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When is my ex going to come back You’ve just been broken up with and you’ve got one thing on your mind: getting back together with the person you love. This is why you’re haunted day and night by this question: When is my ex going to return?

I’ll never sweet talk you; at the beginning of the process of getting back together, it’s impossible to know for sure the answer to the question when is my ex going to come back. However, once you’ve (correctly) carried out the necessary actions and things are settling into place, you’ll have a clearer idea of the time frame. Before this, you’ll have to ask yourself the right questions in order to determine the perfect moment to begin trying to get back together.

What’s the ideal moment for convincing your ex to come back?

Like in anything, there is a proper time and place to begin the process of getting back together with your ex. If you start too early you lose some of your credibility (especially when you start talking about the changes you’ve made.) One of the most essential elements of getting back together is making changes so that you can once again satisfy your significant other. Similarly, if you begin too late, you might face problems as well because your ex will have had the time to move on or meet someone else…

In truth, it’s hard to tell you when exactly is the perfect moment to launch your endeavor because it depends on various details of your specific relationship and breakup. Each story is unique, so you’ll have to do some analysis in order to choose the perfect moment for making your ex come back. This is why it’s imperative to ask yourself the right questions. You can ask, “When is my ex going to come back”, but more importantly you should ask, “Is this the best moment to get them back,” and, “What do I need to do to re-seduce my ex?”

In order to define the perfect moment, you have to keep in mind certain important elements. For example, are you still in contact with your ex, and how is the communication? Have they tried to get in touch with you or to speak with you? These are details that will give you hints as to what strategy to choose and when to set your actions into motion.

When is my ex going to come back? Is it possible to know right away?

As I said, it’s not easy to know exactly when and how your ex is going to return to you, simply because it all depends on your actions. Let’s talk about what happened with Vanessa so that you can have a concrete example. This woman had been coached for 2 months. She had a consultation via the phone every 15 days, except for the first week during which we spoke twice. We had 5 coaching sessions in total, which is a good chunk of time for making advancements. She was very preoccupied with wanting to know when exactly her ex was going to return, so she was always asking, “Adrian, when is my ex going to come back?” Her situation was improving and her ex was getting closer and closer to making his comeback (and I told her this.) He really was about to come back. As soon as she learned this, her mind was put at ease, but the result was that she just laid back and waited for things to happen and decided that she no longer needed coaching sessions to get her man back.

As soon as she stopped her consultations, I later learned that her entire behavior had changed and that she no longer followed my advice. She ended up falling back into her old routine in which she was controlling and would have unbearable outbursts. Her ex once again made distance between them and she had to start all over again. I’m telling you this because Vanessa ended up coming back for my help once it seemed that she had lost everything.
I hope that this helped you to understand why it’s hard to give a straight answer to the famous question of, “When is my ex going to come back.” Sometimes even when you start off well, you can end up in sticky situations that keep the things from advancing in your favor.

As a general rule when it’s possible, I prefer to give you examples of possibilities instead of being too optimistic or too pessimistic. Of course I try to make sure we do things in a timely fashion, but you should know that when dealing with human relationships there are sometimes unexpected outcomes or unbelievable turnarounds. Sometimes there are things that look like scenes from a movie, and I assure you; it’s better when they’re positive.

In general we can deduce that an ex will be back in your arms soon when communication between you is back to what it was like before the separation or even how it was in the beginning of your relationship, when emotions are returning, when your ex wants to see you, or even when affinity begins to return between you. Sometimes, there are text messages for getting back together with your ex that can do wonders, or emails that make your ex want to come back after a breakup like I explain in this article!

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