I miss my ex and want to tell her

Following a breakup or separation it is very common to reminisce of the good times spent together or to think about what could have been! It is easy to start to regret a word you may have said or something that you may have done and wish you could take back.

It so common for people to go from thinking I miss my ex to then realizing I need to do everything possible to get back together because he or she may have been the one. We have a tendency to take what we have for granted or not to value the person that we are with as we should.

Being in a relationship is a marathon, not a sprint and most people have the tendency put less effort into their relationship after a while.

No matter what may have led to the breakup with your significant other, if you come to realize that you miss your ex more than you could have ever imagined this article is for you!

As relationship experts specialized in helping people get back with their ex, we have decided to provide you with a very detailed analysis of why you miss your ex so much, as well as tools and techniques to quickly overcome this feeling and get back together.

Enjoy this guide written to help you transition from missing an ex to getting back together with the one you love!

Missing your ex after a breakup is normal… Don’t panic!

The feeling of loss that you are going through right now is something that many people across the world have to endure when they are broken up with.

A breakup is often more than just a big disappointment, it is the cold hard realization that everything that you had envisioned and hoped for has disappeared overnight.

You lose the person that you shared a future and so many dreams with so as I explain in my Audio Seminars To Get Back With An Ex, it’s absolutely normal for your feelings to overwhelm you and to miss your ex a lot!

Through experience and in doing so many coaching sessions, I have come to the conclusion that a breakup can have a similar impact as mourning the death of a loved one; the emptiness of knowing that things will never be the same can really impact a person’s psyche.

As a matter of fact I talk about this notion at great length in my many self help Programs available here.

But rest assured this feeling of deep sadness is not permanent, it is truly only temporary. You can quickly bounce back and best of all this loss is not everlasting because it is possible to win back the heart of the one you love!

If you do the right things and evolve in the right ways you will stop missing your ex and also get back together after having proven to that special someone that you can make him or her happy in the long run! That’s in fact the best place to start when looking to find an answer to the question how to make my ex want me back!

So if you are thinking “I really miss my ex right now”, take a deep breath, don’t panic and keep reading this article to find out exactly what you need to do to turn it all around!

Missing my ex and more depressed than ever!

It is important for me to highlight that breakups can often lead to severe depression.

It’s one thing to miss your ex; it’s another to be so depressed that you are unable to carry on with your day to day activities and obligations.

When you miss your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend, it implies that you think about them or reminisce throughout your day.

missing your ex after a breakup sucks

Depression is the complete and utter feeling of desperation that can lead to skipping work, not being able to handle responsibilities as a parent, and can even leave you sleeping for most of the day.

I have coached a lot of people who have taken their breakup really badly and who show strong signs of being totally depressed; I know how overwhelming the feeling of loss can be, but I also know that it is totally possible to snap out of this mental state rather quickly even when you’re thinking help I miss my ex!

The best way to quickly bounce back after a breakup is to force yourself to be as active as possible. You literally have to force yourself to get out of bed and to leave your house in order to fulfill goals that you will set for yourself the day or the week before.

When you are striving to accomplish something bigger for someone else or for yourself, it becomes a lot easier to set smaller intermediate goals that can help motivate you to get up in the morning or to push yourself to go the extra mile.

No matter how you plan on approaching the process of getting back together with your ex, or even if you are simply looking to move on, the best way to ensure that you snap out of this state of depression is to be active; once you take the decision to act, and actually take the first step, good things will happen…

Last week, Preston, a first time client, reached out to me believing that he couldn’t go on with his ex. He felt lost and from time to time, even suicidal. He wasn’t sleeping, eating, and really living at all. I explained to Preston that during breakups, extreme emotional fluctuations are expected, but we need to conquer them!

I gave him a daily “to do list” for him complete. I also asked that he emailed me at the end of each day letting me know that he’d done them. Within five days, he wrote me saying that for the first time, the list had grown easier, and he was getting out of bed faster. In that moment, I knew he was taking control of the break up. Now, he has the momentum to turn his situation around.

Missing an ex shouldn’t prevent you from getting into the right mindset to get back together

Your mind is a powerful thing!

Your mindset is therefore very often the key between being able to quickly bounce back and positioning yourself to get back with the one you love, or losing your ex forever because you aren’t able to pick yourself up quick enough.

If you let your negative emotions overwhelm you and impact your psyche or state of mind, you can easily become so defeated that you won’t even let yourself have a chance to turn things around and inspire your ex to get back with you.

Based on my experience coaching people in person, over the phone, or via email – the great majority of those who succeed in getting back with their ex are those who are the most determined, who simply won’t take no for an answer and ultimately don’t let the breakup break them.

