Short Term Relationship

This Audio Seminar will teach you the tools and techniques needed to get back with an ex after a short-term relationship (one year or less).



Were you together for a year or less?

If so, we’ve developed an Audio Seminar for situations just like yours. For us, love isn’t about the duration of the relationship. Love is the intense bond or connection between two people, regardless of time.

This seminar was created to provide you with the tips and tools to enable you to understand exactly what you need to do to inspire an ex to get back with you after a short but intense and passionate relationship.

Despite what you’re feeling, it’s actually possible to get back with an ex after a short-term relationship. You are in a unique situation, but if you follow this advice and understand that time is of the essence, you can achieve your goal of getting back together.

In this seminar, we have catalogued the best tips and techniques that have worked for other individuals that we coached before you, so that you can leverage their success at your pace and on your time.

This Audio Seminar is very comprehensive; it was created with the goal to help you coach yourself through the process of getting back with your significant other quickly. Discover tips that have been proven and tested in private coaching sessions with over 10,000 individuals since 2007.

What you’ll find in this Audio Seminar?

Part 1: Why you are in a unique situation and what can work in your favor?
Part 2: Understand what is truly happening to you
Part 3: How to think like your ex and understand the breakup from their perspective?
Part 4: The different steps of the process to get back together
Part 5: How the recovery process will unfold
Part 6: How to re-seduce your ex

What you’ll gain from this Audio Seminar:

•    Understand why your love story is both different and unique
•    Learn why your relationship was unsustainable
•    Learn the common mistakes to avoid
•    What are your exes fears?
•    Why your breakup is so painful?
•    What your ex wants to see from you?
•    How to attract your ex?
•    Why Radio Silence or No Contact might not work for what you are going through
•    How to prove to your ex that you’ve really changed
•    Learn why your ex left you
•    What is the right road map for you?
•    How to make an ex fall for you again?
•    What are the right actions to undertake?
•    How to inspire an ex to come back?
•    What are the differences between what you are going through and long term relationships?
•    How to inspire an ex to get back together quickly?
•    The concept of resurrection and how it applies to you?
•    What is truly stopping you from getting back together?