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how to get your ex back using a letterI can’t stress enough the importance of communication in every aspect of your love life. Each relationship can be summarized like this: in the beginning of the seduction phase, you are careful about what you say because you don’t want to be insulting or say something that could scare your target. Once you and the person you’d like to seduce start getting to know each other, you find it easier to be yourself and go more into detail. Once you’ve successfully seduced the person, you continue to communicate every day in order to reinforce the affinity that is growing between you. But little by little, as the months or years pass, communication becomes less and less frequent.

Then comes a moment when you stop communicating; everything has settled in place and this begins to bring about “the routine.” Separation starts to loom over you because you start feeling something… Your feelings seem to be weaker than before. This is something that shows its ugly head in three out of four breakups. The person that took the decision to leave ended up feeling that the relationship was headed nowhere. Despite all the incredible moments you shared, the breakup takes precedent because for a while now you haven’t been sharing much, and communication had maybe even become nonexistent.

This is why most of the people that turn to me for my help as an expert on getting your ex back ask how they can rekindle the flame or improve the situation, and how they can reach their goal. The moment I say it, I can feel the weight being lifted off of their shoulders. Yes, you can revive their feelings and make your relationship just as wonderful as it was on the very first day. To do this, the very first step is learning how to get your ex back using a letter. This might sound simple, because you think that anyone could scribble some words on a piece of paper to make the person they love come back.

This is however incorrect and I’ll explain a few reasons why. Don’t worry; I will also share with you the perfect method for writing a letter that will make your ex come back.

The letter will make your ex think

The handwritten letter is probably the most important tool when you’re trying to get back together with your significant other because it will subconsciously make them start thinking about getting back in touch with you. The letter will put a little pressure on them because even if they weren’t planning on contacting you, they’ll feel an obligation to reply.
A letter isn’t as short as a text message, it’s more personal than an email, and written words are preserved whereas phone conversations are not.

If you follow the handwritten letter example that I recommend, you’ll get straight through to your significant other’s heart. In this article I am going to explain to you what you should avoid doing as you’re writing this letter. It’s very important to follow these basic principles because they serve as the basis for writing a letter to your ex. As you begin writing, your goal isn’t to make them come to your house and tell you how wrong they were to leave you. Just like radio silence, writing this letter involves certain steps that are crucial. The handwritten letter is an important tool, but it has to be followed by actions that you must start doing the moment you send it.

You should know that it’s impossible to revive a person’s feelings for you just by doing one thing, or expecting it to happen over the span of just a few days. The length of time will vary depending on your specific situation, and you’re going to have to set into motion multiple actions and take your time.
To make things easier it’s preferable that you keep all the ingredients of your attempt at getting back together coming. I

used the term “ingredients” because I often compare the process of getting back together and writing an letter to get your ex back to a recipe. If you don’t use the right ingredients and the right measurements, your dish will not look like what you were aiming for.

There’s another factor that could have an effect on your dish, but it’s less visible. We’re talking about the quality of ingredients. Based on what you use, the taste will vary, and this will determine how good your dish is. When you’re trying to get back together with your ex the idea is exactly the same. If you want the best results, in the least amount of time, you have to choose the best. By this I mean an expert in the subject. The good news is that you’re in luck. I’m the number 1 French coach and I’ve been doing this for five years already, and I’ve lost track of how many people I’ve already been able to help!

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Getting back to the handwritten letter, it’s going to have to follow precise rules if you want it to get through to your ex. Its content will be just as important as its form.

How to get your ex back using a letter and precise rules

I’ve spent a lot of time designing the perfect method of writing a letter for getting your ex back but day after day I realize that certain precisions need to be made. Every day I get messages or comments on the site in which people don’t understand why their handwritten letter hasn’t had the desired effect on their ex. With her consent, I’ve decided to share with you Sabine’s letter to me that will show you what you have to avoid.

“Dear Adrian,
I sent a new letter to get my ex back like you explained in an article but I haven’t gotten a reply to any of my letters. It’s been over a week now. I wrote five pages and I talked about the moment we met, moments we shared, our families, and I apologized for everything (even the silliest things.) I must have told him ten times that I loved him and that I still do and that that will never change, that even if he came back in two years I’d take him back. Could you explain to me what I’m doing wrong and can you help me get him back?”

After reading just a few lines I already saw that Sabine had not respected some of the biggest rules of writing a letter to get your ex back. The document that you’re going to send has nothing to do with a classic letter and it’s essential to follow 3 rules. If you’re in the same situation as Sabine, I suggest you discover these 3 rules in my eBook on how to get your ex back, which also contains unique content. You’ll receive 3 models of letters I have carefully designed to be perfectly adapted to an attempt at getting back together.