In order to put yourself in the best possible condition to quickly bounce back and get back with the one you love when I miss my ex so much, it is of the utmost importance that you release all of your negative emotions and thoughts.

Instead choose to focus on everything that you have going for you, what you bring to the table and what makes you unique. Speak to yourself positively throughout your day and reprogram your mind to enter into a new positive dynamic.

Before you know it you will snap out of this state of missing your ex depression and ultimately position yourself to be in the best possible conditions to inspire your ex to want to get back with you!

Here’s how to start: stop feeling sorry for yourself, stop telling your family and friends how down and depressed or sad you are.

Starting today, you need to actively choose to take action and force yourself to only speak of yourself in a positive and empowering way.

Your positive thoughts and words will soon become a reality! Trust me!

Remember Preston’s story above? That can be YOU, too! Start now. What are you waiting for?

I miss my ex so much that I don’t think I can ever love anyone else

During coaching sessions I often ask individuals to get back out there on the dating scene or “to put themselves back on the market”.

I encourage people to do so because it is an amazing way to regain very necessary self-confidence and quickly prove to themselves that they can still be attractive and regain some perspective.

The response I get is often the same: “Adrian I miss my ex so much that I don’t think I can ever be with anyone else” – to which I then respond, if you follow my advice you won’t ever have to be!

I say this with the utmost confidence because I have helped so many people get back with the one they love and I know that it is possible and within reach if you follow a well crafted game plan that is suited to what you are going through.

missing an ex can be tough

I then often follow up this statement by pointing out to the big problem that I see associated with their comment and mindset; by saying and thinking that you won’t ever be able to love or be with anyone else, you are putting your ex on a pedestal – big time!

You are continuously repeating to yourself that you are not good enough, that you don’t deserve to be with your ex because they are the best thing since sliced bread.

This is the same message you convey to your ex every time you beg and plead for another chance after a breakup; or when you repeatedly call them because you are afraid to let them go or because you feel that distance will enable them to move on for good.

As we explain in our eBook 70 Pro Tips To Get Back With Your Ex, nothing could be further from the truth.

By the way if you are realizing, “Boy do I miss my ex, and seriously looking to get back with your ex, I highly recommend that you check it out as this is the best resource on the internet to get back with someone you love.

We showcase different techniques and go into great detail as to what to say to an ex and when, in order to best get inside your ex’s head and completely change the way they think about you! In fact, we can design the perfect plan when you’re trying to figure out what to do if you miss your ex.

In our eBook, we explain at length why putting your ex on a pedestal is a sure way to push them away for good.

So know your worth, and give yourself a bit more credit!

I recommend that you actually take a second to take a step back and realize that even if “I deeply miss my ex now,” your ex was once really into you, and that something in you inspired that person to commit.

Try to remember how you captivated and attracted your ex; I then urge you to play on your strengths and to evolve back into the person that you were at the beginning of your relationship.

Again, short-term goals to achieve bigger goals; be active and positive and watch the person you love want to get back with you…because you truly will be worth it!

How to stop missing your ex when you are still single and they found someone else

When your ex finds a new boyfriend or girlfriend it can become even tougher to stop thinking about them. That’s why one of the most pressing questions that people have when we start to put together a game plan is how to stop missing your ex if you are single and they have someone else!

I know how difficult it can because in these types of situations most people completely lose control of the balance of power.

The important thing is to solely focus on things that you can control.

That’s why I encourage a lot of people to stay as busy as possible and to immerse themselves in their hobbies. If you have a passion or something that you truly enjoy doing, I urge you to engage in it as much as possible right after a breakup.

It will help you cope, regain some self confidence and self worth, and make time pass quicker until your next opportunity to seduce your ex will pop up!

Again it is extremely important for you to have long term projects and micro goals to stay on track and not crack and reach out to your ex before the time is right.

If your ex is with someone else, don’t ever bring up the new person because you will only push them even more into their arms.

Instead focus on building yourself back up and trying to create a new platform of communication with your ex by engaging with them casually when you feel ready.

I go deeper into these types of situations towards the end of this article, so keep reading carefully!

You can stop missing an ex by looking way back!

I have helped many people move forward by looking back into their childhood!

Growing up we all have dreams of what we want to be or become when we grow up, before society, the world in general or our parents tell us that it’s impossible.

If you want to forget about an ex quickly, one of the surest ways to do so is to go back to your childhood and try to recapture moments and feelings where you felt most complete. What were your interests? What was your spirit most in tune with? Now’s the time to explore those routes!

