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get back with your exYou probably don’t know it yet, but you’re already a step ahead of your ex! Contrary to what you may think, simply wanting them back will do nothing for you.

Reflecting on a daily basis on why your ex left you is how you form a better understanding of relationships and the behavior that you need to adopt in the future.

But how do you reap the fruits of this reflection? How do you show your ex that you’ve changed and that they can be fulfilled with you again?

You need to be patient

Putting your relationship back together requires a tremendous amount of patience. Very rarely do I see a couple get back together after only a few days.

You have all the time you need to undertake a real analysis about yourself and your relationship. Usually you’ll understand your wrongdoings just fine, but that’s enough to get your ex back.

Your ex is expecting some serious changes from you, and they aren’t concerned with your promises anymore. You need to provide clear explanations and solid solutions to them.

You can’t ask your ex to do as much as you are

Even with your numerous efforts and continued flawless behavior, does your ex still not notice it? Worse still is that they likely have cut off communications with you, leaving you with no recourse.

Wherever your situation may lie, you need to accept the fact that you cannot ask your ex to undertake the same changes that you are actually integrating. If they feel they’ve done nothing wrong or have nothing to change, then it’s up to you to break down these barriers. Never forget that it’s you who is seeking the reconciliation.

You have one advantage to get back with your ex

By being empathetic with your ex’s concerns, you will be able to make the right moves.

Let’s examine the case in which your ex refuses to talk to you. You can either react by being sad, angry or generally negative. Or, you can react with positivity, happily embracing the changes your ex feels you need to make. Your advantage is a personal one. By being optimistic, you’re offered the chance to rebuild yourself.

With some patience, and unbeknownst to you at first, you soon find that you’ve regained control of the situation. You’ll be one step ahead of leading your ex to reconciliation as well as yourself to a positive future.

Good luck to all of you,

Your coach to get back with your ex,

Alexandre Cormont

I Know We Are Meant To Be!

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