I want to date my ex again A breakup doesn’t always mean that the relationship is over for good. In fact sometimes it serves as an electroshock that makes the two partners become aware of the problems that had accumulated at the heart of their relationship and this realization can change a great number of things.

Maybe this is exactly what you’re going through right now. You’re becoming aware of how important your ex was in your life, the mistakes you may have made, and so it’s perfectly normal that you would want to give your love story another chance. For you it’s clear and you’re thinking, “I’ve decided that I want my ex back.”

Unfortunately, under these circumstances, the desire to be together isn’t going to be enough to make it a reality. When you really do want to get back together, instead of remaining rooted in nostalgia and you have to aim for something more. You keep looking at pictures of you together, you replay memories in your head and you keep thinking,

I want to date my ex again.” You’re going to have to go further than that and not settle for hoping and waiting for your ex to come back. Yes, exes almost always come back but that doesn’t mean you should sit around with your arms crossed just waiting for things to happen. Use an effective strategy to make them want to come back and rekindle the flame!

One of the errors that I see a lot of people doing before they discover my site is not having thought about which strategy would be the best for their situation, and so they just try a bunch of different things at once.

With a specialist’s expertise and knowledge on how to get your ex back, you can now change your weapon of choice for a much more powerful one and you can finally take action in the best way possible!

Why do I want to date my ex again?

Some people are able to quickly turn the page after a breakup. It’s not that their feelings were any weaker than anyone else’s; it’s just that they have the capacity to not let things break them down so they get back up very fast.

They rebuild and move on, but this isn’t the case for someone who wants to be with their ex again, and you’ve found yourself in this type of situation.

This doesn’t mean that you don’t have a strong personality (and you’re going to need it as you set out and try to get back together!) but you know that your ex is someone special and you can’t expect to forget about your ex overnight.

You don’t want to forget about your love story because your feelings are still strong.

The main reason why people usually want to get back together is because they’re still in love with their ex. Despite the errors you may have made in the past, you want to be happy together again and in order to do so you have to make up for the things you did wrong and then you have to evolve and make improvements.

Oftentimes, the separation gives rise to frustration and you realize what flaws need to be remedied. These are the regrets that make you want to go back to your ex.

Love isn’t the only thing that makes a person want to date their ex again… I’m not questioning your sincerity but sometimes people just want to get their ex back out of pride.

A simple example; a few weeks after the breakup, you find out that your ex is dating someone new, so you decide to come back around because pride has taken a blow.

Instead of missing your ex, you’re more upset about the fact that they’re in the arms of someone else and you can’t take it!

Of course it’s subconscious. You don’t wake up in the morning thinking, “They’re mine and I am going to get them back!” You think that what you’re feeling is love but it is not uncommon for it to in fact be hubris…

Now this doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to rebuild a solid and sincere relationship because your feelings can always develop. So ask yourself, “Why exactly do I want to get back together with my ex?” so that you don’t head down the wrong road.

How coaching for getting back together with your ex can change everything

When you’re thinking, “I want to date my ex again,” there usually aren’t actions that follow, or at least not the right ones. (This isn’t criticism.) You’re in a situation that is foreign to you and your emotions take control.

I am aware of the fact that this is probably the first time that you’re on my site. When you begin a relationship, there’s love and passion and you never think that one day you’ll have to call upon the help of a love coach.

I help men and women every day because most people don’t have the right reflexes after a breakup and this is precisely why coaching for getting your ex back is highly effective.

You can’t just settle for a thought like, “They’re the love of my life so they’ll come back.” Having a professional by your side during this difficult period will greatly improve your chances of success because I can guide you every step of the way.

People tend to rush things, to not use the appropriate techniques and to not fully understand their situation, and this is why things need to improve. On top of that, they already feel beaten down so they tend to give up more easily.

One of my strengths is my ability to never give up and to help you see it through from A to Z. You’ll be able to regain control of the situation as well as of your emotions. Otherwise you risk falling into the most common pitfalls after a breakup.

Beware of post-breakup emotional dependence

Of course there are emotions that make you want to be with your ex again, but as I explained above, it’s not always love that pushes you to make this decision. When I start a coaching session via phone, I can usually tell within a few minutes if the person I am helping is suffering from emotional dependence. I often hear, “I want to start over with my ex.

I’m not saying that it’s bad to love someone and that you should stay single forever! You know that this goes against my entire philosophy, but it’s important to not live for one single person and to constantly think about them and consequently forget about yourself.

Neglecting your friends and family, never standing up to your partner, and putting them on a pedestal are all things to avoid.

Yes you loved them, and even though the breakup has taken place, it doesn’t mean that you have to limit yourself or accept anything and everything. Saying, “Yes” to everything isn’t going to make you happy and you have to show that you’re strong when you’re trying to get back together!

Your coach when wanting to date your ex again,