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How to please your manI often hear that men are different types of creatures and that trying to figure them out and make them happy can be difficult. If you are a woman who finds herself in a relationship or even married you know how complex it can be to try to understand how he thinks and keep him happy.

Many different forces are at work and many times you need to ensure that you are able to cope with your man’s ego, you try to keep him at bay from temptations and ensure that he stays faithful; and you even have to deal with his emotional ups and downs if your husband is undergoing a mid-life crisis for example or if it feels like he is in a state of depression.

But in reality figuring how to please your man in order to stay together is not an impossible task. In this article we will highlight how you can quickly turn things around in your relationship or even get back with your man if you have already broke up!

The right emotional balance to figure out how to please your man

Your first challenge is to find the right emotional balance when it comes to dealing with your man. If you have the tendency to be too needy or too in demand of his time and attention you need to quickly take a step back and change in that regard. Even if you are in love and you feel compelled to tell your man how much he means to you, resist that urge as it will probably backfire. You will not be able to touch your man’s heart or make him love you more by letting your emotions guide you!

Most women who are too needy can also be insecure and very possessive; it is counterproductive to continuously ask your man if he loves you, or what he likes most about you, etc. Your man will see right through your insecurities and it will turn him off. Furthermore you cannot be too jealous or possessive when it comes to your man. It is necessary to find a healthy balance; constantly looking to spy on him, going through his phone or asking him millions of questions about who he’s been with will only push him away.

On the contrary if you are looking to please your man and save your relationship because you neglected him in some way you also need to adjust your behavior and outlook. In most cases that I come across in relation to men that feel neglected women are putting the bulk of their attention on one of the following: their career, their kids or their friends, a hobby or social media. If you can recognize that your relationship is falling apart because of such behavior it is absolutely necessary for you to plan your time better in order to showcase attention and affection to the man in your life.

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No matter what you may be going though at the moment if you are really looking to understand how to please your man first analyze your actions and behaviors. That way you will be able to figure out how to find the appropriate emotional balance that will make him feel valued and yet not over-whelmed!

The common life project

The next step is to recreate a bond with your man, not just intimacy or a play based on your physical attraction to each other. You need to be able to share a vision, dreams and lifelong goals with your man which will bring you closer to one another and help you overcome the ups and downs of a relationship.

It can be quite a challenge and even a realization when you sit down and evaluate your passions, values, dreams and aspirations and how they inter lap with those of your significant other. There will obviously be some differences as you are both unique individuals with a specific upbringing and traits; however you must really take the time to think about this endeavor in order to find commonalities and elements that can drive you closer to each other.

You need to be pulling in the same direction for a philanthropic cause, or to raise a family in a certain way or even to save enough money for a project that is equally as important to you both. After having done this ground work and changed your approach to the way you live your life or your priorities in order to be aligned with this new objective you will be in a position to please your man organically.

Continuously seduce your man

You need to put in efforts to continuously seduce your man; a sure way to please your man over time. We have a tendency to stop putting efforts into our relationships after being together for a certain time. You either fall into a routine, or your priorities change, or you simply feel that your man is here to stay and that you do not need to put in as much time and effort as you once did. Countless relationships breakdown for this simple reason; many times it takes a breakup or separation for you to understand the need to change your behavior and give him the proper attention and care that he seeks.

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The tricky aspect of seduction is that it’s a two way street but it often starts with you; in order to seduce your man you need to feel good about yourself, be confident and feel sexy. Don’t hesitate to make changes to your look or to buy a new dress if it will make you feel good. You need a change at times in order to regenerate energy and be in a position to once again seduce the man that you are with. It is also very important that you be stimulated and fulfilled outside of your relationship, through work or a hobby. Otherwise you will fall into a paradigm where you will exist entirely through your relationship; you won’t have the necessary perspective and confidence to seduce your man as you will be too dependent on him to truly capture his interest.

Figuring out how to please your man to save your relationship doesn’t have to be complicated after all; first ensure that you are in the right mindset and that you find balance when it comes to your emotional dependence. Then you need to lay the foundation for a long lasting bond by really taking the time to put together the basis of a life project for the two of you, by simply identifying what forces or aspirations bring you closer together. Finally you must continuously look to seduce you man in order to rekindle that flame of love that symbolizes your relationship with your significant other.

If you are looking for more information on how to please your man and save your relationship don’t hesitate to reach out to me to schedule a one on one coaching session over the phone. If you have one specific question that you would like to ask, don’t hesitate to leave it in the comments section below; I will answer every questions received.

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