What is my ex thinking during no contact?

Using the no contact rule after a breakup is one of the best things you could do especially if you want this person back. It’s a challenging technique, but it yields spectacular results when used correctly. Because this tool is so challenging, I often have clients come to me asking, “What is my ex thinking during no contact?”. Your desire to know what’s going on in your ex’s mind could feel like it’s driving you mad, so I wanted to write about what they’re thinking about during this period.

I bet you’re wondering if your ex misses you, if they regret the breakup, and if they want you back! Simply put, I bet you want to know if the no contact rule is actually working. Well, look no further because I am about to provide answers to these questions and more!

First of all, what exactly is the No Contact Rule?

Just to make sure we are clear, I wanted to open this article by giving you a brief summary of this powerful tool. It is quite simply one of the best things to do following a breakup because it allows you to properly heal, bounce back, plan your return to your ex, AND make him or her miss you.

It consists of cutting contact with your ex completely for a period of time – usually between three weeks and three months.

Generally speaking, the more chaotic the breakup was, the longer this period should be. It allows for tensions to ease and thoughts to be organized.

Think about this technique as a reset button. Everything became so intense after your breakup that it became very hard to communicate without emotions surging or fights happening.

Even if you want your ex partner back with all your heart, the intensity of the situation makes it frighteningly easy to make serious mistakes.

This is why it’s so common to see people begging and pleading, giving ultimatums, threatening, or doing all kinds of other things that can seriously damage your chances at getting back together.

But you already know that the no contact rule is a powerful tool because you’re using it!

You’ve just got one question floating around in your head right now: “What is my ex thinking during no contact?” How can you know you’re on the right track if you’re not in contact?

Generally speaking, men and women react differently to breakups and experience them in two different ways. Whether your ex is male or female, you’ll need to stick to your zero contact technique for one very specific reason that will prove to be the game changer…

More on that in a moment!

What is my ex thinking during no contact?

What is my ex thinking during no contact?

So men and women experience breakups differently, but how so? I know that you’re wondering, “How long before he misses me with no contact,” and “Is she thinking about me during no contact?!

” As you know, each person is entirely unique.

Each person will have their own timeline when it comes to the emotions they feel and the reactions they have after a breakup, but what I can tell you is this: If you follow the rules, there will be a window of opportunity for making an ex change their mind about the breakup and wanting you back.

But first, let’s answer your questions of how guys respond to no contact and what she’s thinking during no contact.

Does she miss me after no contact? What is going on in her mind right now?

When a breakup happens, the pain is sometimes more immediately felt by women. Of course every person is different, but in general, the shock of a breakup will hit a woman right away.

She’s going to think about the breakup and everything that she’s lost pretty quickly. Sure, some people are able to push the thoughts out of their mind but they always surge up sooner or later.

When you couple this with the no contact rule, the pain of the loss is going to be even more acute. She’s developed a routine with you and got used to always being in touch, so when you suddenly disappear it’s going to catch her attention.

If you’re thinking, “Is my ex thinking about me during no contact,” chances are that yes, she is –
especially is the breakup is still fresh.

So how is this different from how a guy feels right after a breakup and during no contact?

Does he miss me during no contact…?

As I mentioned above, in most cases a woman will feel the pain of the breakup right when it happens. With time, she will begin to heal.

In my experience, I’ve noticed that men are very good at distracting themselves from the pain of the breakup right after it happens, but it surges up later on – and sometimes even more intensely than it did for the woman.

If you think about it, men and women are raised quite differently. Women are often taught to share their emotions while men are often taught to bury them away.

The result is that when something as painful as a breakup happens, a man will have an easier time shoving the emotions down and thinking about other things. As well all know, these feelings will surge back up sooner or later, and the longer time a person spent trying to suppress them, the stronger they will be.

Unfortunately, men aren’t “allowed” to be vulnerable so they mentally block out the
emotional impact that a breakup carries.

Is my ex thinking about me during no contact?!

Is my ex thinking about me during no contact?!

I know that this question feels like it’s burning a hole through your mind right now!

Is he thinking about me during no contact?!” “Will she forget about me with no contact?!” “What is going on in the male and female mind during no contact?!”

Well, let me tell you about one of my clients, Mike. He and his girlfriend of about a year broke up because they kept fighting about everything… all the time.

To summarize, their issues were related to communication. Now, when the breakup happened, Mike told me that he felt an undeniable sense of peace and relief. He wasn’t fighting with someone every day anymore and he felt like he could just breathe.

He felt fine for a while, but after about a week and half or so, he started to think about his ex.

What was she up to? How come she wasn’t contacting him? He thought about messaging her but his pride got in the way. He wasn’t going to reach out because he was “mad.”

But still, little by little he started to remember the good things about the relationship.

This was the exact moment that the window of opportunity presented itself. His ex had actually been using the no contact rule, and noticed that he began liking some of her new pictures on Instagram.

She knew that he was browsing through her profiles, which meant he was thinking about her. Had she broken the no contact rule too early and reached out right then and there, it would have damaged the effect she was having on him.

You see, she understood that if she reached out at that moment, she would just be handing all the power right back to him.

At that time, she was still working on finding solutions for the future and making her life into what she wanted it to be. Her goal was to get his attention and make him want to go out of his way to get closer to her.

As time went on and the more he saw on her social media, the more he realized that he was having withdrawal symptoms.

To summarize, if you want to know to answer to your question of will your ex miss you during no contact, just keep in mind that sticking to the no contact rule and using it properly will get you the results you want.

You have to learn to recognize that window of opportunity and use it to your advantage, while knowing how to tell if ending no contact would be premature or not. I know that this can be tricky, so I encourage you to get in touch with me so that I can help guide you!

I wish you all the best,

Your coach when you want to know about using the no contact rule to get him or her back