how to attract an exWhen a person is trying to restart a relationship, they are usually ready to try anything to once again win their ex’s heart, and to avoid disappearing from their life forever. It’s true that some breakups can create an abyss between two exes and this can dramatically affect your odds of getting back together.

When your ex no longer pays attention to you, what should you do? How to handle this situation if you are still in love with them?

how to attract an ex is a priority, and it even comes before thinking about getting back together. In fact, it’s one of the very first steps when a person starts considering making their ex want to take them back. Given the importance of this part, it’s imperative that you seek proper guidance in order to avoid making a mistake. Attraction is a fundamental principal of seduction and it’s the same thing when you’re trying to make your ex want you back. Never lose sight of this important aspect.

You need to understand how to attract an ex to get back together

During the “seduction phase” the little detail that’s going to make all the difference is the attraction that you will build between you and the man or woman that you want to charm. A mistake that many people make is thinking that attraction is purely physical.

Figuring out how to attract an ex is a bit more complicated than that. It’s the ensemble of everything that you’re going to put on the table. Yes, the physical aspect is important but so is how you communicate, the tone of your voice, your body language, and many more little things that you can discover by reading our eBook. In your case, you already have a history with this person so you can consider the physical aspect as already “won.” Basically they already like you!

In reality, the bitterness that may exist between you and your ex has nothing to do with this physical aspect. Your good looks and your sex appeal don’t matter right now. Your ex isn’t looking for that, because something in your attitude outweighed it.

You want to get your ex back so there are rules to respect to a T. If you carefully follow our blog and read the articles that I’ve been posting on our website, you’re already familiar with these rules. But maybe you’re new so I’ll go over it. The first thing is to understand the breakup; if radio silence is appropriate in your situation, then go for it. These are the first steps to a personal evolution that will have to take place not only for yourself, but also for your effort to get back together with the person you love.

But when you feel that the time is right, you have to set in motion what I like to call “direct action.” This is when you start the seduction phase, and attraction is going to be paramount. Remember that you’ve already succeeded in attracting your partner so you’ll be able to do it again.


Simply by using your memories of what worked the first time around, and adapting them to the situation.

A few techniques on how to attract an ex

There are many ways to spark attraction between you and your ex. One part is physical and the other is psychological.

Physical changes for re-attracting your ex

Your look and your physique are the buzzwords!

Improving your look

I reminded you that your look is important when recreating attraction. You’re going to have to show your improvements as we often judge a book by its cover, if you will. So it’s in your best interest to show yourself to an advantage.

However, do not throw away your entire identity or your personality. Just show yourself in the best light and it’ll help your ex to have a much better opinion of you. If you want to send a striking message to your ex, you could even opt for a makeover.

Improve your body to appeal to your ex

I’d like to make something crystal clear; don’t try to look like the supermodels in magazines, or if you’re a man, don’t try to look like a bodybuilder. Your goal should be to bring about a “new you” that will grab your ex’s attention. If when you finally see each other face to face you have an even better body, you’ll reignite certain desires within your ex. But remember, seduction goes much deeper than just physical. More than anything, you should pull your ex in mentally.

Psychological changed to seduce your ex

To make an ex want you back, confidence and communication are essential.

Have self-confidence to seduce your ex

A breakup can leave a heavy mark on your morale. If you’re feeling awful and dejected, don’t blame yourself or think that you’re the only one.

Not only will it improve your physique, but exercise with also help you with one of the key aspects of getting back together with your ex. You’ll be even stronger mentally as it builds your self-confidence. So in order to bounce back from these trials and tribulations, you’ll have to believe in yourself and not let the separation and heartache wear you down.

Communication when trying to get back together

In order to have a happy relationship you have to openly communicate with your partner! So of course if you want your ex back, dialogue between you two will be fundamental.

If you can’t properly communicate with your ex, you will not be able to successfully complete these important steps. Bitterness and touchy subjects need to be dealt with, and it’s important to not talk about them with your ex-partner right at the beginning. Communication also means being able to listen, as I’m sure many of you have heard this as a reproach coming from your ex. You must listen to what they have to say and to understand what things you need to work on and improve in your character or behavior.

One last thing that I think is important to note. If you follow these guidelines, you’ll send a new image of yourself to your ex and you’ll create a new kind of attraction between you… which is really great!

Nevertheless, it wouldn’t be true to say that once you do what I outlined above that your work is done. If you don’t want things to fall apart a second time, you’ll have to work on always keeping the re-seduction phase active, because don’t forget that no one is ever in your pocket eternally. You have to work to keep a flame alive! So now that you know, you’re on the right path. Keep it up and make an appointment for your coaching session to get back together with your soul mate!

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