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still obsessed with my exA breakup doesn’t immediately shut off your feelings… sometimes it can even amplify them. It’s completely normal to feel attracted to your ex boyfriend even if they’ve decided to break up with you. You imagine yourself by their side every day but he’s not there and you’re suffering. Do you want your dreams to become reality again? Do you want to stop thinking about him all day long and do you want him back by your side?

If you want to try to get back together or if you simply want to turn the page and move on and find love with someone else, know that I can help you to feel better by analyzing your situation. Discover my tips for never thinking “I am still obsessed with my ex and we’re not together” by understanding why this type of fixation has a negative effect on your life.

Still obsessed with my ex boyfriend can be a type of comfort

Most of the women that I have coached have been obsessed with their ex-boyfriends, and while searching for the reasons behind this obsession I found that it’s was usually the only way for them to still feel close to their ex. It’s completely normal that the breakup could overwhelm you. You’ve developed strong feelings for this man but unfortunately that wasn’t enough. Being obsessed with an ex boyfriend might be the result of not having enough support from your loved ones in order to bounce back from the breakup.

The only way you feel happy again is by thinking about him and remembering all the good times you shared together. You’re taking refuge in the past and you’re taking comfort in denying the fact that you’re no longer together. No one can blame you, ladies. Thinking about him all day long replaces his physical absence. It’s the same thing when you see someone that constantly sends text messages to their ex; they’ll do whatever it takes to remain in contact with their ex.

Being obsessed with your ex is your way of keeping them by your side. However, if you act like this, you have to be aware of the fact that you’re being emotionally dependent and it can lead to making a great number of mistakes that will result in damaging your attempt at getting back together.

Reasons why the breakup could explain this obsession

A misunderstanding of the reasons behind the separation can explain why you’re thinking about your ex boyfriend all day long. This obsession is often a sign that you haven’t been able to mourn your relationship.
You don’t know why exactly he’s broken up with you and this is making you suffer. Your heartache feels endless because you can’t find the answers to the questions that you help you to move on, or you’re unable to figure out what went wrong or how you can fix the issues you were having.

You’re in the dark as long as you don’t know don’t know why you broke up. You don’t know what to do and consequently you think about the person you love, your ex-partner, and this is the case no matter how much they’ve hurt you. You’re thinking about him and this is hurting you because you’re wishing he were here with you now. In order to stop being obsessed with your ex it’s essential to understand why you two separated. This way, you’ll know which actions you need to set into motion to stop living in a dream. You want to get back together as soon as possible, and for this my book “70 Pro Tips To Get Back With An Ex” will help you. Thanks to this hidden treasure in the form of a book, you’ll be able to understand what pushed your ex to put an end to your relationship and you’ll be able to fill the void that you’ve been feeling.

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How to stop being obsessed with your ex

The first step to no longer be obsessed with your ex-boyfriend and even before you begin trying to get back together is to rebuild confidence in yourself and in your potential to seduce him. Of course you’ll be faced with moments of doubt as you’re trying to get back together and you’ll inevitably think about the person you love. You’ll feel love and it’ll be hard to ignore.

As you’re rebuilding yourself and to avoid making mistakes it’s imperative that you work on making some distance between you, just like your ex could have done during the last few weeks. You’ll have to change your state of mind so that you can stop fixating on your ex like this and so that you can finally find a taste for life again even if you’re single. Take a piece of paper and make a list of actions that will start making you feel better:

1.) Make a list of friends that you may have neglected while you were in a relationship.
2.) Plan some nights out, with the girls but maybe also with some guys. Even if you’re going out as a single person you’re not necessarily trying to seduce anyone. This will just make you feel better after the breakup.
3.) Think about taking a trip with your best friend or a cousin.

After that you’ll have to do whatever it takes to feel peace and happiness again. You’ll be spending time with friends that you haven’t seen in so long, you’ll work on meeting new people, you’ll be traveling, and all of this will help you to lift your head back up.

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