complicity between couples Are you dreaming of a completely fulfilling relationship, do you want to see the world though rose colored glasses, and do you want to look like those happy couples in TV shows that are clearly in perfect harmony?

In order to reach complicity between couples, you need to need to actively be seeking to understand significant other. Way too many people make the mistake of thinking that just because you’re in a relationship, you complement each other perfectly; I beg to differ.

You know that you can count on me to always be searching for thousands of solutions. My main objective is to improve your relationship. That’s one of the reasons why I wanted to write this article about complicity between couples.

Just “being connected” isn’t quite enough; you have to be aware of the methods for creating or recreating complicity as quickly as possible. Being complimentary to one another is one of the keys to love and happiness. This is why I propose finding out more about this notion, what it entails, and how to incorporate it into your relationship in this article.

Being complimentary and the partner in crime

In the beginning of your relationship, you had made your partner laugh, you had found things that you have in common, and you felt a bond that facilitated seduction and the ‘creation’ of your relationship. You were both attracted to one another thanks to these similarities. But is having similarities and things in common enough for creating complicity between couples?

Sharing the same ideas doesn’t necessarily mean that there is complicity in your relationship. It’s not just about harmony between you and your significant other… Complicity goes much, much deeper; it’s a question of providing your partner with what they’re missing!

Here’s a simple example. If you’re a little scatter-brained but your partner is very organized and you know that all the important documents are in order, you know that you can count on your partner. And then if your partner doesn’t really enjoy gardening, then they should know that you’d be fine with taking care of it. So, laughing at the same jokes and having common interests isn’t always enough for having a complimentary relationship. You both have to balance out each other’s shortcomings.

Consequences of a lack of complicity in a relationship

I’ve coached many couples and one of the most common problems they face is this not forming a solid couple. A couple needs to be an “unshakeable team” that communicates, knows one another, and who can question their own actions when something is wrong.

This is exactly why complicity between partners is crucial if you want to be as happy as possible. The goal is to always take it a step further and subsequently you’ll have to meet your partner’s expectations and be capable of anticipating possible issues or needs that your significant other might have. This is how you will both be happy and satisfied in your relationship.

If the effort to create real complicity between a couple isn’t made or isn’t done correctly, it’s very likely that your couple will become less solid and inch closer to a breakup as time goes on. Understanding one another and being on the same page are the foundations of happiness in a couple.

If you can’t attain this with your partner then you run the risk of someone else being able to do so, which in turn will throw your relationship off balance. If your partner feels like someone else understands them better, it means that your complicity isn’t strong enough or worse still; maybe it’s not even there! You two are sharing your lives; you should compliment one another!

How to build complicity between couples

Creating complicity between a couple doesn’t happen overnight. It will of course require time and a thriving relationship always requires work.

Nothing will be a piece of cake and especially not at the very beginning, but the length of time it will take depends on your investment and motivation. In order to do this you must ensure that you have good communication and you should share some hobbies.

Sharing activities

In order to be complimentary to your partner and to nurture complicity, you have to spend time together and get to know them even better. This way you’ll be able to provide them with what they’re missing.

To do so, you have to spend time together but be careful not to suffocate one another! You can be with your friends but you should be able to spend time alone together so that you can share romantic moments. It’s essential to have this balance so that you don’t isolate yourselves.

You can of course take a trip to a place that you both would enjoy together; you should be out of the house together as much as you can. You don’t necessarily have to go to places where you have to pay; a picnic in the park is easy and always nice.

Your goal should be to feel good together and you have to make an effort to get closer to the person you love so that you can share intimate moments in which you can confide in one another.


Communication is essential for a healthy relationship in which both partners are on the same page and feel satisfied. However, there are many couples that neglect this important aspect of serious relationships.

Sometimes people think that they have their partner’s love in their pocket and that communication is only necessary in the seduction phase in the very beginning of the relationship, or when there is a fight.

If you want real complicity between a couple, you both have to share your ideas and your feelings, and have exchanges so that happiness can be felt at the heart of your relationship.



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