If You Still Live Together

Are you still living together but are no longer in a relationship, and is it breaking your heart? Though living with an ex is extremely hard for many, you’re going to transform it into an INCREDIBLE opportunity to get back together with the person you love. I bet one of the biggest questions you have is, “If we see each other every single night, how can I use the no contact rule?” You will find the precise response in my course, as well as a complete strategy to plant a seed of doubt in your ex’s mind while redefining the separation and how they perceive you.



Even if you don’t realize it yet, you’ve got a huge advantage compared to people who can’t even get in contact with their ex. You have the opportunity to showcase your evolution to your ex your evolution. Keep in mind that you don’t always need to use verbal communication in order to show them… Often times it’s actually best to avoid speaking about it because your ex could think that you’re trying to convince them of something. The best approach can be to remain natural if you want them to believe the changes you’ve made!

With my video series, you’ll be able to adopt the perfect behavior and set into motion the most efficient actions in order to get your ex back. Some of the things you’re going to discover are:

  • How to reestablish proper communication without suffocating your ex
  • How to act around your ex
  • How to plant a seed of doubt in their mind and make them want you
  • The technique for avoiding conflicts
  • How to get your ex back when you have a family together

Each action will have a specific goal and will make your ex begin to doubt their decision to break up with you. By carefully planning your actions and following my advice, you’ll be able to show them that you’re capable of change… Positive change that entails meeting their needs and desires, and that provides them with what they want.

The one and only method for getting back together with an ex when you still live together

Up until now you didn’t know what to do, you most likely have made some mistakes, or you were hoping that things would change on their own. Starting now, all of that will change because you will discover the secrets that an expert has been testing throughout hundreds of hours of coaching. Needless to say, the results are quite impressive.

Sara, Josh, Juan, and Stefani were all asking themselves the same questions as you are. After having followed my advice, they got the answers that enabled them to get back together with their exes. Now it’s your turn to set the right actions in motion and get a positive reaction. You will become irresistible once again, the atmosphere will become much better, your ex will want to speak with you even if communication had been severed, you will once again share special moments together and you’ll finally be able to progressively seduce them back into your arms for good.

I have selected only the most effective exercises and the latest methods for you in this video course. It’s now or never and it’s time to take action. You still live together so you can take advantage of this situation to get back together.

60% of the people I coach still live with their exes, so I know what you’re experiencing and I can guide you every step of the way.

I know that you’re mind is brimming with questions, but on top of learning the most effective ways of getting your ex back when you live together, you’ll get precise answers regardless of the complexity of your situation. Some of the responses you’ll find are to these questions:

  • Should I sleep in the same bed and/or should I sleep with my ex?
  • Should I be nice to my ex or ignore them?
  • How can I slowly put distance between us?
  • Should I openly flirt with my ex?

Take full advantage of the situation because living together is a great opportunity if you use it wisely. To do so, it’s essential that you learn the methods and know how to get a positive reaction from your ex. All you have to do is discover my techniques and follow my guidelines. People tend to think that a breakup means that you’re no longer living together, and the majority of coaches forget this type of situation. I’m the only one who can be by your side and guide you every step of the way during such a complex period.

With the help of a dozen tips presented in this course, I present all of my Coach Secrets used for making your ex come back :

  • How to not fight or argue or chase your ex
  • How to control your emotions around your ex
  • Understand why your ex broke up
  • How to use the shared space to your advantage
  • How to destabilize your ex and regain control
  • Why it is sometimes important to consider moving out to get back together
  • The importance of being social and how to go about it
  • Make yourself appealing again
  • How to quickly feel better
  • How to quickly regain value
  • How to rebrand yourself
  • How to use reverse psychology to push your ex to make the first move
  • How to seal the deal the right way when you live together