There is something magical about pursuing our deep rooted inner dreams; and that inspiration can trump your feeling of grief and help you move on quickly when you’re missing an ex boyfriend or girlfriend.

Another way to quickly regain a sense of deep rooted happiness, inner peace and self worth is by reconnecting with old friends and family members that you have lost touch with.

People that have showed you love or that have cared for you in some way in your past, can ignite a deep sense of fulfillment, gratitude and peace.

So I urge you to pick up the phone or to write an email to your loved ones just to check in… Remember: reconnecting with loved ones will help you miss your ex less!

I miss my ex boyfriend and he was The One

When your ex boyfriend breaks up with you it is very common for you to think that you lost “The One” even if he really may not have been the right man for you.

I have spoken to so many people who were deeply unhappy in their relationship, and even considered breaking up themselves; but once broken up with people have a tendency to forget all the negatives and only focus on the best aspects of what their partner brought to the table.

The feeling of loss and the helplessness that comes with being broken up with can lead many people to devalue themselves and put their ex boyfriend on a pedestal.

I miss my ex boyfriend

Don’t make that mistake!

Make sure you get some perspective before looking to jump back into your previous relationship or before committing to the process of getting back together with the one you love, even if you can’t stop thinking “I am missing my ex boyfriend so much it hurts.”

If he was truly the one and you can still feel it in your bones, then I urge you to focus on getting him back and to do everything possible to prove to this man that you can be happy together long term.

Don’t act desperate, don’t chase him or put him on a pedestal!

Telling him how terrible you feel and how much you miss your ex boyfriend will not help you get him back. So avoid making mistakes, look for relevant information and try to come up with a game plan that makes sense to you.

If you don’t know where to start, then reach out to me in order for us to work together! If you inspired him once before you can surely do so again if you are patient and smart in your approach.

The toughest part is often not getting back together but actually staying together and not repeating the same mistakes over and over again. I can help you ensure that this won’t be the case for you if we work together to meet your goals!

I miss my ex boyfriend so much it hurts: What do I do?

I know how bad you are hurting, trust me!

But you cannot let that pain get the best of you otherwise you will miss out on the window of opportunity to get back with the man you love.

Instead see this as an opportunity to grow or to evolve positively; this breakup can redefine who you are and help ensure that you consolidate your relationship in order to be with this man forever if you choose too.

It is only through adversity that we can better ourselves, learn and grow. As children for instance we learn to walk by falling over and over again… but our instinct is to keep trying until we finally succeed to walk for good. You didn’t give up then and you shouldn’t give up now!

I coached a young lady named Haby, she reached out to me after her fiancée decided to call off their wedding because her family had been too involved and she had made many mistakes.

Needless to say, she was devastated, as she had just lost the love of her life. He didn’t want anything to do with her anymore and he was absolutely sure of it.

We worked together for 3 months and she decided to commit to the process. She resisted the urge to let her emotions get the best of her and did not reach out to him initially. Together we went through an intense personal development program and then reestablished contact with him the right way to showcase her change…

They are now married and she recently sent me an email to tell me that they have never been happier!

Getting back with an ex is possible, and you can truly use this breakup as an opportunity to become a better and more fulfilled you.

I know it works because I have helped so many people achieve this transformation; you can too!

Regain a sense of self and emotional independence when you miss your ex so much

First and foremost you need to be able to get back to who you truly are. At some point in the relationship: whether during your relationship, as it was falling apart or in its aftermath, you started to become emotionally dependent on your ex. You identified yourself through your relationship and thus needed your ex boyfriend to be happy. This may or may not have led you to become needy in regards to your ex and even insecure to a certain extent simply because you put yourself in position to feel as if you couldn’t bring about your own happiness.

This state of mind is very dangerous and also self-destructive. It is of the utmost importance that you quickly snap out if, especially if you are thinking, “I want to learn how to make my ex boyfriend miss me” and get back together. As you will see later on in greater detail, having this illusion of needing your ex to be happy will only cause you to be passive, to put your ex on a pedestal and to communicate with him in the wrong way. You will need to regain some self-esteem in order to seduce your ex and once again become a challenge in their eyes.

When I first spoke to a young lady, Audrey, she was completely lost. She kept telling me: “Adrian I miss my ex boyfriend so much, please help me get back together as this breakup is destroying me and I am so unhappy”. Like most of you who are currently overwhelmed with emotion and want to get back with your ex boyfriend, she was giving her ex absolute power over her emotions and well-being. In essence he could dictate her happiness by choosing to get back together or not.

