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How to hypnotize my exYou’re looking for tips and help on how to get back together with your ex? I’m going to propose that you use the power of persuasion so strong that it will allow you to hypnotize your ex and therefore succeed in restarting your relationship. You think that this is impossible? Then read closely this article closely because you’re going to be surprised. You’ll understand why we are the number 1 coaches for getting back together with your ex: Serious reflection and comprehension, and a unique philosophy.

The brain, a useful tool for convincing your ex

You’ve probably realized that at the very beginning of this month I was a little bit less available to respond to you as much as I usually do. The reason is relatively easy to understand; I was acquiring new knowledge in a new discipline while participating in an internship with a world-renowned expert who happened to be in Paris. In fact I’ve just finished an extraordinary two-week training course in Neuro-Linguistic Programming which is actually very popular at the moment.
It was a completely new experience for me and I was really able to learn and discover new essential elements that go hand in hand with my coaching philosophy. I was also able to perfect my knowledge both in terms of social relationships and understanding phenomena that ex exhibited in the brain. You can’t imagine the power you have in your hands (well, between your ears!) even now as you’re reading this!

Simply to give you an example: The power of persuasion is only possible via positive thinking. This is an exercise that I’ve been using in my coaching sessions for a long time that could strike you as surprising at first. It consists of repeating “self-motivation sentences” based on what you’d like to improve in your life multiple times every day. This is an exercise in personal development that offers excellent results but no one expects this at the beginning. When you say things like, “I’m not shy and I should approach others,” on a regular basis at precise moments every day, the brain registers it and changes begin to arrive. Believe me, the effects are truly spectacular! This is the tool that I recommend for people who ask strong>how to hypnotize my ex and make them want me?

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Using NLP for getting back together with your ex

Without realizing it, your attitude in regards to your ex might not be so good because you’re anchored in negative things from your past.

You use the same words or the same vocabulary, the same tone of voice, the same behavior and on top of that, you’re showing your ex that you WANT THEM BACK. By doing this you’re not going to be able to succeed in your endeavor because your ex should be the one running after you!

You must set up simple hypnosis so that your ex realizes your changes, your efforts, and so that they will be able to envision a happy future by your side.

Hypnotize your ex so that you can get back together ASAP

In order to get the best results, it’s imperative that you consider booking a coaching session with me so that I can answer your question on how to hypnotize my ex thanks to some simple steps that don’t necessarily require profound knowledge on NLP! I will help you create a clear and efficient plan of action with me so I invite you to take a look at my coaching page to book an appointment. So, follow these three steps:

1. You need to overcome all the negative anchors that you’ve put in place either consciously or unconsciously. This means that you will change the way you communicate, reevaluate your attitude, and make sure you don’t neglect your look.
2. You should be able to prove your changes. Moreover, leave the past in the past and don’t bring up past negative things in your relationship. From now on, focus on the present and on the future.
3. Don’t say, “I love you,” “I miss you,” “I’m thinking of you…” You’re not together and that means that there is no place for these things right now. When you will be back together you’ll be able to share these feelings but for now it’s off-limits!

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How to hypnotize my ex and get a reaction from them

You’ve understood that hypnotizing an ex is principally about making them become aware of the changes you’ve made and planting a seed of doubt in their mind regarding their decision to leave.

In order to fascinate your ex, you have to set aside your desire to get back together for the moment because it’s about something in the past that your ex wants to let go of. However, if you can once again become the ideal partner in their eyes, you’re going to haunt them in the best way possible.

Together we can make the idea of being with you grow in their mind until they can’t imagine it any other way. This will allow you to take the reigns and you can get ready for your ex’s return. Your love story will once again become something from a fairy tale!

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