Romance on a budget is possibleHow to be romantic with your girlfriend or wife without breaking the bank? And is it even possible to show your love and appreciation if you don’t have a lot of money? Contrary to popular beliefs men in this day and age do still enjoy and feel the need to treat their significant other. The issue that most men face however is that life has become increasingly expensive and thus spoiling your wife, girlfriend or even mistress has become increasingly difficult. But romance on a budget is possible! In this article we will give you tips and advice on how to showcase your love to your significant other and make them feel special and grateful to have you in their live, without you having to spend too much money in the process.

Romance on a budget starts with cooking a special dinner or bringing breakfast in bed

One of the best ways to make a woman feel special is too cook for them while making sure that they don’t lift a finger. Eating is a necessity and something that can be taken for granted easily as we consume food out of necessity on a daily basis. Whether you are a professional chef or if you don’t even know how to make a simple omelet or salad, it is possible for you to break away from the ordinary and make her feel special by cooking a meal.

The key is to think ahead and be prepared days in advance to not be rushed as well as to enjoy the process. In fact while reading this article you will see that preparation is the key to romance on a budget! You will want to make sure to look up a recipe online and try to cook something that you both will like but that you do not have the opportunity to eat every day.

Go over the list of ingredients that you will need and make sure to buy everything the day before. Give this meal an added dimension by offering an appetizer or salad, an entrée as well as a desert. Some lettuce, a few veggies and a nice dressing coupled with some ice cream will do the trick so don’t feel the need to go over the top. Remember that we are discussing romance on a budget and this entire creation should not have to cost you more than a few dollars. Be sure to give yourself ample time to cook the day of!

If you want to go the extra mile, try to create somewhat of a romantic atmosphere for this special dinner. Clean your place up, dim the lights, even light a candle if you would like and play some jazz or any other type of music that is just right for you in order to create a special setting. During the dinner you will play 3 roles at the same time; on this night you will be the cook, the waiter and her date. Enjoy and be prepared to take her breath away!

Buying flowers on a random day makes it special

Another way to display romance on a budget is to buy your woman flowers on a random day, just because! Women love to receive flowers, and even those that don’t particularly care for them appreciate the thought. Take our word for it! When is the last time that you came home from work or showed to your girlfriends place flowers in hand on a random day? That last bit is actually the key to making this action romantic!

Understand that simply buying flowers to your special someone is not romantic in and of itself. There is nothing special about buying flowers for your girl on her birthday or on Valentine’s Day because they are expecting it. It’s the element of surprise that makes it special, and because you took the time to go out of your way to do a little something extra on a random day will show her that she is indeed special to you.

Flowers don’t have to be expensive, and you can most probably find a bouquet on your way home from work or at your neighborhood grocery store depending on where you live. Point being that this is a cheap, easy and none time consuming way to show your appreciation, convey a sense of value in your relationship and quite simply to be romantic on a budget.

Putting together a photo album

A good gift that is sure to be special and cost under $20 is putting a photo album together which highlights special moments of your relationship. Of course it’s better to have dated your special someone for more than a few months in order for this idea not to be corny. Pictures are powerful vehicle to transport you back in time and re-live happy moments that you shared together. It is a simple and sure way to showcase the love and appreciation that you have built together.

With most people being on social media these days, weather it’d be Facebook or Instagram, you could connect to her page and download a few photos that you know she cherishes. The fact that she is willing to share specific pictures or moments where you are both together on social platforms should give you a pretty good hint to what photos she values over others. So the collection process should not take you too much time.

Once you have finished with your selection and downloaded the photos to a computer you can then upload them to any photo printing service provider in your area. Even CVS or Walmart if you are living in the US could help you in this endeavor. Be sure to purchase a photo album when going to pick up the prints. Insert the different photos in the album and write a hand written note to give an extra personal touch to your gift. She will be more than surprised and we guarantee you that this will trigger romance even with a minimal investment of time and money!

Other little gestures that can make a big difference

You can be romantic on a weekly or daily basis without having to break away from your usual routine or even having to spend a single penny! Women and men alike love to feel valued and appreciated. Everyone loves to receive a little special attention and even more comforting, can be simply knowing that you are loved. So tell your woman that you love her from time; indeed a simple “I love you” can go a long way. Romance on a budget starts with sharing our own personal emotions and conveying our love to our partner!

If you have kids and live with your wife under the same roof chances are that free time is also a hot and valuable commodity for your couple! Taking the kids out of the house and doing activities with them to give your wife some time alone is another way to convey your love and an indirect means of being romantic. Furthermore and depending on how far away you live from your relatives, taking the kids to their grandparents for a night or a weekend could give you and your wife the necessary time and space to simply be together, reconnect and rekindle in ways that you haven’t done so in quite some time!

As you will have understood there are infinite amount of ways to show love and to be romantic while on a budget! It all starts with taking the time to think about ways to show to your significant other that you care. Thoughts and preparation should then lead to action, which will trigger romance all without having to spend a significant amount of money to show how much you love and appreciate having her in your life!

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