How to overcome a broken heartWhen a couple goes through a breakup at least one person usually ends up with a broken heart. It isn’t that easy to just move on and pretend like the past relationship never happened. You are left thinking of what could have been; these thoughts can lead to frustration, anger and a deep sense of sadness.

Although it is quite difficult to avoid being broken hearted when you are surprised and don’t see the breakup coming, it is possible to put certain actions in place in order to quickly feel better. In this article we will provide you with a few tips to enable you to move on and overcome a broken heart.

Stay active and exercise

Feelings, emotions and our well-being are closely tied to how we feel physically. It is in fact possible to get rid of negative emotions through exercise and by being active. One does not need to prepare for a marathon in order to overcome a broken heart; however it is possible to contain stress and negativity by going to the gym or going for a jog. So when you start to get overwhelmed by your emotions don’t hesitate to be as active as possible and to go exercise in order to overcome a broken heart!

Fill your schedule and set weekly goals

It is of the utmost importance that you stay as busy as possible in the days and weeks following a breakup. Sadness can lead to inactivity which in turn can create anxiety and a feeling of depression. In order to ensure that you quickly overcome a broken heart you need to fill your schedule and have as little down time as possible. The goal once again is to be in a situation where you don’t overthink a given situation and lament yourself.

In order to be as structured as possible we often suggest that you set daily and weekly goals that can enable you to stay on track and quantify your growth. This process will ultimately help you to feel better about your current circumstances as you will be able to reap the rewards that come with accomplishing what you set out to do; there is magic in reaching a goal that you set for yourself.

Push your comfort zone and meet new people

Another way to quickly overcome a broken heart is to push the limits of your comfort zone as much as possible and also to meet new people. Meeting new people will enable you to bring new energies into your life and thus be in a new dynamic that enables positive changes. You will also be in a position to reinvent yourself and to approach new relationships that will be free of the emotional baggage linked to your past.

The idea of meeting new people falls under the principle of pushing your comfort zone. In order to overcome a broken heart it will take effort. Pushing your comfort zone will train you to put effort geared towards your own well-being. This will eventually become natural to you and will make it easier for you to do certain things in your everyday life that can contribute to you moving on quickly.

Go out with friends, especially of the opposite gender

It is very important to be surrounded by people and especially by friends that we trust following a breakup. We are social creatures who need to interact with others in order to fully exist. This is even truer after a breakup. By forcing yourself to go out or be with your friends you will unconsciously trigger a healing process; one that is put in place by the love, security and affection that you will get from interacting with friends.

To take this process further it would be good for you to go out with friends of the opposite gender; as well as with your friends’ friends. By doing so you will enlarge your network of acquaintances and you will go through a crash course of sorts by interacting with the other gender. It is a process that can do wonders when coming out of bad breakup or when looking to overcome a broken heart.

You don’t even need to be looking for a new relationship during this process; simply look to engage with others and be genuinely interested in learning more about them. At the same time you should look to fully open up yourself while meeting these new people and they will in turn unconsciously help you to overcome a broken heart!

Develop new hobbies

Staying on the idea of developing new hobbies, it can be very stimulating to learn new things. This is another terrific means to regenerate your soul, body and mind; you will challenge yourself and grow, meet new people and stay busy.

I am often asked for suggestions during coaching sessions so I will share a few with you: you can dance salsa, engage in community service for a cause that speaks to you with children or in hospitals for instance. By giving some of your time and love, you can quickly overcome a broken heart because such a process is very emotionally rewarding more often than not.

Spend time figuring out your life project

We often talk about developing a life project in our blog articles and during our coaching session. A life project refers to a long term goal or an aspiration that you seek to devote your life too. It equates to living with purpose; having a higher purpose or something that gets you out of bed in the morning. Perhaps you have already found what your life project is and if so we would suggest that you spend even more time and effort in making this dream possible.

If you have never thought about having a life goal, take some time to really think things through and to figure out what speaks to you. Thinking about your life project and the pursuit of accomplishing something that can be unattainable for the rest of your life can immediately give you the necessary perspective needed to move on to bigger and better things and ultimately overcome a broken heart!

Sign up on dating websites

If you are seeking to meet someone else don’t hesitate to join dating websites and to put yourself out there. Even if you don’t end up meeting your soul mate, putting yourself out there and having the willingness to look can only be beneficial to you. Having someone in sight or even simply looking to meet new people can lead you to stop thinking about your breakup and overcome a broken heart.

As you will have understood in order to quickly move on you need to stay active, to work out and to stretch your comfort zone while putting yourself out there and meeting new people! If you are able to carry out this advice you will be in the best possible position to overcome a broken heart. If you have any other advice or suggestions for other readers do not hesitate to leave your thoughts in the comments section below. The love coach team will answer every comment received!

Your coach to overcome a broken heart,