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How to communicate with my ex Just because you’ve separated doesn’t mean that you have to sever all contact with your ex. Even though of course it isn’t quite the same as before, you will have to take the initiative to talk to your ex again and to re-establish a certain harmony. If you are familiar with our philosophy, you know that communication and discussion are at the heart of any relationship. They are also at the heart of an attempt to get back with your ex, especially right after a breakup.

Most of our readers want to win back the man or woman with whom they shared their life. You have probably already declared your love, asked for forgiveness, pleaded with them to return. Meanwhile you still haven’t seen a change, and that is simply because these aren’t the correct techniques!

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve heard: “how to communicate with my ex efficiently Alex; or what do you recommend to speak to them in the right way? What’s the best way to facilitate moving closer and to alleviate any tensions that may exist between us? I hope to provide you with answers to these questions through this article; because it is by mastering the art of communication that you will greatly increase your chances of convincing your ex to return!

The problematic case of communication between two exes.

Emotions usually aren’t the biggest problem when trying to win back your ex. Even if your ex acts as if they no longer have feelings, that love has faded away over time, it isn’t always truly the case. Attraction is always present; feelings don’t just disappear from one day to the next. They are just a little bit more buried. I bet you’re wondering what could block you in this situation! Generally, it is a series of exchanges that aren’t carried out correctly that make it hard for you to hope for a change in the relationship.

What will make the difference between an unsuccessful attempted recovery of an ex and a successful one, is the way you act with the person. You can make all the changes that you can possibly imagine, but if you’re unable to have a proper exchange with your ex, you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

Oftentimes, communication is a source of conflict. Perpetual bitterness since the breakup, sadness and even anger, are all very common between two exes. After all it’s completely understandable after having gone through a difficult breakup that you would resent one another for not having been able to save what you two had created. When it’s not fighting, it’s affective dependence that is a bit too present. There is nothing like being faced with begging and false promises to make a person want to take a step back. However, in order to communicate with your ex in the best way, you will have to act in a completely different fashion!

How to communicate with my ex to get them back faster

Sometimes it’s preferable to say nothing than to risk making mistakes. In this post breakup period, it is easy to commit errors, to infringe upon the boundaries of recovering your ex, to make mistakes like the ones I outlined in the precedent part of this article. But there is a sweet spot between doing nothing and miscommunicating with your ex. This technique, which consists of cutting all contact during a certain amount of time is called radio silence. Simply put, it means taking a step back.

The men and women who “like” my Facebook page in order to have bonuses and to receive news, or to have VIP access to my conferences, know that I often make reference to this technique that has already helped thousands of you to avoid being stuck in a process of looking to get back with your ex that isn’t moving forward!

I truly don’t want you to give up on your love story, or to forget about your ex if you want him or her back. You will need an effective plan of action that will keep you far from committing these errors! You mustn’t use radio silence, or RS, to put an end to your love story. Quite the contrary, with distance you will be able to think about what you will say to your ex, and you will be able to face the real issues faced during your relationship.

Communication in love isn’t always verbal. By taking each other’s hand, by letting the other person miss you, you will teach them more about rebuilding what you had. It’s hard to win back your ex by sending desperate text messages at midnight!

Be careful not to fall into the friend-zone

After a breakup, some couples are able to avoid severing all contact, and some are even able to maintain excellent affinity. You speak every day, you go out together, you call each other. When there are children involved, or when you live under the same roof, this is the best solution because it avoids falling into daily warfare with the one you loved, and still love today.

Nevertheless, I am noticing more and more men and women that try to keep up a relationship with their ex in the hopes of rekindling something. Paradoxically, it’s more likely that the opposite will happen, because this is doing nothing but locking yourself up inside the friendzone. If even after a breakup, you both continue to talk day and night, on the phone and via texts, you aren’t setting yourself up for a comfortable situation.

You shouldn’t just ramble on about your life for fun; you should also set into motion certain techniques that lead to change, organize get-togethers, and don’t settle for simple messages because it isn’t very easy to get your ex back via text messages. You probably think that this is the only way to keep them close to you, but it’s making you unhappy. You want more, and that’s exactly what you’ll get if you use my radio silence techniques to get back with your ex.

Best wishes,

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Alexandre CORMONT

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