The radio silence techniqueFollowing a break up you often feel powerless and feel as though your ex is an essential aspect of your life that is all of sudden taken away without your full consent. This impression of need and dependence can quickly turn to despair or desperation to get back in contact with them.

The hope that most people have, is that being in touch with their ex can enable them to talk some sense into them and to convince them to change their mind and get back together. After a breakup, one of the most difficult things can in fact be to have the discipline to not contact your ex; the urge to reach out to them can often time become too difficult to control.

In this article, we will introduce you to the radio silence technique, and the benefits that it can have in empowering you to take back control over your own life and feelings. We will also tell you how it can be used as a tool to get your ex back into your life permanently.

What is Radio Silence?

The Radio Silence Technique or no contact period as it has often been coined in the US is a self-development practice that has been developed to help individuals rebuild themselves after they have been broken up with.

People often misunderstand this approach or method and feel as though the only thing that they need to do is to ignore their ex. Nothing could be further from the truth, as this way of thinking pushes people to place their ex-partner at the focal point or center piece of this very exercise. It would not only be the wrong approach to have, but also counterproductive to what is meant to be achieved.

The radio silence technique was initially developed to tune out the noise in order to help individuals focus on themselves, to heal, and gain perspective on what you may be going through; and to eventually regain a sense of self-confidence. When properly executed, radio silence is a process of isolation that should be centered, designed and tailored specifically for you, after having been broken up with by an ex.

Your brain will play tricks on you and constantly remind you of what you have lost and of your ex-partner. As such it is necessary to put yourself in an environment where you can slowly transition and start to think and focus on elements that help you transition towards a positive state of mind, and to eventually be at peace with yourself. As long as you are focused on your partner, and on getting back with him or her, you cannot focus on yourself and make the necessary changes to once again be attractive to them.

The Radio Silence Technique to get back with an ex

It is only when you have truly been able to shift your focus towards yourself and your own personal development and well-being that you should re-establish contact with your; you will once again be attractive in their eyes and thus in a position where you can win them back.

First and foremost you must be comfortable in your own skin and in harmony with yourself in order to be most attractive to others, including the one that you love. This is not something that you can fake; to pretend to be happy or a renewed person and that you have moved on and accepted the breakup.

Words don’t tell the full story; your body language, the energy that you let out, and your overall state of being communicates on a subconscious level with your ex or any other person that you will be engaging with in casual conversations. This is why some people are better than others at transitioning or not into a game of seduction, or simply more comfortable in their interactions.

Following a successful radio silence period, you will once again be at peace with yourself; be more confident and appealing, and in turn more seductive and sexy. This newfound confidence and positive state of mind will trigger the need or deep desire for your ex to make you theirs once again.

Be advised that your ex will see right through a potential lie or posturing. It is therefore tremendously important that you do not rush through the radio silence period. The required and self-imposed time table can vary depending on the specifics of your past relationship, breakup, and your overall state of mind. Based on our experience however 21 days is the strict minimum required time frame to shift the balance of power.

Being broken up with creates a shift in the balance of power in your disfavor. Your ex chose to end the relationship, often times without your input or consent. In effect it can feel as if they are above you so to speak; they placed themselves as the CEO of the relationship and made the executive decision to severe ties.

As such, approaching them too quickly would only disserve you, as you would be reaching out to them from a position of weakness. In such circumstances time works in your favor and only serves to balance out the perception of power.

Can a no contact period be applied successfully to your story?

People sometimes feel as though their story have reached a point of no return. Others feel too insecure to let go of their ex so to speak; they fear that they will never see or hear from him or her again. The truth is that a successful radio silence can be applied to many different types of breakups to achieve a wide array of objectives.

As explained above, if you simply just want to move on and get over your ex, there are ways to ensure that this method can be implemented to achieve this goal as well; although this technique has been developed to ultimately get back with your ex, in some case it can enable you to rapidly turn over a new leaf.

As we also highlighted if your goal is to get back with your ex, you can use this approach to reinvent yourself and make the necessary changes in your life that will give you the momentum to start anew with your ex. Either way the key to success or positive results will be establishing clear objectives, to be disciplined, and to create a positive atmosphere.

Many aspects unique to your story will have an important impact on both how the radio silence should be implemented, as well as how to get back in touch with your ex after this no contact period.

Similarly to how we face different challenges in our lives; such as working out, learning a new language or changing our eating habits, we are convinced that you can greatly benefit from expert support during this transition period in your life. Working with a love coach and checking out the eBooks and audio programs that are available on this site may be of great benefit in order to clearly identify your specific needs, stay focused on a game plan. Working hand in hand with a professional would also enable us to create a tailored made radio silence for you and your relationship.

Your Love Coach, to help you achieve a successful radio silence,

Alex Cormont