impress an exMost of the people visiting my site have just gone through a breakup and are looking for a way to get back together with their ex. It’s completely normal that they would want to rebuild the relationship that was so intense and full of joy when it began as quickly as possible.

One of the first and unavoidable steps towards success is to successfully impress an ex or spark their attention.

After a breakup, the person who makes the decision to break up takes their distance and wants to experience new things that they couldn’t experience while in the previous relationship. If you’ve found yourself in this situation, you’ve got to do whatever it takes to draw them towards you before you start thinking about restarting the relationship.

Surprising your ex doesn’t happen like it does in movies!

Is wanting to impress an ex one of the first steps to getting back together?

It’s definitely an indispensable element. That said, through my experience I’ve witnessed many men and women who don’t go about surprising their ex in the right way. Why? Simply because if you think that doing the things you see in movies are the right moves, then you’re wrong.

It’s pointless to organize fireworks and it definitely isn’t what will revive the flame between you and your ex. If you’re familiar with my articles, you know that I recommend using smaller, more regular actions instead a huge one that has no follow up.

In addition, your ex isn’t expecting lavish gifts, even if they’re always nice. It’s useless to rent a plane that will write “I love you, come back to me” in the sky. Your ex wants your behavior to change and that you once again become the person that knew how to please them at the beginning of your relationship. This is exactly how you’re going to be able to impress your ex.

Impress an ex and get back together!

In order to convince your ex to return and to begin the process of getting back together, you how to let go of your old relationship. You don’t want to live in a relationship that ended up in separation and you especially don’t want to go through this ordeal again. Remind yourself that your ex feels the same way.

You have to bring about the change that your former partner wants from you. What better way to prove these changes than by impressing your ex? This is the technique that you’re going to have to follow closely in order to rekindle the flame and draw your ex back towards you.

Way too many people don’t make the necessary efforts, and think that time their absence, and a nice bouquet of flowers with an apology letter will do the trick and rekindle the love between them and their ex-partner.

If you’re finding yourself stuck in that mindset then you might as well leave my site because my advice won’t bring you any results. With that kind of mentality my guidelines will go in one ear and out the other!

To reestablish contact with your ex and recreate the affinity that allows you to consider getting back together, you have to focus on the changes that need to be made. Make an objective analysis of the issues that existed in your relationship, and the reproaches that your partner maybe gave you.

Then make a list of actions that could address and remedy these problems. This is how you’re going to be able to understand their expectations and know how to go about making these things a reality.

3 tips for boosting your chances of success

As I mentioned earlier, I recommend implementing actions that show your changes to your ex regularly, and over time. I also recommend starting with a striking action that will grab their attention.

Impress an ex by planning a surprising rendezvous

In order to impress an ex you have to think outside the box and work on being original. Why should it always be a walk in the park or dinner at some restaurant?

Aren’t there more original places, or original activities in which you could spend some quality time with your ex? Why not propose going to a race or going out dancing? Learn how to do a good massage in order to get closer to your ex-significant other.

There are so many activities that could bring you closer, and most importantly you both have to be open to them. This is why it’s so important to do an analysis of your relationship. It will help you understand what your ex would enjoy.

Change your look to grab their attention

Another way to surprise and impress your ex is to simply change the way you look. Careful, changing your image doesn’t mean that you should change your personality or forget about who you are. If you do that sooner or later your relationship will suffer because it can’t survive if it’s based on lies.

No, changing your look is as simple as a makeover! Work on your physique to spark your ex’s physical desire. Whether you’re a man or a woman you can always use this method to “improve” your image. If you revamp your style of clothing, start exercising, the physical changes will be immediate and your ex will notice them right away.

Showing your changes as you take the initiative

Impressing an ex isn’t only about changing physically or organizing interesting rendezvous. It’s also about changing your behavior. You have to show that you’re strong, and far from emotionally dependent!

Even if you’re the one that started trying to get back together and the one that wants nothing more than to rebuild your relationship, it doesn’t mean that your ex has all the power. If you show that you can take the initiative, that you’re less timid and shy, your ex will appreciate it.

They don’t want someone who’s always holding back. By adopting this method that I’m proposing, your ex-partner will see that you’re indispensable and this will really boost your chances of success in starting a new relationship with them.

Pulling out all the stops for your ex, what’s next?

Amazing your ex is the way to create the opportunities that will probably allow you to once again kiss them or even just to have a good time together after the fights you’ve experienced just before and after the separation.

By surprising your ex, you’ll achieve results very quickly. Nevertheless whether you like it or not, your ex will automatically adjust to your changes and expect you to stick to them and not once again become the person they wanted to leave.

You should know that some of the people I’ve coached have succeeded thanks to my advice on how to impress their ex and even totally blow them away before getting back together. But the problem didn’t lie in restarting their relationship; it was that it didn’t last.

The issue was that once they were comfortably back together with their ex, they let go of the changes and improvements they had made and their significant other ended up feeling tricked.

Never forget that change should not last a week or ten days. It needs to be for the long-term if you truly want to get back together with your ex. This is why the gestures you’ve made shouldn’t be left without a follow up. Please don’t underestimate the importance of this.

You’re not expected to find some amazing new activity every single day, but try to think about innovation in the long-term so that routine doesn’t once again take over your relationship. This will also help do away with pointless fights.

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