Rule n°1: Only one letter is needed for success

You probably already know this, but getting back together with an ex is a particular domain and it requires some serious expertise. This is simply because it involves human relationships and even the smallest error can do a lot of damage. On top of that you have to keep in mind that time isn’t on your side when you’re working on making your ex-partner come back.
It’s therefore best to set in motion the proper actions immediately. Your goal is to send only one good letter for getting your ex back instead of multiple ones. If your writing isn’t perfect the first time you send your letter, its impact will be considerably weakened. Let’s take an example to help you understand what I’m trying to explain here: chocolate.

I am probably the most gourmand love coach on the planet and I can’t resist a bar of chocolate. Yes, an entire bar; not a piece… I go all out! So, imagine that you haven’t had your favorite chocolate or your favorite candy for weeks because you’ve been on a diet. Suddenly you’re allowed to eat it again. The first piece will taste like the most delicious chocolate you’ve ever had in your entire life. You’ll continue eating and eating… By the time you’re finishing the bar, you’ll be much less appreciative of the flavor. The deliciousness of the first bite will be replaced by a sickening feeling and you’ll be thinking, “Oh man. I should have stopped after the first piece.” Writing a letter for your ex follows the same principal. Your first letter should be exceptional so you shouldn’t write more and reduce its effect.

So you have to take your time in order to avoid forgetting important details in your letter as well as in your arguments.

Rule n°2: This is not an apology letter

If you want to write the perfect letter to get your ex back you’re going to have to make sure that it’s not an apology letter. Worse still, if you end up sending a lamenting letter and you’re begging your ex to take you back, you might get the opposite of what you want.

I’m going to be honest with you; this is the worst way to try to make your ex come back. No one ever really comes back because they’ve been begged to do so. It’s of course hard to see someone we love(d) suffer, but it’s not a good enough reason to get back together. Sooner or later, if this is the basis or your new relationship together, you’re risking serious consequences because your foundation isn’t solid.

Reflect on how to get back with your ex and come out ahead

Your ex probably wants to hear or read certain things so you should focus on these details. If you have to be forgiven for something, you have to make this part brief. Don’t go on about it.

Rule n°3: Don’t talk about “others”

As you write to your ex to get them back, you should not bring up advice from your friends, your loved ones, your colleagues or your families. Your relationship doesn’t concern anyone else and it’s pointless to bring other people into it.
Even if your mom loved your ex-girlfriend or your dad thought your ex-boyfriend was fantastic, they have nothing to do with what happened between you and talking about them won’t make your ex come back.

Similarly, avoid comparing your relationship to those of others. Each story is unique both in terms of how it was established as well as how you are together. Nothing can be compared to your story because you and your ex both have your unique characters.

We’re talking about a letter; not a book!

One of the most frequent questions I receive linked to how to get your ex back using a letter is how long should it actually be. People always ask if they should write 3 pages, 5 pages, and sometimes even more! I’m becoming convinced that you feel that the longer the letter is, the more impact it will have. I’m going to have to let you know that this is completely false. It has to be short! While we’re on the subject, let me tell you a little story.

One of the people I coach is a lawyer and had studied literature and the arts before attaining his diploma in Law. Sure, I have a master’s degree in Science and Humanities, but his education is impressive and commands respect. He’s an extraordinary writer because he wrote defense speeches every day. When he separated from the woman he shared his life with, he of course took up writing the famous letter for getting back together with an ex. He turned to me for help in making sure that there wasn’t anything superfluous in his letter. And boy was there…

His letter was remarkable; beautifully written. If I were a philosophy professor at Harvard University I would have given him an A+! But I’m an expert in getting back together with your ex and when you’re in the process of getting back together, an effort to write like this will be to no avail. You’ll never believe how much he carefully wrote: 14 word document pages!
Do you really think your ex would sit down and read that many pages?

In truth, the letter written to make your ex come back shouldn’t go over 2 pages. You have to be short and sweet; precise and concise. This isn’t one of those papers you had to write in school. You have to use words that will get through to your ex, that will help you overwhelm their spirit. It’s pointless to write tons and tons of pages because your ex might lose interest, and will forget half of what you said by the time they get to the end.

You need to use powerful words that will have an impact on your ex; not write an interminable text. When you’re writing a letter to get your ex back, you should think about the speeches warriors give before a battle. If you haven’t seen Braveheart, it’s about time that you watch it! The words he uses ignited fire and strength in his army. This is one of the biggest military strategies. Can you imagine what it would be like if their speeches made their armies fall asleep…?
So when you’re writing think: short but impactful.

Now you know most of the elements you need in order to write an excellent letter for getting your ex back. If you need to know more about this, the process of getting back together, the handwritten letter for making your ex come back, or on my method, you have different products available to you and you can always make an appointment for a private coaching session.

I wish all of you success in writing this letter as well as in your attempt at rebuilding a relationship with the person you love.
Best wishes,

Your coach and expert on love,


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