heartache after breakupToday I propose that you enjoy this article written by a young journalist that wanted to discuss a topic that is important to him: heartache. I will leave you with Edouard. Don’t hesitate to leave comments at the bottom of this piece in order to encourage him.

I’d like to thank Adrian for having accepted my proposition and for giving me the opportunity to speak my mind on his site. Here is my article.

You can surf the Internet for weeks and buy all the self-help books you find, but in the majority of cases only coaching sessions with Adrian will help you unlock the secret for healing a broken heart.
Your common sense will urge you to dive into a long period of self-evaluation and improvement. Your bitterness will push you to despise the opposite sex and your optimism will usher you towards denial.

However, when the pain of a broken heart ravages your body and mind, the wise words and advice of a counselor seem self-evident. It is thus recommended to identify the source of this heartache in order to be in the best position possible to surmount them. You’ll realize that time isn’t necessarily your enemy, even if it doesn’t feel like that today.

Identify your heartache

The symptoms of a broken heart vary from person to person. While most men find comfort in distractions such as work or exercise, most women need to release their sadness and confide in loved ones.

In any case, heartache isn’t always characterized by gender of the person with the broken heart. Many men escape to the sheets of someone else in order to avoid the pain of having just lost the love of their life, and many women spend years in denial or avoiding serious relationships because they’re afraid of going through the same suffering twice.

It’s always amazing how much one person can change your life just by deciding to no longer be part of it. If you think logically, a breakup shouldn’t be painful at all. You were your own person before the relationship, happy and alive, so why would you be transformed into just a pool of emotions when it ends?

When the person in question was still a stranger to you, you never hesitated to leave your phone off and you were never sweating bullets wondering how your Saturday night is going to turn out. Why is this important now? You’re not alone and your friends and family are there to support you. Of course a separation is never easy to go through, but life continues and you will find your way once again.

How to overcome heartache

There are multiple responses to this question and logically speaking, your desires are going to determine the answer. Adrian is a coach but above all, he is an exceptional person that will know how to help you with his love coaching program whether or not you’re hoping to get back together with your ex.

As love is like a terminal illness, the devastation of losing someone is an emotional enigma. The only thing you can be certain of is that love might be your enemy, but it can also be your best friend! So make sure you’re occupied because this is the only thing that’s going to help you forget your heartache.

When is comes to heartbreak, friends and family that are happily in love provide the worst advice. When your emotions are in the gutter, the last thing you want to hear is an eternal optimist telling you that “Everything will be fine and your ex will come back because they love you.”

You need someone who can understand you and comprehend what you’re feeling. Heartache has an uncanny ability to make you feel like you’re completely alone and this is why help from a professional in love like Alexandre will help you to surmount all things negative. His analysis and pertinent guidance will help you to get out of this impasse and bounce back from the heartache that has caused you so much pain.

Depression and heartache, time’s role

This doesn’t mean that you’re going to have to confide yourself in love depression. Unhappy people can have a toxic effect in regards to a broken heart. Nothing could make you feel worse than entering into a mysterious duel with another person that feels awful.

“You think you have problems? Let me tell you about my life!” You can share the load, but when it starts to become a duel of pity it becomes utterly useless. The type of person that can help heal your wounds is someone who has had a large amount of experience. This doesn’t mean that they should stuntmen or secret agents. They should just be someone who have gone through ups and down in life; who have tried different approaches. Empathy is both soothing and healing for a broken heart. On top of providing you with that, a coach can adapt their most efficient methods so that you will feel better and better as days go by.

Unfortunately, this is something that many people don’t have. Too many people have had the misfortune of having lived in a bubble, unrealistically thinking that the world is perfect. They solve every problem with a simple, “It’ll pass.” On the other hand when someone says to do, “I’ve gone through that and things are better now,” you can truly begin to trust their advice.

Most people that have been hurt tend to lose their sense of logic. Yes, it’s not the end of the world. Yes, they’re going to get through it. Yes, they’ll be happy with someone again. Yes, they know that they can find someone better. If you’ve got a broken heart and you can’t bring yourself to understand this reality, you need the help of an expert on emotions and relationships. However, all the logic in the world couldn’t soothe the emotional torment that the heartache after your heart is broken creates. Not the pain, the intense need to be “closed,” even the irrepressible desire to call your ex. You can organize your pantry, shop until you can’t carry anymore, take hundreds of bubble baths but your heartache will not fade. Your healing depends on how you’re going to rebuild yourself, which will in turn help you begin to forget your sentimental sadness.

Starting now, don’t look at time as your enemy; it’s your ally.

Your coach and friend,