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will he take me backBefore I share my advice with you, I just wanted to let you know that this article is geared towards my female readers as I used “he” in the title instead of “my ex.”

You should know however that the guidelines that you will learn can be used by anyone who has gone through a breakup, whether you are male or female. All you have to do is replace “he” with “she” 🙂

It goes without saying that feelings for a person don’t just automatically disappear after a breakup, and they actually often become amplified and be hard to control when you begin missing your ex.

This is probably what you’re feeling today, and even if you weren’t together for a very long time, you still feel very attached to him. The man you love has left, but you don’t want to turn the page; you want to do whatever it takes to breathe life back into this love story.

But getting back together requires more than just the love you feel for him and the desire you have to be together. You can imagine how these elements don’t guarantee that you’ll succeed in your endeavor and that you will to make more of an effort. Stop thinking, “He loves me, he should be with me so he’ll be back.”

Maybe he’s still very attached or even in love with you, but that doesn’t mean that he’s going to make the first step and tell you that he wants you back. A very common problem that women face when they’re trying to get back together is to fall into a ‘waiting period.’

They tend to think that time will fix it and that they don’t have to work on convincing their ex to be together again.

That said, if you truly want to rekindle their feelings for your ex and rebuild a solid relationship, you’re going to have to take action. Instead of asking yourself, “Will he take me back” you should start determining what actions will increase the odds of you getting back together!

Will he take me back? That depends on you!

You undoubtedly have been asking yourself tons of questions since the breakup and wondering whether the person you love might return (and when) is one of them. You’re wondering if he had really thought his decision through, if he’s forgotten about you, or if he’s met someone else.

It’s perfectly normal to have all these questions; you’re still in love and you can’t imagine your life without him. Nevertheless, even if I completely understand your doubts, it doesn’t help anything to focus on these doubts, your fears, and these questions that will throw you off instead of motivate you.

In order to better understand the reasons, I’d like you to imagine a runner that’s preparing to run a 1000 foot track. Do you think he asks himself 15 times a day if he’s going to win and get the gold medal? Of course not! Athletes aren’t looking for victory…So when they’re training, they’re not racking their brains with hundreds of questions.

With my help you’ll become an athlete in terms of getting back together and you’ll have the same mentality as a champion! So stop asking yourself all these questions that aren’t getting you anywhere and focus on figuring out the causes of the breakup instead.

If you don’t look inside yourself then you’ll keep wondering, “will he take me back?” every morning, and this won’t help anything. You have to concentrate on different actions that will help you to make a real impact.

Whether you’ve just discovered this site or if you’ve been familiar with my philosophy for a while now you probably know that I always insist on a very important element that will most likely be what determines your next step…Self-confidence is essential if you want your ex back.

One of the very first steps of getting back together is rebuilding yourself. This goes to show that your well being is going to make the difference between a successful attempt at getting back together and one that bares no fruit.

Asking yourself questions like this is a sign that you’re doubtful or that you don’t believe in what you’re doing enough. Unfortunately this is an error that makes it hard to surmount certain obstacles and it doesn’t send your ex the right image.

To help you get through this tough period, we’ve written an eBook, which includes steps on how to rebuild your self-confidence after a separation. I highly recommend it to kick start a process of personel develo

Be careful not to be passive when trying to get your ex back

Kind of like in terms of seducing men, women that want to get back together tend to hesitate instead of making the first step. Whether it’s pride, or for some other reason, you feel that he should be the one to come back and that you shouldn’t be expected to lower yourself.

Nevertheless, if he’s the one that decided to separate, there’s no point in making the first step if you haven’t made any improvements or changes in your attitude or in the message you’re trying to send him.

Ladies, it’s important to understand that if you want your ex to come back, it’s essential to make certain efforts, to make some sacrifices, and to not just count on big declarations of your love or using jealousy to make him want you back. This is one of the most common mistakes that people make. Don’t just sit around and wait for things to change.

That said, I know that many of you are realizing that you may have made some mistakes already but that’s no reason to rush things. If you had been silent until now, don’t jump on your phone and call him 10 times. Like with anything, you need balance.

Please note that passiveness doesn’t only concern actions geared towards your ex, seduction techniques, or the absence of the handwritten letter; it also concerns personal initiatives that are currently inexistent yet very important when you’re wondering “will my ex take me back?”

Tips to make your ex come back!

As you’ve understood, the important thing is not to ask yourself whether or not your ex is going to come back (because the chances are high if you can properly use the appropriate techniques,) but to focus on yourself.

In truth, the key to getting back together is YOU. You’ve shared a relationship, you have shared memories, intimate moments, you know his loved ones, and maybe you even have a family together.

You therefore have everything it takes to re-seduce him and to make him fall for you again and you aren’t aware of your potential quite yet! It’s time to make the first step, which is working on yourself before your approach your ex again.

In order to grab the attention of the man you love, you have to show him your improvements and give him a new image of yourself. Here’s an example that has had fantastic results for the people I coach. Simply changing your hair or updating your look so that you can show off your assets is enough to grab your ex’s attention.

Of course you shouldn’t stop here but it’s a good start, especially if your ex hasn’t been in touch. You can combine this with a makeover or even a photo shoot… It’s up to you to decide! Keep your head up, look proud, make your voice heard and don’t avoid the eyes of others.

Your desires are most important…

The coach when you’re wondering, “will he come back?”



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