divorce is not the answerI don’t think any of my readers would disagree when I say that divorce is probably what scares you the most when it comes to your love life.

When you get married and even afterwards, you can’t imagine yourself in front of the family court judge with the mother or father of your children so that you can forget about the years you had spent together. Divorce is usually the very last step before you and your significant other part ways for good, but it’s always possible to save your marriage or relationship even when you feel like nothing is working anymore.

You’re maybe living separately, your ex significant other is maybe even with someone new, or maybe you are. But deep down, your ex still holds your heart and you’re hoping to somehow be together again and you’re willing to do what it takes. You still feel bonded and you really want to save your relationship. You don’t want to turn the page and move on, you don’t see yourself at someone else’s side and you want to start over so that your relationship with your ex can start off again on the right foot.

I’m sure that some of my readers and maybe even you have already thought of using the D-word as a threat, or as a thinly guised ultimatum to get a reaction out of your partner because you weren’t satisfied with your relationship. However if you are familiar with my philosophy and my articles, you know that I think that divorce is not the answer when you want to fix problems no matter how serious they are. Thanks to my tools and my personalized coaching sessions I’ve been able to help hundreds of people that were in seemingly hopeless situations rebuild their relationship with the person they love without having had to separate! If you feel that your marriage is at it’s breaking point and divorce is looming over your heads, then gain access to the effective tools without further ado by exploring this site or by making an appointment with me directly so that we can review the situation together.

Why are we facing divorce?

It’s not a break or a simple breakup that can bring two people to start discussing divorce. This involves serious consequences that we aren’t aware of at first because the negativity insidiously takes over the situation. You’re thinking about divorce or maybe the person you love has been thinking about it for a while now and this means that some serious change needs to take place. This decision has revealed a crisis in your relationship and a kind of ‘point of no return,’ which is what I call the “Inflection Point.” Just like I always say, a breakup is never without reason, and neither is divorce. I don’t want you to panic and I’m sure you already know what this entails, but it’s just a little reminder that there is always a cause.

It’s oftentimes an accumulation of negative elements that push you or your partner to think about divorce. Things haven’t evolved for many months or maybe even many years in your relationship and you feel stagnant and like nothing is moving forward anymore. So you’re thinking that if you two officially separate that you’ll find a new and more exciting life, or at least a more pleasant new life.

A separation is often the consequence of routine, a lack of communication or of some form of boredom. You’re married, you probably have kids, and you think that you’ve got your partner in your pocket (this is obviously if you’re the not one making the decision to divorce.) Once this type of feeling settles in, the bad habits start showing up, you stop seducing your partner, you aren’t experiencing new things anymore, and you have no plans for the future anymore. I can never stress enough the importance to seduction in a relationship and the importance of maintaining it! It has to be permanent, even after 10, 20, or 35 years! I’ve helped a man get back together with his wife and he was 72 years old. Age has nothing to do with separation.

It’s important to note that a separation isn’t rooted in ill will. Sometimes you’re able to feel fulfilled but does your partner feel the same way? Ask yourself this and really think about it because with the answer to this question you’ll know which actions to start setting into motion first.

How can you prove that divorce is not the answer?

If you follow my philosophy you know that I am not a coach that advocates breaking up. I am convinced that divorce is not the answer because there are always ways to rebuild a relationship even if you feel like all hope is lost. I’m not going to just tell you what you want to hear because honesty is one of the pillars of my job as a coach in love. Getting back together with your significant other can take months, it’s not easy, and will require sacrifices.

Nevertheless, thanks to certain techniques (which will be very efficient in your situation) and the support you need, you’ll be more than capable of giving your love story another chance and once again stealing the heart of the person you love. Even if your husband or your wife is asking for a divorce, you shouldn’t give up and think that it’s all over. This is not the case and you can make it work again if you adopt the right attitude!

If you’re the one thinking about ending your marriage, you should also take the time to think about it. Divorce is not a simple procedure. I coach a great number of men and women that decided to do it and regret doing so. Instead of rushing things, you should take a step back from the situation, make a little distance between you and your partner so that you can take the time to think it through, and you should know that if you want to, you can save your relationship. People often say, “I tried everything and nothing has changed.” The reason is usually because you’re not communicating properly with your partner and therefore there is always incomprehension between you. You have to make sure that the message you’re trying to get across is being properly received and understood. This often isn’t the case. You’re frustrated because you’re thinking that your partner isn’t making an effort but in reality maybe they didn’t pick up on the message.

Even if your spouse’s behavior isn’t corresponding to your expectations, you can still try a strategy to rekindle the flame. Every problem has a solution and you can head towards a concrete improvement of your situation. Until you’ve tried everything (correctly,) divorce is not the best option.

Yes, it is still possible to save your relationship!

A relationship’s evolution is not fixed in time. You and your partner aren’t the same people you were when you met. If you’re married then I imagine some time has definitely passed. The image you had of each other is no longer the same as it was during the first few years or as it was before you had kids, but this doesn’t mean you can’t rebuild your relationship or reestablish the passion you felt for one another when you got married.

If you have bad habits like I explained in this eBook, nothing is stopping you from changing now! If you’ve stopped exercising, you’ve stopped taking care of yourself, you’ve gained too much weight, you’re having trouble making your partner happy, go out and start a new physical activity! If you never go out together or with the family, now is the time to go out and have fun together at the park, the movies, or at the zoo. Don’t let this defeat you… Show that you can get back on top and that you’re not just going to give up. You are still full of life and there is still plenty of hope. Rest assured, feelings don’t just disappear overnight.

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