I began our coaching session by empowering Audrey and telling her that she was seeing the entire situation backwards and not giving herself any credit! Simply put you are not unhappy because you are no longer with the one you love; rather you are no longer with the one you love because you were unhappy and this is still the case! Your mindset and outlook can dictate your relationship status and the power is in your ends to decide how you want to shape your emotional future!

Releasing your negative energy after a breakup

In order to stop missing your ex boyfriend or even get back together you will need to try to shift your focus back on to you! It is only by rebuilding yourself and by being active that you will be able to quickly evolve. You need to be strong and find the motivation to get off the couch and to go back into the world with a regained sense of positivity and self-confidence.

Everyone is different and some people are more active than others. If you are someone that is lazier than most or that enjoys staying home more than doing activities, you will really need to push yourself to change your habits. You can find that strength in the hope of getting back with your ex boyfriend, in simply looking to feel better and to get out of this state of depression or by engaging in activities that you genuinely like.

I miss my ex girlfriend and she has a new boyfriend

Physical activity is one of the best ways to clear your mind and to release your negative energy, especially when you are missing someone you love. When you are frustrated, overwhelmed or just sad; you can completely change your mindset by going out for a jog and tiring yourself out. If you hate to run than find another sport that easily accessible to you. The point is to be active and to push yourself; both your body and mind through physical effort.

You will also need to expand your comfort zone in other ways. It is highly encouraged that you go out and make new friends, interact with new people and try new restaurants, pubs or other places of interest. This will enable you to bring about change in your life, to renew certain energies and relationships and force you to live in the present moment and not worry about the past and what could have been.

Audrey, for instance, decided to take up tennis more seriously and challenged herself to go out on her own in a pub in her small town and to talk to at least 5 different total strangers once a week for a period of three weeks. She made the decision take control of her well-being and to act in order to ultimately stop thinking about her ex but actually put herself in a position to get back together!

In reality, this was Preston’s objective – to find things that he could do daily that would empower him and start pushing out the negative. This isn’t an immediate turn-around process, so be patient and kind to yourself! He started to feel the affects of these changes within a week, but not on day one.

Win him back to have no regrets

If you are still missing him days, weeks or even months after your breakup you probably feel that you are still in love. So than why don’t you just get back together and win him back? You will tell me that’s it’s just not that simple, that he doesn’t want to be with you or that you simply don’t know how. But you need to realize that you control your own destiny or at least that you can choose to shape it through your actions and mindset. I have already provided you with the foundation to snap out of a state of emotional dependence while also having explained the virtues of being active. If you are able to stay positive and carry out these activities for a certain amount of time, you will be able to slowly but surely get back to who you truly are. You will once again find your personality, sense of humor and the little traits that have always defined you as a person; especially before you started dating your ex boyfriend.

If you are able to get back to being that person that seduced your ex and really evolve or change why wouldn’t he want to get back together? He may have broken up with you or simply no longer wished to be together; but his decision isn’t permanent or irrevocable no matter what he says, even if he doesn’t realize it yet! His thoughts are based on the circumstances of the time and the image that he has of you, the image that you gave him based on your actions, attitude or state of mind. But once you change so will his desire to be with you!

A coaching session may be what you need to stop missing an ex and get back together

Reading advice on the internet from experts or credible sources is a great start, but nothing can be better than speaking to a relationship expert with a track record of success.

That’s why I sincerely encourage you to book a coaching session with me in order for us to work together to accomplish your goals.

A coaching session will empower you by giving you a sense of control and direction when you feel I still miss my ex.

I will take the time to listen to your story, pinpoint exactly where things went wrong and tell you why. I will also provide you with a tailored game plan based on what you are going through and answer all of your questions in great detail.

There is absolutely nothing taboo about seeking a coach to get back with an ex. We all use trainers to lose weight, teachers to learn an instrument or a new language; so why shouldn’t you invest in your heart and your well-being?

Being fulfilled in love can have a great impact on the rest of your life, so if you are serious about getting back together, make the right decision and reach out to me…

I will help you maximize your chances of getting back with the one you love!

I miss my ex Girlfriend: What to do now ?

As we’ve seen throughout this article, it’s normal to miss your ex girlfriend even weeks or months after a break-up.

You think back about all the good times you both shared or the little things that made her special; it is very common to feel sad and sometimes even overwhelmed.

Yet it can be even more complicated when your ex girlfriend quickly gets together with someone else!

I often hear people tell me during coaching sessions “I miss my ex girlfriend but she has a boyfriend now; What should I do to make her come back? And is it even possible?”

Depending on how the breakup occurred, the length of time that has passed since then, and if you still talk to your ex, it probably still is possible for you to get back with the woman you love.

