How to communicate with my ex after a breakupThere are many very efficient, yet under used, techniques for getting back together with your ex. When most people prefer harassing their ex, showering them with gifts, or even trying in vain to use sex to spark something, you should try a different approach. You should be aware that it isn’t by sending message after message that you’re going to get a positive reaction from the person you love…

You should avoid thinking like everybody else, especially because your relationship was unique. Above all, if you don’t consider what to do immediately following the breakup, you risk making more damage by doing the complete opposite of what would be beneficial. Unfortunately oftentimes it’s only after we make a mistake that we realize it. So if you want to get your ex back, it’s imperative that you ask yourself what would be the best way to communicate with your ex following a separation. The good news is that there is a very effective technique that can even reverse mistakes that might already have been made, and it’s called the handwritten letter!

In order to find out how to use this simple solution to reestablish contact between you and your ex, keep reading!

Writing to my ex to reestablish contact

After a breakup, it’s hard to establish healthy contact with your ex while keeping a certain amount of distance that will prompt a positive reaction. In fact, most people, steered by emotion and their emotional dependence, find themselves facing a lot of difficulty when faced with their ex-partner. The result is that they find it impossible to find the right words and to properly express what they want to say. Their efforts are thwarted and they become disheartened.

Because of this attitude, the ex becomes even more distant and might even cut all form of communication because they feel like they’re being badgered. This is a nightmare for anyone who is trying to get back together with their ex, because they feel that it’s going to be close to impossible and that their efforts are in vain.

In human relationships, miracles are rare! If you aren’t approaching the situation in the right manner, it’s not surprising that your ex isn’t receptive. So to get a good reaction, you will need the perfect blend of actions…and this is exactly what I discuss in my audiobook on the ideal way to write to your ex.

You are going to have to get back on top and be in charge of getting back with your ex from A to Z. You have to be the one holding the cards even if you are the one who was broken up with, and your ex is the one who will have the final say. Your main goal here is to not leave it up to them. In order to do this, you have to make getting back together self-evident!

Consequently, setting up good contact between you and your ex other half is paramount. You will need to set aside the bitterness that may still be burning inside you. At the same time, don’t let incomprehension dominate you. You absolutely have to refer to the first stage in order to get back your ex if you have any doubt surrounding the reasons behind the separation.

Corresponding with your ex via a letter is a perfect way to rebuild a relaxed contact in an indirect way. Calling or sending a text message can seem a little too intrusive, especially if you’re doing it just after the breakup. Thanks to a letter, you’re able to maintain distance, which is vital when trying to get your ex back, while still being able to maintain a form of communication. By doing this, you will touch on their heartstrings, with words that are very genuine and sincere.

Having this type of communication with your ex; sending this heartfelt letter, will deeply move your ex and will turn their emotions upside down. Keep in mind that receiving a letter from your ex is very unusual these days. People prefer to communicate via Facebook or text messages, and I assume that you often do the same. But since we are talking about your love life, you will have to take a very different approach. Love letters and red roses are some of the main symbols of romance. But we don’t have to go that far. We can keep it simple, and make sure that your letter doesn’t start to resemble a cliché ‘love letter.’ If not, you might end up losing credibility, with an ex that decides to cut contact for a few days.

A few tips on how to communicate with my ex after a breakup

In this letter designed to get your ex back, the goal is to re-awaken your ex other half’s emotions, and to avoid sounding desperate, in complete distress. You should also be sure to avoid making threats or sounding menacing!

Otherwise, just adopt a light, easygoing style. You want to show that even though you’ve just undergone considerable heartache, you’re moving forward, keeping your head high, and that you aren’t defeated. If you beg and plead to be taken back, your ex will be turned off and definitely won’t be more attracted to you. They should feel no pressure to get back together. In fact, they should feel that it was their decision. If your ex comes back, it’ll be because they realized that life isn’t the same without you, and that your presence is vital to the balance in their life.

My advice is to write to your ex as if you were writing to a friend, by showing your affinity. Of course you should also briefly admit to your errors without going into too much detail. You shouldn’t pretend like nothing happened, and more importantly, don’t reject responsibility. It’s important to understand that if there was a breakup, then there was a reason for it. So show your ex that you know this and that you’ve understood what he or she is asking for, and that you really are going to change.

You’ll notice that I didn’t say, “do anything in order to change.” You truly are going to change and it will be for your own good as well! This proves that you’ve taken into consideration the remarks or expectations of your ex partner and it really is imperative in order to make them want to come back.

In the eBook that we’ve written, we talk about specific key methods to use when writing a letter to get back together with your ex. You will find three examples of letters to help guide you, to use as they are, or to complete using examples of your own personal relationship.

Your guide to figure out how to communicate with your ex efficiently after a breakup.