How to understand a breakup Getting back together with an ex requires some serious reflection and it can overwhelm many people because the effects go from short-term to long-term. However, even though it might be a delicate situation, it doesn’t mean that you have to fight for your goal in a way that many people might imagine.

If you respect certain steps and you use certain techniques, it’s completely possible to quickly get back together with your ex-partner. After your breakup, all your feelings are still there, and continuing your life with your ex is the only future you can imagine. In this case, an attempt at getting back together is the obvious solution. As you’ve come to understand, in order for this to be a success, you have to take it step by step, and you have to take your time! You can count on me to show you the way to take it one step at a time, by mastering effective techniques.

Before you start anything, focusing on how to understand a breakup is essential. This allows you to heal, and to design how you’re going to start a new relationship with your ex. Sometimes it’s not just about misunderstandings or a big fight. Deep rooted problems and unease between you can be the catalysts for a separation. It’s essential that you focus on your objective: properly launching your attempt at getting back together!

How do you feel after a separation?

When the man or woman that you love leaves you, it’s one of the hardest things that a person can go through. You mourn your relationship, and I’m certain that you want this to be over as soon as possible. This is the worst moment in your love life that you can experience. Maybe even the worst moment of your life in general. But don’t worry; there is a solution to all this pain.

After a separation, you tend to feel alone and so you isolate yourself. You feel like no one can help you because no one understands the pain you feel. Not your friends, not your family, not your colleagues… and even if some of them have already experienced heartache, their words don’t comfort you. This is when people find themselves in a situation that could bring them to do the wrong thing. You feel alone, you become more and more isolated, and after a few days it’s so bad that you might do something regrettable.

From morning to nightfall you look at text messages you’ve saved, you pore over your ex’s Facebook profile, and you question everything you shared. “Did he or she really love me?” “I should have stayed single.” “Why do I love this heartless person so much?” … All of these thoughts are directly linked to heartache, and it’s very likely that you were asking yourself these things right before you found this article.

One of the emotions that shows up the most often after a breakup is fear. You’re scared that you’ll never find love again, and that you’ve lost your soul mate. You’re thinking that you’re going to remain single for the rest of your days, but if you keep thinking like this, it’s going to be hard for you to pick yourself back up and once again find a proper state of mind.

But, when you’re experiencing such strong emotions, and when you miss your ex terribly, one of the worst feelings is not knowing what to do. I see this on a daily basis in people that want to get back together with their ex. Even though their heart is in the right place, not knowing how to act appropriately and effectively is messing with their chances of success.

How to understand a breakup in order to move forward

This is the first step of getting your ex back right after a separation, before you start employing various techniques. For now, you have to focus on how to understand a breakup.

You should let go of your doubts surrounding the reasons behind the breakup. Even if you’re reading this now, after already having made mistakes, know that it’s not too late and that you can still analyze the situation in order to understand what happened.

In order to advance, moving on from the breakup, rebuilding yourself, and knowing why you’re here today are indispensable steps. By working on yourself and comprehending what wasn’t working, you’ll learn how to fix what your ex wasn’t happy with. I know the truth can hurt, and we’ve all gone through difficult periods in one way or another. You must know what really led you to this point before being able to react.

“Why didn’t I figure all of this out before?” This is the reaction that is most common after doing this type of introspection. The answer is simple. You were happy, and you weren’t aware of your significant other’s unhappiness. The important thing now is to show him or her that you’ve understood what they wanted, and that you know how to meet their expectations now.

The key element: Having understood the breakup

As I’ve already mentioned in this article, when starting your attempt at getting back together without having succeeded in this step, your chances of success will diminish. It’s the easiest way to make a mistake; you don’t know yet what your ex wants and how to meet these expectations.

Time is precious when you want your ex back. Every day without him or her is painful, and if you don’t work on yourself, you’re going to waste time! How so? By redoing all the things that maybe led to your separation, without even realizing it. You might be doing it as you’re trying to make your ex take you back, or you might fall back into bad habits once you’re together again.

This is why it’s imperative to know where you’re going, how to make your ex fall for you, and how to make them return! Why carry on with doubts when you have a way to give yourself a huge advantage? Figuring out how to understand a breakup will help pleasantly surprise your ex. You’re going to win back their heart thanks to a well-thought out and powerful plan of action. This will change everything.

Best wishes,

Your coach to figure out how to understand a breakup