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using radio silence to get back with my exYou may still be wondering just how well does radio silence work? How will your ex react to you abruptly stopping all forms of communication? Or even what is radio silence exactly if you heard this concept from someone else? Quite simply it is a unique tool developed by Alexandre Cormont in France to enable people that have been broken up with to regain control of their emotions and eventually get back with their ex.

You too can quickly learn how to us this method to your benefit and regain a sense of control over your relationship or even your ex. When you finish reading this article you will tell yourself that using radio silence to get back with my ex is not only possible but necessary based on your current circumstances; it can be the only way to allow you to create a need in order for your ex to react while being credible once again in his or her eyes.

What Exactly is radio silence?

I want to draw your attention to an essential point to begin: radio silence or the no contact rule as it is more commonly known in the US, may not be what you’re thinking. There is more to it than simply ignoring your ex and cutting off communications. During this strict no contact period, you have the opportunity to gain perspective on your previous relationship and the mistakes that you may have made. You will also reflect on putting together a game plan to get back with the one you love and lay the foundation for a more stable relationship. If you do not use this time away from your ex to develop in specific ways or with a clear objective in mind, you probably won’t get the desired results.

We often about all the success stories linked to effectively cutting off communications with an ex for a short period of time during our one on one coaching sessions. People just like you who are having trouble keeping it together or that are completely lost are able to turn things around by taking some distance and taking the time to ask themselves the right questions. Over the years we have realized that this technique is truly one powerful method of reclaiming your ex. My first advice to you after you take the decision to put a no contact period in place is to commit to stick to it in order to meet your objective; You cannot crack and reach out because you see a photo on Facebook or because you feel down at a certain point. You really need to take give it as much seriousness as possible. It’s an investment of time and energy that will be worth and if done properly you will reap the benefits of having been strong.

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Say it over and over again: using radio silence to get back with my ex is possible because I will once again be in control

I spoke about an investment in my previous paragraph. It’s incredibly difficult to fight off or repress negative emotions. Especially when you want to let your ex know how you really feel! It’s equally difficult staving off your need to express your love towards them. But the reality is that it is absolutely necessary because you won’t be able to get back with him or her if you simply follow your emotions. I just sadly will never bring him or her back. You may not want to believe me just like the thousands of people that I coach who came in wanting to tell their ex that they love them and want to be together.

What will work for you is to communicate your feelings in a mild manner. Rather than telling them how you feel you will need to show them that you are undertaking serious changes. Actions do speak louder than words when it comes to getting back with an ex! On the other hand words can help you to stay on track. If you are losing steam or feel yourself slipping, keep repeating “using radio silence to get back with my ex is possible because I will once again be in control”. Realize that not speaking to your ex or showing them attention is in fact an action; and one that will trigger a positive reaction by your ex once you reestablish contact!

How to know for sure if a no contact period can work for you?

In our audio seminar on radio silence we divulge three major assets. We will tell you how to create an absence that your ex will notice; how to use this process to regain some self-esteem and how to get clear perspective on the mistakes made in your previous relationship in order to lay the foundation for a new healthy one! The unique no contact period program that have developed will also tell you the optimal duration of a radio silence. Quite frankly we will provide you with a comprehensive look into everything that is important to know to be successful including when to enact a radio silence and in what situations you should refrain from taking your distance to take another route. Each breakup is different and every situation is unique; I therefore invite you to learn more about this unique technique in order to maximize your chances of being with the one you love.

Things to never say to an ex when hoping to get back together

Just remember that cutting off communications is a crucial step in your reconciliation process. It can allow you to control your emotions and truly take control of your desires. Furthermore, taking a step back is how you can correctly plan what moves to make and what moves will have the best impact on your ex. If you want to seduce your ex once again you owe it to yourself to put a real game plan in place and to do everything in your power to win them back!

Lastly remember that cutting off communications with your ex can have a negative impact if done in the wrong way. That is why we urge you to look into our audio seminar and ensure that you get the help and support you need in your quest to get back with the one you love. We are here to help, not just to get back with your ex but also to enable you to regain some self-esteem and feel good about yourself once again.

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