How to attract men It seems difficult to attract men in today’s day and age for multiple reasons. Ladies, you’ve been dreaming of your prince charming since you were little and you continue to watch movies in which the hero has no flaws (physical or moral!) This is where the problem begins as your idea of men is distorted by your imagination and by your desires. Love isn’t like it is in the movies and the perfect man does not exist (well, at least not yet!) Every human being is flawed, but the good news is that these things can be fixed.

You have to remain optimistic regarding your chances of finding a man and figuring out how to attract men in general; and when you do find him, don’t let him pass by! Don’t forget that you can meet someone out of the blue in any place, at any moment. This means that you have to be ready to seduce this stranger at any given moment.

To do so, there’s a technique that provides impressive results; the secret to attracting a man is understanding how he thinks.

In this article you’ll learn about how to seduce a man and how to be happy in a relationship together. I will explain the most important aspects of this so that you can step out of the single life and charm whoever you want.

Becoming seductive by understanding how a man thinks!

The process of seduction is the same for both men and women. It’s a way to spark the interest of the person you’re interested in; the “target,” if you will. To reach this goal, you have to understand how a man thinks, especially if you want to end up in a stable and long lasting relationship.

To pinpoint how to attract men, you have to understand what he’s looking for in a women and what he’s looking for in life in general. To be clear, I’m not talking about the physical characteristics that a person prefers because everyone is different and I can’t make general statements on that subject.

Nevertheless, something that almost every man searches for in a woman is confidence.

Men want a woman that is confident in herself, knows her worth, and isn’t overly withdrawn. One of the most surefire ways to attract a man is this: Be unique. Put your traits and characteristics that differentiate you from other women in the forefront.

To understand even better how a man thinks, you should avoid playing a role. If you like this guy, be yourself and show your real face. This is what men really want.

Being proactive is essential when looking to figure out how to attract men

In today’s day and age, equality of the sexes is a large part of our society, and a woman who knows how to seduce a man and who can show off her best qualities isn’t judged the same way she may have been in the not so distant past.

Despite this, day after day I see women that don’t dare take matters into their own hands and wait for the man to do the work. They cross their fingers and hope that the man will find them attractive, because they think that seduction is “a man’s job.”

Despite all my efforts to explain that this kind of thinking could ruin your love life, there aren’t many women that realize it! To summarize, let me ask you a question:

When you like a man, how do you act?

Do you react like 92% of women and wait for him to come talk to you? Or worse still, like 62% that show no signs of interest?
So 9 times out of 10, the man doesn’t know that you’re attracted to him! It’s therefore up to you as well to show him that you’re interested.

The first rule in knowing how a man thinks and to figure out how to attract men in general is the following:

Most men are terrified at the idea of coming and talking to you and being sent away!

So if you think that he could make you happy or he simply catches your eye, take the initiative for stepping out of the single life.

He might be feeling the same exact way about you, but maybe he doesn’t dare approach you, or he’s pessimistic… So take action! But it should be subtle because he should meet you halfway.

If you’ve already met, why don’t you suggest meeting up for coffee? You could choose a place in which you feel at ease or a place in which you feel you’d have an easy time seducing him and getting to know him better.

Focus on complicity to spark even more attraction

Is your goal to spend the night with this man or to build a future together?

I know that if you’re reading this then the second option is more likely to be the case. Seducing a man doesn’t stop after the first kiss despite what a lot of people might think. Sharing a kiss doesn’t mean that you’re in a relationship!

You have to establish solid complicity between you and the person you’re attracted to if you want him to be involved in your future. This comes in to play starting in the very beginning and this is why it’s important to stand out from the rest; to be unique in his eyes.

This is how he will become invested in the relationship. Don’t give yourself limitations like, “I won’t kiss him on the first date,” or, “ I will wait 3 days before I send him a text.” Be relaxed and complicity will come much faster.

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