Focus on your goals and your personal development when your ex has found someone else

It can be difficult to face the truth when your ex girlfriend is in a new relationship.

Having to acknowledge that you may never be together again can create frustration and negativity which in turn can lead to lethargy and depression.

If you focus on your ex, on what she may be doing with this new guy and let your imagination get the best of you,while you just keep thinking, “I miss my ex girlfriend so much I can’t stand it,” it will be very difficult to make the necessary changes in your life that can help you quickly overcome your sadness.

Remember that whether you are looking to get back together or to move on, you will need to focus on the things that you can control; your attitude and outlook, your goals and the actions that you undertake every day.

Setting goals for yourself on a daily or weekly basis and long term can help you to regain perspective and monitor your progress. You need to stay as busy as possible and have something to strive for when you wake up every morning!

I am only repeating myself because it is so crucial to being able to achieve this process.

It is only by getting out of your comfort zone and rebuilding your self-esteem that you will be able to make real progress and feel better with or without your ex girlfriend by your side.

How to make my ex miss me even if they have someone else

It is still possible to get back with your ex girlfriend even if she is in a new relationship.

Whether you broke up months ago or even if she left you for someone else, you can win her back if you once again become the man that she always wanted to be with; the guy that seduced her at the beginning of your relationship.

Realize that during the course of your relationship your attitude must have changed one way or another. Something about you made her feel that she could no longer be happy long term or simply that someone else could make her feel more special or understand her better.

It’s up to you to analyze your relationship and to understand the mistakes that you’ve made and what could have been done differently to make her feel like you were the one to make her happy.

I know you’re thinking I want my ex to miss me, but to get back together you will absolutely need to have a game plan, especially since your ex is now with someone else!

You will need to prove to her that you have changed and evolved without being needy or overbearing. You should never ever go pleading or begging for her to take you back because that type of attitude never works!

You will not be able to convince her to get back together on the basis of your emotions or the way that you feel.

The only way to get her to love you again is to inspire her, to surprise her and to prove that you can be happy and fulfilled without her! That’s why personal development is at the heart and soul of the process of getting back with an ex when they’ve left you for someone else.

I miss my boyfriend so muc

Another question that I hear all the time during one on one coaching sessions is I miss my ex girlfriend but she has a boyfriend, Adrian do you think that she still loves me?

She may or may not still have feelings for you, depending on how long ago the breakup occurred; but regardless I assume that she once did love you during your relationship.

We can thus build upon that and revive those feelings if you are able to speak to her or to see her to showcase your evolution and to seduce her once again!

When to move on if my ex girlfriend is in a new relationship?

As long as you have strong feelings for your ex, you shouldn’t give up the quest to win back her heart. If you feel like she is your soulmate or that you can make her happy than why shouldn’t you?

I have seen couples get back together even years apart!

The only times that I recommend to people to try to quickly move on is when the woman that they are trying to get back clearly doesn’t have good intentions.

If your ex is more than just hurtful but more of a bad influence in your life; or if she isn’t right for you and you know it in your heart, then maybe it is in fact best for you to move on.

Just because you were broken up with and you still have feelings doesn’t always mean that you should try to salvage your relationship.

Some people call me looking to get back with their ex while not realizing that the person they want to be in a relationship with cannot make them happy!

They feel like they are the only ones making an effort or that they have something to prove to their ex. Ask yourself the right questions and make sure that she stands for values or something that you can at least relate too and be happy with long term.

At some point during the reconciliation period she will also have to prove to you that she has given your previous relationship some thought and that she will look to evolve in her own right to make you happy as well!

Ultimately the decision to look to seduce an ex or to move on is only yours to make.

It’s your life and your desires. As a relationship expert, my only task it to ensure that you reach the objectives that you set for yourself.

i miss my ex girlfriend and she has a new boyfriend

So if you miss your ex and want to get back together remember the following points:

  • It’s all about you: Don’t focus on them, focus on you and your personal transformation
  • Be positive: Mental strength and positive outlook will be your saving grace
  • Be ready to go the extra mile: Stretch your comfort zone at every step
  • Believe that you can: Self-confidence is the key to attract your ex
  • Don’t advertise your plan: Don’t talk to mutual friends or family about your plan to win back the one you love

As long as you will be looking to win back the heart of the one you love or seek guidance in this regard know that you can count on me!

Continue to check out my blog for my latest tips and our newest techniques.

Feel free to share your story or to leave your thoughts and questions in the comments section below, I will be sure to respond to each and every single one of you personally!

The coach to call when realizing I miss my ex and want to get back together.

From my heart to yours,

Coach Adrian
Life Coach, Motivational Speaker & Relationship Expert