What makes a man come back after a breakup

One of the most common questions I receive from clients is how to make their ex partner come back after a breakup. After all, I am an expert in love and relationships, specialized in getting people back together! So what makes a man come back after a breakup? Is there anything you can actually do or is it just up to fate? If you’re reading this article, you’re in luck. Of course there are plenty of things that you can do to turn this thing around! You don’t have to sit back and just assume that all hope is lost.

In fact, that’s pretty much the worst thing you could do right now! If you truly want your ex partner back, you’re going to have to take action. The odds of him coming back are going to depend on how you handle the period following the breakup, and fortunately you’ve found an article that is going to help you figure out the next steps to take in order to get closer to your goal. The period directly following a breakup is the hardest because you’re feeling vulnerable and upset by the situation.

There are various do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when you’re working on making your ex come back, and I’m going to go over them with you right here. Having a better idea of what to be on the lookout for can help you to stay on track towards your goal. Even if you notice that you’ve made some of the mistakes that I’m going to go over, don’t panic. You can always turn things around. You just need to be patient, motivated, and practice self control and perseverance. It’s not going to happen overnight, but you are more in control of the situation than you might realize.

What makes a man come back after a breakup and how can you increase the odds?

What makes a man come back after a breakup and how can you increase the odds

It’s incredibly hard to let go of a relationship, especially when you’re still in love with the person.

You’ve invested so much time and energy into it, you’ve been nurturing it, and you’ve been trying to hold on to it. Now everything has crumbled down around you and you’re left wondering what you can possibly do to make a man come back after a breakup.

Unfortunately it’s around this time that you start to feel a surge of emotions that can make it really hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Your mind is filled with doubts about the past and the future, you start to fixate on what you should have done differently, and worse still, you start to panic at the thought of losing this person forever.

This is often when people make mistakes like acting needy or clingy, and inadvertently end up pushing their ex even further away.

So do men come back if you play your cards right? And if so, what makes a man come back to you?

Well, I can tell you that begging and pleading with him to take you back are not going to help the situation. You don’t want him to see that you’re suffering…

One of the biggest mistakes I see are Facebook and Instagram posts that are meant to showcase how miserable you are.

Trying to show your ex that you are unhappy because of his decision to leave is not going to be enough to make him want you back! Besides, you don’t want a man to take you back out of pity.

No… The key to making him come back is going to be inspiring him to want to get closer to you
because he realizes that he could be much happier by your side…

But how?

Will he come back after a breakup? Here’s how to increase the odds

Will he come back after a breakup? Here’s how to increase the odds

The most important thing to keep in mind when you want a man to come back after a breakup is that you’re going to have to channel all of your energy onto yourself and your own life right now.

As of this moment, I know that you’re fixating on the relationship, the breakup, and your ex, but you’re going to have to start putting yourself first right now. This is the only way you’re going to fully heal and bounce back, and grab your ex’s attention in the best way possible!

You have a choice right now. Either you let this breakup defeat you and you sulk around by yourself at home feeling sorry for yourself, or you use it as fuel to become the new and improved version of yourself.

What’s more, which version of yourself do you think your ex is going to be most attracted to?

The one who’s miserable at home, yearning for your ex to take them back, or the one who’s getting out there and living life to the fullest?

People are attracted to happy people. People are attracted to people who are living lives that they would want to be a part of. Though you’re hurting right now, it’s only temporary and it is in your power to grab life by the horns and get back on top.

If you want to know what makes a man come back after a breakup, all you need to think about how you can use this breakup to become the new and improved version of yourself. Did you lose yourself in this relationship? What elements of your personal life got put on the back burner while you were with him?

It’s important to think about these things because we often get lazy without realizing it and we lose track of ourselves in the relationship. What ends up happening is that your partner doesn’t recognize the person they fell in love with anymore, and they have trouble projecting themselves together in the future.

It’s up to you to analyze the situation and pinpoint what areas could use some improvement in your life right now, and take this time to really dive in. On top of that, take this time to introduce all kinds of new things into your life as well.

You want to ensure that you’re healing and making your life into what you’ve always wanted it to be, but on top of that, you want to get your ex’s attention by showcasing the 2.0 version of yourself!

Careful – the changes and improvements you make in your life need to be done for yourself; not for your ex.

But if you successfully improve your life, restore your self confidence, and grab life by the horns, you will see that your ex will start to gravitate back towards you.

So spend time with your friends and family members, be open to making new friends, go check out new places that have opened up in your town, and give yourself new challenges.

Try out new activities like yoga or surfing, and plan weekend getaways with your best friends for a change of scenery.

Post pictures on social media of all the fun things you’ve been up to, and how you’re clearly enjoying life, and trust me your ex will notice…

If you’re still wondering “Will he ever come back after dumping me,” you can use a very powerful technique called the No Contact Rule to exponentially increase the odds of him returning…

Let him come to you after a breakup using the NC Rule

Let him come to you after a breakup using the NC Rule

In my experience, men always come back when they regret leaving you.

It’s not because they pity you or feel guilty about leaving; it’s because they recognize that they could be genuinely happier with you by their side.

One of the best ways to make a person realize this is by using a tool like the no contact rule…

To summarize, this tool consists of putting space between you and your ex so that you can get back in control of your life and bounce back from the breakup, while grabbing your ex’s attention.

The no contact period will range from three weeks to three months, and it is crucial that you do not cave and reach out to your ex before this period is over. Up until now, it’s been easy for your ex to take you for granted so you’re going to give him an electroshock by disappearing from his life.

We have a tendency of taking things for granted when they are readily available to us, and wanting what we can’t have.

You can now begin to show your ex that you would be an incredible addition to his life and inspire him to want to work towards getting closer to you.

To do so, you need to use this time wisely. While you are steering clear of any communication with your ex, you need to use this time to focus on personal development.

The no contact period is the ideal moment to become the new and improved version of yourself, and for more in depth information on how to do just that, I encourage you to continue reading about it
right here!

If you have any questions about what makes a man come back after a breakup, you can leave your question in the comments section below or get in touch with us directly right here!

Wishing you all the best in life and love,

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