Getting your ex back at a distanceYour ex is gone, and regardless of which one of you made this decision, it’s still painful to be separated from the one you loved. So you’ve got one objective: to get back together with the person that brought balance and joy to your life.

But it’s not so simple, because there’s one important detail to keep in mind: you don’t live close to each other.

And yet, as you’ve come to realize, you don’t want to live without them! So you’ve decided to try and get back together, but you don’t quite know how to get back in contact, because this distance is an issue.

Getting your ex back at a distance is a particular situation, and you’ll have to use some strategies that are a bit more out of the ordinary. But don’t worry; it’s perfectly possible to succeed in making your ex want to take you back, because even though distance seems like a problem, you can use it to your advantage.

Gather your courage and do your best to use these pieces of advice so that you can start a new relationship with your ex, and ultimately be happy together.

The classic technique for getting your ex back at a distance

The best way to get an ex back from a distance is to use a well-known technique: Radio silence. This consists of cutting all contact (texts, social media, email, phone, etc…) and wait for the other person to reinitiate communication.

Making space between you is therefore the best solution. This way, you not only have the time to do some thinking to see if you truly want to get back together, you also have the time to mourn your previous relationship to make way for a new, more serene one.

Radio silence is an inevitable step when trying to make your ex come back, so it’s important that you don’t neglect it. So when you’re physically farther away, it’s even easier to make some space between you. Something important to keep in mind, however, is that in your situation, this should be limited. Many people contact me saying that they’ve been employing RS for months, and this is not constructive.

Moreover, your RS is going to be easy to put in place. It’s unlikely that you’ll run into your ex, so you will have the time to put yourself back together without worrying about being suddenly reminded of what happened!

Without any physical contact from you, your ex will also have the chance to become acutely aware of your absence, and will also be able to think more clearly. Your ex might even reassess the breakup and come to you, breaking radio silence. When he or she has no news from you, your ex-other half will want to know what’s been happening on your end. It wouldn’t be the same if they saw you all the time at work, in class, or at parties. In some cases, getting your ex back at a distance can prove to be highly advantageous.

It goes without saying that not only is RS the first step; it also can prompt a reaction. If your situation is more complex, or your RS hasn’t yielded results, a coaching session is required so that we can design a personalized plan of action.

Using technology at a distance to spark a reaction in your ex

New forms of technology can be beneficial, but when it’s so soon after a breakup, we need to forget about them. Your ex is gone, and you can’t help but to spy on their Facebook page, keeping an eye out for even the most insignificant photo, or status update.

Stop torturing yourself! All you’re doing is hurting yourself more by doing this. Cut all ties to avoid the temptation of getting back in contact with your ex and you’ll see that RS will prove to be much more effective when they don’t have your attention. If he or she is wondering where you went, they’ll start to wonder about what’s going on in your life as well.

You’re asking how you can get your ex back at a distance? It’s simple. First of all, don’t post statuses on Facebook such as, “I miss you,” “Please come back,” or “I’m sad without you…” This will do you no good as nobody wants to get back together with someone in the depths of depression, who shows zero self-confidence!

Stay positive, and let it be seen! Show your ex that you don’t need them in order to be happy and that you’re doing well. You have to show that you’re not emotionally dependent. When he or she sees this, they’ll want to know how you’re able to be so happy, and what’s going on in your life that helped you move on so quickly. These questions can be a good pretext for your ex to get in touch with you again, and technology will have been very useful to you. Speaking of technology, don’t hesitate to take a our guides to check out all the solutions I have for you to make your ex want to come back as soon as possible.

Consider slowly coming back in contact

The time that you will have taken for yourself will prove to be very useful. You’ll see that once he or she no longer occupies your every thought, you’ll be ready to get back in contact with your ex.

If after all this, your ex still hasn’t taken the initiative, take advantage of another well-known technique for re-establishing contact. Even if you’re far, you can send little messages like the one we suggest in our eBook. The goal here isn’t to write a saga and start begging your ex to come back to you right off the bat. Let conversation flow naturally between you, without forcing anything.

Try this again a little while later, but be careful that your actions don’t ever border harassment. Make sure you’re never being intrusive. Even at a distance, the link that once existed between you can be reformed. The fact that you’re far can be played to your advantage as you take the time to heal and grow. You won’t be able to see each other again right away, (even if this stage will be something to consider soon,) especially if the reason you broke up was because you weren’t benefitting from one another, as you didn’t have the chance to spend a lot of time together.

You therefore now have the time to rediscover yourself before wanting seeing each other again in person. You’ll also have the time to understand how to get your ex back for good, even at a distance. Once things have been explained, your mind will be more at ease, and in turn you’ll be able to design the best possible plan of action. Meeting up in the future, a few messages, and patience will form the path to getting back together. No matter how long the process took, it’ll create a lasting relationship between you.

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