Guy looking for a relationshipFinding a guy looking for a relationship has become somewhat of a complicated task for women across the world. Many seem to think that guys are only about “one night stands” and approach them only to “get into their pants”. The truth is that guys have a thirst to find their soul mates just as women do. However men in general can feel more empowered or in control as they can control who they approach or flirt with, whereas women sometimes do not dare to act or simply don’t know how, when they are attracted to someone they meet. If this is something that you can relate too, then this article was written to help guide you on how and where to meet a guy looking for a relationship.

Most guys are looking to find a partner that they can share a life with. Men and women differ in that often time men would rather not have to deal with the headaches that come with being in a relationship whereas women seem to value their relationships more than all the baggage that comes with it. But again it does not mean that most men are not looking to find a significant other, and yes men are out there that are prepared to embrace being in a relationship all that comes with it. Where all those men hiding? Simply in your everyday life!

Meet a guy looking for a relationship in your everyday life

The best environment to find someone who will want to potentially be in a relationship with you is by looking in the place where entertain your favorite hobbies. Before going in depth into this idea, it is important to note that men do not walk around the streets or wake up in the morning thinking of ways to be in a relationship or find the woman of their dreams. When men decide to commit, it is the result of an organic process where someone caught their attention, attraction was stirred and finally emotional feeling were triggered in a way that lead them to want to share their life and their being with a special someone.

Knowing that, it is only natural that if you have a deep desire to meet a guy looking for a relationship, the best place to start looking is one where you are entertaining your hobbies. We will go even further to say that the more you like doing something in particular, the greater your chances are of finding your special someone in that space. If your thing is going to the gym to exercise on a regular basis, then the gym will be your best ally in this quest; If you like to dance salsa, then your favorite salsa dancing spot will be your best friend; if your favorite thing to do in the world is to take your dog to a dog park, you guessed it the dog park is where you dreams will come true.

The notion here is quite simple, when you do what you love doing; you are more engaged in the moment, more confident and in general in a pleasant state of mind or just simply happy! Men and women alike are attracted to people in “their element”, who are living out their dream. Furthermore, odds are that when you do meet a guy looking for a relationship, he will de facto share something in common with you. It will give you an easy Segway into starting a conversation and connecting with him about something that you are passionate about. In this setting, we guarantee less awkward moments and the potential for an instant connection where you might be able to make a guy want to commit and be in a relationship with a girl that he has a lot in common with and to whom he is attracted too, you being someone living with purpose!

Send the right signals

Now that we established where to start, let’s make sure to deep a bit deeper into your overall approach to “dating”. You should not be afraid to start conversations with guys first if you are attracted to them in any way. Sometimes a simple smile or even just making eye contact can encourage them to speak to you. You would also be surprised how far a simple “hello, how are you doing?” could lead you. The point that we are trying to make here is that you will need to send the right signals in order to meet a guy looking for a relationship!

You need to be open and receptive to engage with men and not be shy about telling them how much you enjoyed speaking with them or even directly asking them how often they come to this particular place. At the end of your first brief encounter a “I hope to see you here again sometime soon” could also send the message that you feel like you have connected, and might trigger him asking for your number this time or the next time you see each other.

Finally once you have gone on your first date and before you sleep with the guy that you have met, make sure to clearly express that you are looking for a relationship and not a “one night stand”. Your intentions need to be clearly known, to give him a chance to be on the same page and dive in without any misunderstanding or apprehension. We cannot stress this enough, we strongly discourage you to sleep with the guy before you feel confident that you have received the commitment that intercourse represents a beginning and not the end.

No secrets to finding a guy looking to commit

As you will have understood, our philosophy is that you do not need to leave your city or even your town or neighborhood to find a guy looking for a relationship. What you do need to change is your approach to doing what you already love to do. If you do your favorite hobby at home, you will need to leave that comfort zone and find a club of sorts where you will be able to interact with likeminded individuals. Once you have found this environment, a space where a decent amount of people share the same passions as you do, make sure that you put extra emphasis on interacting with as many people as possible and to be positive. Smile and laugh, and be sure to radiate with positive energy as you enjoy the moment of being immersed in doing what you naturally find pleasure in doing.

By applying this advice in your daily life, we are convinced that the guy looking for a relationship will come find you and organically come into your life! Give it time and be patient, and continue to send the positive signals as described in this article, and you will be on your way to finding that special someone that you have long been yearning for. This approach will also ensure that you increase the chances of success once you do find that special someone as the two of you will have a common passion. Being able to share moments of happiness around a common center of interest will be that glue that will make it all stick for months or years to come.

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