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When should I see my ex againAfter a painful breakup or during an attempt at getting back together, one question will always be on your mind: whether or not you should see your ex. After a certain amount of time of not seeing each other, of course you will start to miss them. You’re having trouble moving forward without the person you love by your side. One thing is motivating you: your desire to spend time with your ex-partner.

Even if this is one of the interdictions of getting back together, it’s perfectly normal that you would still want to be around them. You still have feelings, you feel that your story still has a chance to start over, and you don’t want to let it go to waste. Nevertheless, the love you feel for your ex doesn’t keep you safe from making mistakes. In your current situation, there is one that I see very often: wanting to see your ex too soon.

When meeting up is organized too early, you don’t take the time to properly follow the different steps that are necessary for getting back together. Even if your intentions are good, they shouldn’t blind you and make you neglect important guidelines. You tend to propose seeing each other in the days following the breakup but this should be a thing of the past! What makes a person behave this way? Why is it risky in terms of getting back together? What should you do before trying to get your ex back? Or even when should I see my ex again? These are all questions that I will discuss in this article. It’s important to hold all the cards…

Why does seeing your ex again too soon damage your attempt at getting back together?

I understand that the men and women that put their trust in me have one desire: Having the person they love back in their arms. It’s now time to take action so that you can bounce back and get in control of the situation. That said, it’s important to understand that it doesn’t mean that you should rush things and risk making mistakes. Unfortunately this happens quite often and you find yourself painted into a corner. 2 days after the breakup you beg your ex to see you, to spend time together and even to give you another chance.

You pick the best restaurant in the city or you try to get them to go to the movies with you, but I have to be honest with you; acting this like isn’t going to help your situation. You have to get in your ex’s head and this doesn’t happen by inviting them places or by giving them extravagant gifts. You could have a nice evening together but it’s not going to expedite your attempt at getting back together. You’ll be too needy; too available and you’re not going to be providing proper solutions to the problems you two had been having, and therefore your ex-partner won’t start thinking about giving you a second chance.

Divorce is not the answer if you still love your partner!

Put yourself in their shoes; you decide to break up with the person you love after many years or months of being together and now they want to spend time with you without fixing the main issues, or worse still, they’re still making all the same mistakes. Would you give them another chance? I’d like for you to reflect on this question and think about what you sincerely think is best for both of you.

Please don’t misunderstand! I’m not telling you that you have to forget about being together again. All I’m saying is that it’s better to approach your ex again once you’ve figured out and designed an effective strategy instead of sleeping with your ex for example. Instead of letting your emotions and your pride guide you, my experience has proven to me how effective it is to put some space between you! When your relationship had been suffering for weeks, your ex isn’t going to forget about you after just a few days.

When should I see my ex again and why?

I’m sure you’re wondering when should I see my ex again. 1 month, 1 week, 10 days after the breakup? It all depends on you, on your relationship, your ex’s character, and on your actions! With all these elements, of course it’s not easy to know the answer to this question!

After having spent 20 years together, the distance that has to be put between you and your ex will have to be more substantial than if you had been together for 8 months. In order to adapt the most appropriate and the most effective methods and techniques to your situation, and to make sure that they’re being used properly, a personalized coaching session would be ideal. In any case, the solution is not to become friends with your ex.

The very first thing you have to do, in any situation, is to work on rebuilding yourself and to not let depression hold you back from doing what you need to do. You have to do this if you want to bounce back and rekindle the flame. If at the mention of your ex’s name you break down, I’m sure you can imagine how seeing them face to face would be… Once you’ve put some distance between you (emotionally speaking,) you’ll be able to put things into perspective.

Should I give my ex an ultimatum to make him come back?

When a person sees their ex again too soon they risk being needy and not using the proper techniques for making the person they love realize that they’ve made improvements. You won’t make it easy for your ex to have a new and improved image of you. Patience is a virtue, especially after a breakup, and getting back together shouldn’t be viewed as a race.

Earn a second chance with your ex!

Wait a few weeks and then approach your ex again…This is what inexperienced coaches will tell you to do, but I’ve become the number 1 post-breakup relationship expert because I can give you solutions that actually work!

Trying to avoid seeing your ex again too soon doesn’t mean that you should sit with your arms crossed waiting for things to change on their own before you invite them out or worse still; negotiating with them.If you read these articles and listen to the special audio programs available to you on this site, you’re going to improve your situation and make your ex want to take you back. If you can make the first move without rushing things, it’s possible to make your ex want to get closer to you.

If you base your attempt at getting back together on proper techniques, like personal reconstruction, changes, and more radical methods in terms of your exchanges with your ex (radio silence for example,) you’re going to give your story a chance to start over. Don’t be like other people that come back too fast and don’t bring anything positive to the table because they’re still so affected by the breakup. I’m not advising you to wait to make you suffer; getting back together takes time, and designing the perfect strategy doesn’t happen over the course of a few hours.

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