I want to get back with my exIf you’ve browsed through the other articles on this site, you now know that you’re going to have to act in the best possible way in order to make your ex come back. You should know that you’re headed into some challenging territory and that your ex-partner will not go easy on you.

This is why when you’re thinking, “I want to get back with my ex” it’s imperative that you are mentally prepared to handle the challenges and also that you design a strategy that consists of many different actions that will be effective throughout the entire process. You’re going to have to keep in mind all the details of your specific relationship as you move forward.

It’s important to note that when you want to get back with your ex, you’re not going to do exactly the same thing as someone else who has succeeded in this endeavor; even if it’s one of your close friends. Each relationship and situation is very unique so you’ll have to take into consideration your ex’s behavior and characteristics before you do anything. There are different processes of getting back together based on different types of criteria. To obtain an optimal result, you’re going to have to carefully think your plan of action through. I’ve written this article to help you in this, and you can also benefit from a personalized coaching session because the preparation phase is the most important. It is the control panel that will coordinate all of your actions!

Strength of character when getting back with my ex is essential!

I have to be perfectly honest with you so that you’re very aware of the task ahead. Preparing yourself for rekindling lost love is not a piece of cake. That said, nothing is ever impossible. In reality the fact that it’s so challenging plays a role in how satisfied you feel once you’ve succeeded.

First off, you’re going to be confronted with a dilemma that you may or may not have expected: the advice of your friends and family. They’ll probably do anything in their power to dissuade you from trying to get your ex back. The way they see things is very black and white. Your ex made you suffer and they don’t understand why you would want to get back together! But you want to get back together with your ex despite what others may think because neither your cousin, your neighbor, or even your best friend are in your shoes. You’ve experienced something unique and as the saying goes, the heart rules the head.

When you’re in love and whether or not your relationship has been broken, no one can put themselves in your place, except an experienced professional in love. There are so many memories and things that remind you of how amazing you felt with your ex that it’s really hard to put this sensation into words. I know this all too well and this is why I never judge the people I help, nor do I judge their story. The only thing that matters is your happiness, whether it’s in your ex’s arms or not!

Love is not simple and as I often say, it kind of like a reflection of life. It’s never black and white. You are both responsible for your current situation and if neither of you decide to start making an effort to get closer to the other, your entire story is in danger. Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and make a step towards your significant other even if you consider their actions to be abhorrent. Each person has their own character and something that could shock you could also turn your partner into stone. As I just said, love isn’t black and white; it’s never “I’m right, you’re wrong!” There are shades of gray and each person has to make the effort especially when you’re thinking, “Now I want to get back with my ex.” This is what human relationships are all about (especially when they are romantic;) They are full of surprises.

Your ex is unique so act based on their expectations!

In my opinion, there are just as many ways to see a relationship as there are people that are in, or about to be in love. If you’re not convinced, all you have to do is carry out a little survey with the people around you… Single people, people in relationships, young people, older people…etc. You’ll see very quickly that even in men and women that have been marries for decades, there always different points of view.

This is simply because each individual has their own way to perceiving the world. They have their own tastes, their own characteristics, habits and a whole bunch of other things that make them perfectly unique. Consequently even when you get very close with someone, it’s impossible to think exactly like they do. This is when you say:
“But Adrian, what’s in it for me if I want to get back with my ex back?” (Yes I can read your mind!)

My dear reader this is essential!

What I’m trying to explain to you here is that there is a multitude of actions that you can set into motion, and not only based on what your ex may have explained to you as the reason for why they chose to break up with you. In truth, it’s considerably more complex than “Ok we’re having a fight so I’m leaving you.” Behind this simple sentence there are all kinds of factors that have pushed your ex to decide to separate like for example:

– Education
– Their life philosophy
– Goals
– Religion
– Their past love life
– Etc…

Once you’re able to understand this crucial element, you make a huge step towards the person you love because you’ll be able to better understand their expectations. The good news is that once you’ve figured out what exactly your ex wants, getting back together is never far. Thinking, I want to get back with my ex is the very first step and it means that you’re on the right track, but it’s by meeting their expectations that you will succeed in stealing their heart again.

I want to get back with my ex: Think before you act!

When you prepare your process of convincing your ex significant other to come back, you have to know what type of attempt at getting back together you find yourself in. So of course there’s a whole phase of thinking and planning and it’s essential for pinpointing what moves will be the most potent.

In my coaching philosophy, there are two main branches that subdivide. The first is Passionate Love at First Sight (which has nothing to do with classic love at first sight). The techniques recommended in this branch are to be used when you’ve been in a relatively short relationship (a few months to about 15 months.) If you’ve found yourself in this situation and you want to know how to get your ex back after PLFS you can read this article on the definition of Passionate Love at First Sight.

On the other hand, if you’ve been in a relationship that has lasted more than a year, you’re in a more classic process of getting back together.

Once you’ve determined your specific situation, the next step is to start taking action using the techniques that feel the most pertinent to you. I know this sounds simple but in fact it’s rather complicated. My partner Alex has written a book that you can immediately gain access to in an e-book format to help you pinpoint what exactly you need to do. It’s called “70 Pro Tips To Get Back With Your Ex.” It exists in two versions (one for men and one for women) so that we could go even more into detail and consequently augment your chances of once again being in the arms of the person you love.

You’ll learn about the crucial preparation phase, as well as personal reconstruction that is equally important. It is also about mental and physical exercise. If you had let yourself go or if you had neglected yourself during the relationship you will have to show that you’ve learned your lesson and that things are going to improve.

Exercise will not only help you to feel better physically, it will also make you feel better emotionally. You’ll therefore remain focused on your goals and you’ll be able to surmount challenges one by one. Once you’ve gotten through them you could be back together with your ex in no time.

When you’re preparing yourself, you’ll have to show yourself in the best light so that you can let your taste for life shine through. No one wants to get back together with a mopey and depressed person! By the way if you want to learn more about how to proceed in getting back together with a person after a long-term relationship, you can find more information here.

On a mental level, you have to show that the breakup hasn’t weakened you and in fact that it has given you new motivation. On top of your new activities, you have to show that you’ve thickened your skin and that you’ve changed what your ex had resented in you. If you were impulsive, become more serene. If you were anxious, show that you can overcome your fears.

If you were lacking self-confidence, show that you can make radical decisions and that you’re sure of yourself.
There are a lot of changes that need to be made and you’re going to have to make a valiant effort throughout the entire process. But if you can show your new and improved self to your ex, and that you made long-term changes, you’ll be able to change the course of events!

I wish you success in your attempt at getting back together

Best wishes,