told you that they don’t feel the same way! It’s a crushing...

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Loving and Hating Someone At The Same Time: What To Do?

The roller coaster ride following a break up can be pretty intense, right? It comes as no news to you that you can wind up loving and hating someone the same time when they have broken your heart into a million pieces. When you are experiencing this, it can leave you...

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Living With An Ex You Still Love Can Be a Huge Asset!

Today’s article is inspired by a conversation I had with Emily this morning. She came to me with a problem that I see on a regular basis in my coaching sessions. Many of the people I work with still live under the same roof as their ex because they bought the property...

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How To Find Motivation After a Breakup: 5 Pro Tips

Losing a relationship that was precious to you feels like having the rug ripped out from beneath you. All your hopes and dreams for your future with this person have been thrown out the window, and you’re left feeling heartbroken, lost, pessimistic, and having to deal...

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My Ex Cheated On Me and Left Me For This Person: Help!

I often receive calls from clients telling me that they not only were broken up with by the person they love, they were also cheated on, and to top it all off, their ex is now in a relationship with the person they cheated with! It’s like punch after punch, and...

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What To Do When You Want To Get Revenge On Your Ex!

I received a phone call from a client last night and we were talking about a topic that is not uncommon at all. When somebody breaks your heart and leaves you, it delivers a pretty big blow to your ego. Everything feels unfair and you can feel frustrated that your ex...

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How To Regain Confidence After A Breakup

A breakup can be a huge blow to a person’s ego. It can leave a big mark, especially when you had envisioned your future with this person. You can feel hurt, rejected, and pessimistic about what you have to offer. This is when I see a lot of people entering a negative...

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